Preparation to Tidewater Association of Service Contractors Tidewater Chapter Armed Forces Communications and Electroni.

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18 February 2009. Briefing to Tidewater Association of Service Contractors & Tidewater Chapter Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association CAPT Bruce Urbon, USN Commanding Officer. The “Stand-Up” of SSC Atlantic. Washington Area -- HQ – WLO Alignment
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18 February 2009 Briefing to Tidewater Association of Service Contractors & Tidewater Chapter Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association CAPT Bruce Urbon, USN Commanding Officer

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The "Stand-Up" of SSC Atlantic Washington Area - HQ – WLO Alignment GWOT – HLS, Federal, & other Agency Support Unique Messaging Support SCN Platform Acq Management Tidewater Area - HQ – Vice CDR Alignment (NAB, LC) Fleet OPS & Support ISEA & Logistics Policy Installation & Delivery USFFC/NNWC/JFCOM Support Software improvement Charleston Area Principal East Coast Naval & Joint Acquisition & Engineering Center Principal C4ISR Pillar Leadership Production & Platform Integration SSC Atlantic Business Operations New Orleans Area Integrated Enterprise Solutions Navy Enterprise National Support Enterprise Hosting Software advancement Shared Services & COOP Capabilities Europe · Tampa · Pensacola CAPT James Cox SSC San Diego Norfolk, VA East Coast Consolidation Overview Charleston Norfolk New Orleans Commanding Officers CAPT Bruce Urbon CAPT Mark Krause Pre-BRAC Team SPAWAR COMSPAWAR & Vice Commander Pre-BRAC SPAWAR East Coast Echelon III Commands SSC Norfolk SSC Charleston Stand-Up of SSC "Atlantic" 1OCT08 Charleston, SC Washington, DC Portsmouth, VA Norfolk, VA Norfolk, VA Little Creek, VA Yorktown, VA SSC NOLA Jacksonville, FL Pensacola FL New Orleans, LA

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Newly-Formed "Group Atlantic" Commissioning of SPAWAR Atlantic October 01, 2008 Germany Afghanistan New Orleans Washington Charleston Iraq Tidewater Tampa Bahrain Strategically Located 3,100 Civil Service 107 Military 9,000 Industry Partners Strengthened Mission Support, Business Systems & Enterprise Information Systems Antarctica

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SSC Charleston Core Competencies Network Systems & Support Physical & Computer Security Command & Control Information Assurance Information Technologies Sensor Systems Communications Image Processing Visual Information Systems Wireless Technologies Cryptologic & Intelligence Command Center Services Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Expeditionary C4I Systems Modeling & Simulation Navigation Systems Meteorology ATC Engineering/Technical Services We bolster many Naval & Joint Warfighter programs.

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SSC Norfolk Core Competencies Software Engineering Requirements Feasibility Studies/Proof of Concept Architecture, Design Integration (COTS, GOTS) System Construction Verification, Validation Acceptance, Certification Support Help Desk Warranties Phone Distance On-Site Implementation Pre-establishment Preparation Database Conversion/Construct System Installation Training We bolster more than 2,400 client associations and 500,000 application clients.

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SSC New Orleans Core Competencies Software designing Systems relocation Systems joining Systems upkeep Enterprise net-driven information administrations Navy application facilitating server farm Software application improvement Help Desk/Customer Support Center Shared Services environment Data Operations Center observing Security accreditation We give data administration & data innovation items, administrations, and arrangements

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SSC San Diego (Tidewater) Business Areas Submarine Command and Control & Undersea Communications Architecture Satellite Communications Networks Information Assurance

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Competency Aligned View SSC Atlantic 0E CHENG CDR S. Heller (A) 09 Executive Officer CDR C.Schug SSC Atlantic CAPT B. Urbon Commanding Officer (00) P. Charles Technical Director (01) 00-X Chief Staff Officer CAPT M. Krause 01N Dep TD NOLA J. Goff 81 Total Force Mgt G. Scott 86 Inspector General G. Algozzini 01B Strategic Tech Ops D. Monahan 01T Dep TD Tidewater P. Fuller 10 Finance F. Hicks 20 Contracts W. Paggi 30 Office of Counsel G. Silverman 40 Log & Fleet Support CDR E. Legear 50 Engineering P. Charles 60 Prog & Proj Management P. "Van" 70 Science & Technology A. Emondi 80 Corporate Operations K. Butcher 50A C2 Net-Centric & Platform Integration K. McGee (5.3 LL) 50B Business Enterprise Information Systems J. Watson (5.4 NL) 50C C4ISR T&E COMMS Networks & Space C. Adams (5.5 LL) 50D ISR/IO & IA Cyber Security M. Kutch (5.8 NL) 4X Fleet Operations TBD (O-6) 2253 Contracts 12A CFO 12B CFO 2254 Contracts 12C CFO 2255 Contracts 12D CFO 2258 Contracts 12X CFO 22X Contracts 52 Net Centric Engr & Integ 53 Command & Control 51 Entr Sys Engineering 54 Business IT EIS 55 Comms Networks 57 Space Systems 56 ISR/IO 58 Information Assurance 40 Log & Fleet Support 60 Prog & Proj Management

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Demand Signal TOA FY 08 $4.37B illion Providing quality full-benefit frameworks building and obtaining to quickly convey capacities. Naval force USMC Army Air Force Dept of Defense U.S. Soldier Commands Dept of State Dept of Veterans Affairs Dept of Justice Dept of Treasury Dept of Homeland Security Federal Aviation Admin National Science Foundation 2% National 40% Joint 58% Naval 82% Partnership with private industry Naval Joint National

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2008 Milestones Automation Program gives overall establishment & upkeep bolster for all DoD fuel offices more than 500 locales Over 14,500 MRAPs Integrated 1614 Ship Installs 653 Shore Installs We are the Principal C4ISR *ISEA for the Navy C4ISR integrator for MRAP Vehicles The countries\' most noteworthy need obtaining program *In-Service Engineering Agent Internet Café\'s Enabling U.S. Powers to remain associated with friends and family. Prerequisites to starting capacities in 3 months Over 800 bistros in Afghanistan & Iraq

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Looking Ahead in 2009 Chapter 33 GI Bill M-ATV (MRAP-All Terrain Vehicle) Veterans Affairs Chapter 33 GI Bill Navy ERP (Navy Enterprise Resource Planning)

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Strategic Advantage: SSC LANT & PAC Naval National C 4 ISR engineers giving joint coordinated arrangements. The Critical Path for Naval, Joint, and National Programs Knowledge Superiority and Decisive Effects Joint

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