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Book Reading Interface: Image Processing Issues. J.Chetan, V.Sreekanth, ... Genuine experience of perusing book. Show thumbnail show for brisk scanning. Printing and ...
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Book Reading Interface: Image Processing Issues J.Chetan, V.Sreekanth, Rakesh Babu Vamshi Ambati and C.V.Jawahar International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad, India IIIT Hyderabad -

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Requirements Usability Navigate through pages Easy and easy to utilize Pleasant to peruse pictures Accessibility Serving low band-width clients Resource mindful IIIT Hyderabad -

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Images in Universal Digital Library IIIT Hyderabad -

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Image group in ULIB PROS Archival quality pictures Good to recreate in print CONS Huge size requests more noteworthy data transfer capacity Requires outsider applications to show online But… . TIFF is not by any means the only configuration to show pictures User does not require high determination pictures all the time User will not have to see unique filtered sizes of the pictures constantly the time (sufficiently good versus Perfect pictures) IIIT Hyderabad -

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PNG v.s TIFF IIIT Hyderabad -

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What are the conceivable outcomes? Store different configurations of pictures at different resolutions (pre-register) All conceivable resolutions/sizes might be hard to figure early Requires more space Perform on the fly change to different arrangements and resolutions We tail this methodology IIIT Hyderabad -

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Book perusing interface Image server TIFF Plug-in Book Reading Interface Real experience of perusing book Display thumbnail show for snappy skimming Printing and review the high determination TIFF pictures IIIT Hyderabad -

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Statistics from Open source Image Processing Libraries IIIT Hyderabad -

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Image Server On fly transformation of organizations (PNG, JPEG, and so forth… ) Thumbnails Resizing Smoothing Configurable Advantages: Takes consideration of Low band width individuals Other Applications (WAP) Open Source IIIT Hyderabad -

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Smoothing IIIT Hyderabad -

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Anti-associating (future work) IIIT Hyderabad -

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Architecture IIIT Hyderabad -

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Statistics IIIT Hyderabad -

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Screen shot of book peruser IIIT Hyderabad -

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Screen shot of module IIIT Hyderabad -

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Thank you Hyderabad -

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