Preparing of Coach: Limit Working of Indian Car Organizations.

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Preparing of Coach: Limit Working of Indian Car Organizations Beacon, Tradition Center, India Living space Center, New Delhi 29 th September ~ 1 st October, 2004 System of Exercises Day 1 (0930 ~ 1700) 0900 ~ 0930 Enrollment 0930 ~ 0940 Welcome Location
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Preparing of Trainer: Capacity Building of Indian Automotive Companies Light House, Convention Center, India Habitat Center, New Delhi 29 th September ~ 1 st October, 2004

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Program of Activities Day 1 (0930 ~ 1700) 0900 ~ 0930 Registration 0930 ~ 0940 Welcome Address 0940 ~ 0950 Launch of the ToT program: European Union 0950 ~ 1100 Overview of EU India Network for Sustainability 1100 ~ 1110 Coffee Break 1110 ~ 1300 Overview of European Buyers Requirements on mechanical, quality, natural and social issues 1300 ~ 1400 Lunch Break 1400 ~ 1530 Overview of preparing reason, goal and substance 1530 ~ 1540 Coffee Break 1540 ~ 1700 Introduction to methodological aptitudes of coaches

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Program of Activities Day 2 (0900 ~ 1700) 0900 ~ 1015 Overview of Training Process 1015 ~ 1100 Overview of Designing and creating preparing 1100 ~ 1110 Coffee Break 1110 ~ 1300 Overview of Delivering Training 1300 ~ 1400 Lunch Break 1400 ~ 1445 Overview of Developing Training Manuals 1445 ~ 1530 Overview of Evaluating Training 1530 ~ 1540 Coffee Break 1540 ~ 1630 Overview of Administering and Follow-up of Training 1630 ~ 1700 Overview of Marketing and Sale of Training

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Program of Activities Day 3 (0900 ~ 1700) 0900 ~ 1015 Introduction to International Systems, Standards and Certifications for worldwide business sector and feasible entrepreneurship 1015 ~ 1100 Introduction to Environmental Management System 1100 ~ 1110 Coffee Break 1110 ~ 1200 Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety 1200 ~ 1300 Introduction to Social Accountability 1300 ~ 1400 Lunch Break 1400 ~ 1530 Introduction to Integrated Product Policy and Environment 1530 ~ 1540 Coffee Break 1540 ~ 1700 Introduction to Sustainability for International Markets

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EINS Project Background

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What is EINS? EU-India Network for Sustainability – Dialog – Management Training – European in the Automotive Industry Aim: To make your organization an organization of decision for your partners The EINS activity – a key cooperation of accomplices in global limit building – goes for upgrading the capacities of the Indian car segment industry to embrace and actualize ecological, social and quality benchmarks for intensity and efficiency picks up.

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Four motivations to partake: The EINS Initiative will empower you and your directors to: Improve your business sector position and your partner worth Enable your organization to accomplish more prominent aggressiveness in the worldwide business sector Enhance the abilities of your organization to deal with the nearby and worldwide open doors, difficulties and prerequisites Enable your organization to adjust the ecological, social, and monetary capital.

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Target Group and Milestones 240 little and medium estimated endeavors of the car segments industry 100 Stakeholders in the Industry Delhi and Chennai conduct an appraisal train neighborhood mediators, specialists, industry, and different partners set up an EU-India Network on Sustainability Management direct a best practice roundtable add to a handout outline a web entry on supportability

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Schedule Phase 1: Conduct Research Phase 1: Release evaluation report Phase 2: Public leaflet, Public site Phase 2: First and second partner meeting Phase 3: Training course execution Phase 4: Exposure cross area: between time meeting cross segment: submit interval report cross segment: last meeting cross segment: submit last report

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Activities Phase 1: Planning & Assessment Phase 2: Promotion & Stakeholder Meetings Phase 3: Training & Capacity Building Phase 4: First and second partner meeting Phase 5: Post Project Sustainability Cross segment errands Publications and different yields

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Partners InWEnt - Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung GmbH Division Sustainable Market Economy WeyerstraãŸe 78-83 50676 Cologne, Germany Confederation of Indian Industry India Habitat Center fourth Floor, Core 4a, Lodi Road New Delhi 110 003, India

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Partners Adelphi Research – Austria Recycling IHK Ltd.

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European Automotive Company Requirements

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The Extended Enterprise Supply Chain Subassembly Supplier Assembly Plant Delighted Customer Raw Material Supplier Component Supplier Dealer Maximized worth at minimized expense

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Supply Chain Example Dealerships Communication Flow Volvo Great Cars (Tier 1) Dana Corp . Axles (Tier 2) Impact Forge Forgings Material Flow (On-Time Delivery) (Tier 3) Mac Steel Northstar Steel

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Enablers of the Extended Enterprise

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Reasons for Global Purchasing Flexibility and Agility Asset Reduction Single Point of Contact Total Cost Reductions Visibility Systems Capabilities Improved Service Process Change Collaboration Delayed Capital Expense

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What are some store network needs? Consistency Reliability Relationship Technological ability Flexibility Price Service Finances

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Potential Problem Cultural Issues Long Lead Times Additional Inventories Lower Quality Social and Labor Problems Higher expenses of working together High Opacity

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General Supplier Requirements to overcome issues Country Requirements Company Requirements

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Volvo General Supplier Requirements QUALITY Zero Defect Attitude, go for QS9000/TS 16949/AS 9100, TQM Philosophy, Attend to Field Problems, PPM Agreement and consistence PRODUCTION & ENGINEERING Prototype generation in-house, Drawings and Service Manuals for Parts Process Assessment LOGISTIC 100% Delivery Precision, Approved Packaging

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Volvo General Supplier Requirements COST Meet the Payment Terms; Fulfill the Cost Requirements; Responsibility for Warranty Cost, Quality, & Productivity Improvements; Cost Transparency ENVIRONMENT Plan for ISO 14001/EMAS, Compliance with Prohibitive Material List GENERAL Approved level in Supply Chain Management as favored client, Communication in entire chain

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Volkswagen AG General Supplier Requirements

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General Supplier Requirements to overcome issues More Specific Part Commodity Division Company Sector ISO/TS 16949 Fundamental ISO 9001 More Generic

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Key patterns and drivers for the supplier business

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Strategic and operational rules to ace the difficulties

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Decisions and obligations

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Trend in outsourcing

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Relevance of Management System

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International Standards What is a Management System? Framework to set up approach and destinations and to accomplish those targets. An administration arrangement of an association may incorporate distinctive administration frameworks, for example, quality administration framework, a budgetary administration framework, or a natural administration framework

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Management System Standards ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 17799 ISO/TS 16949 SA 8000 TL 9000 CMMI ISO 22000 ISO 17025 ISO 13485 OHSAS 18001

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Management System Standards ISO 9001:2000 - Quality Management Systems ISO/TS 16949 -QMS for the Automotive Industry ISO 13485:2003 -QMS for therapeutic gadget suppliers that addresses most of the lawful necessities. TL 9000 -QMS for the information transfers industry AS 9100 -Quality Systems Aerospace Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing ISO 14001 -Environmental Management System OHSAS 18001 -Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

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Management System Standards ISO 22000 -Food Safety Management System SA 8000 -Standard for Social Accountability in the working environment CMMI -Capability Maturity Model Integrated (Software Process Improvement) ISO 17799 -Information Security Management Systems ISO 17025 -Competence of testing & adjustment research facilities ISO 17024:2003 -Establishes an Internationalâ benchmark for associations managing the confirmation of persons

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What is Integrated Management System? The coordinated methodology that creates various business advantages. Advantages of Management System lessens your operational dangers bring issues to light of connections between your distinctive exercises enhances your operational execution

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Benefits of Integrated Management System INTERNAL EXTERNAL One-time confirmation Lesser expense of Certification Man days of Audits are decrease Different zones are secured by outer gathering for development Better correspondence Lesser Investment Cost Less Documentation Better control of the framework Improvement over all regions in the association Holistic methodology Improvement are in diverse zones Auditing is more thorough Process streamlining can be created through incorporating the framework

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Implementing Integrated Management System Training Records Control Document Control Supplier Relations Audits Corrective and Preventive Action Management Commitment Management Plans Continuous Improvement Supplier Relations

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Training of Trainers

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Introduction What is a Training? Formal techniques which an organization uses to encourage realizing so that the resultant conduct adds to the fulfillment of the company’s objective & targets.

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Introduction 4 Components of Training Formal Procedures – methodical & deliberate procedure Facilitate Learning –

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