Present day European Scholarly History.

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Modern European Intellectual History. Lecture 17 The Interwar Avant Garde. outline. intro Marcel Duchamp and the move against “retinal art” Dadaism surrealism conclusion. Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968). “Nude Descending a Staircase” (1912). “The Passage from Virgin to Bride” (1912).
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Cutting edge European Intellectual History Lecture 17 The Interwar Avant Garde

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layout introduction Marcel Duchamp and the move against "retinal craftsmanship" Dadaism surrealism conclusion

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Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968)

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"Bare Descending a Staircase" (1912)

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"The Passage from Virgin to Bride" (1912)

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"The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even" (1915-23)

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"delay in glass" "conclusively unfinished"

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"the Readymades" "Bike Wheel" (1913)

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"Bottle Rack" (1913)

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"Wellspring" (1917)

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"L.H.O.O.Q." (1919)

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translations to be shameful Greenberg: "the stunning, outraging, startling, the bewildering and frustrating, got to be held onto as closures in themselves and no more drawn out lamented as introductory reactions of aesthetic originality that would wear off with commonality." to evade character, propensity, routine Jules Laforgue: "[T]he thought of freedom is live with no propensities. Gracious, what a fantasy! What a fantasy! It\'s sufficient to make you insane! An entire presence without a solitary demonstration being created or affected by propensity. Each demonstration a demonstration in itself." Duchamp: "The individual, man as a man, man as a mind, on the off chance that you like, interests me more than what he makes, since I\'ve seen that most specialists just rehash themselves." "I have constrained myself to negate myself keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from fitting in with my own particular taste ."

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cont\'d to take a stab at unoriginality and apathy to tear down the hindrance amongst workmanship and non-art "anti-craftsmanship" Peter Bürger, Theory of the Avant-Garde (1974) self-sufficient workmanship versus "reintegration with the praxis of life"

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cont\'d to thrashing desire of importance Chess as a contrasting option to craftsmanship: "I am still a casualty of chess. It has all the excellence of workmanship - and a great deal more. It can\'t be popularized. Chess is much purer than workmanship in its social position." 

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Given. 1. The Waterfall. 2. The Illuminating Gas (1946-66)

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Dada Zurich February 8, 1916, Café Voltaire, Zurich Hugo Ball Tristan Tzara (1869-1963) Richard Hülsenbeck Hans Arp "incitement exhibitions" "Dada connotes nothing."

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Dada Manifesto (1918) *There is a writing that does not achieve the unquenchable mass. It is the work of makers, issued from a genuine need in the creator, delivered for himself. It communicates the learning of an incomparable selfishness, in which laws shrink away. Each page must detonate, either by significant overwhelming reality, the tornado, graceful free for all, the new, the unceasing, the devastating joke, excitement for standards, or by the route in which it is printed. From one viewpoint a tottering world in flight, pledged to the glockenspiel of hellfire, then again: new men. Unpleasant, skipping, riding on hiccups. Behind them a disabled world and scholarly quacks with a lunacy for improvement.I say unto you: there is no start and we don\'t tremble, we are not nostalgic. We are an enraged Wind, tearing the grimy cloth of mists and supplications, setting up the immense scene of debacle, fire, decomposition.* We will put a conclusion to grieving and supplant tears by sirens shrieking starting with one landmass then onto the next. Structures of extraordinary delight and widowers with the pity of toxin. Dada is the billboard of reflection; publicizing and business are additionally components of poetry.I obliterate the drawers of the cerebrum and of social association: spread dispiriting wherever I go and cast my hand from paradise to damnation, my eyes from hellfire to paradise, reestablish the fruitful wheel of a general bazaar to target strengths and the creative energy of each individual.Philosophy is the issue: from which side should we take a gander at life, God, the thought or other wonders. All that one takes a gander at is false. I don\'t consider the relative result more critical than the decision amongst cake and fruits after supper. The arrangement of rapidly taking a gander at the opposite side of a thing keeping in mind the end goal to force your assessment in a roundabout way is called rationalizations, as such, wheeling and dealing over the soul of fricasseed potatoes while moving strategy around it. In the event that I cry out:Ideal, perfect, perfect, Knowledge, learning, knowledge,Boomboom, boomboom, boomboom, I have given a quite dedicated adaptation of advance, law, ethical quality and all other fine qualities that different very canny men have examined in so manv books, just to reason that after all everybody moves to his very own boomboom, and that the essayist is qualified for his boomboom: the fulfillment of neurotic interest; a private ringer for incomprehensible needs; a shower; financial challenges; a stomach with repercussions in life; the power of the spiritualist wand defined as the bunch of an apparition ensemble made up of noiseless fiddle bows lubed with channels made of chicken excrement.

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Cont\'d With the blue eye-glasses of a blessed messenger they have uncovered the internal life for a dime of consistent appreciation. On the off chance that every one of them are correct and if all pills are Pink Pills, let us strive for once not to be correct. A few people think they can clarify judiciously, by thought, what they think. In any case, that is greatly relative. Analysis is a risky ailment, it puts to rest the counter target driving forces of men and systematizes the bourgeoisie. There is no extreme Truth. The persuasion is a diverting instrument which guides us/in a trite sort of path/to the suppositions we had in any case. Does anybody surmise that, by a moment refinement of rationale, he has shown reality and set up the accuracy of these conclusions? Rationale detained by the faculties is a natural sickness. To this component thinkers constantly get a kick out of the chance to include: the force of perception. Regardless this brilliant nature of the psyche is the evidence of its feebleness. We watch, we respect from at least one perspectives, we pick them among the millions that exist. Experience is likewise a result of shot and individual resources. Science disturbs me when it turns into a theoretical framework, loses its character of utility-that is so pointless however is in any event person. I hate oily objectivity, and concordance, the science that finds everything all together. Continue, my kids, mankind . . . Science says we are the hirelings of nature: everything is all together, have intercourse and bash your brains in. Go ahead, my kids, mankind, kind middle class and writer virgins . . . I am against frameworks, the most satisfactory framework is on rule to have none. To finish oneself, to impeccable oneself in one\'s own particular diminutiveness, to fill the vessel with one\'s uniqueness, to have the valor to battle for and against thought, the secret of bread, the sudden burst of a fiendish propeller into monetary lilies.... Each result of appall fit for turning into an invalidation of the family is Dada; a dissent with the clench hands of its entire being occupied with ruinous activity: *Dada; learning of the considerable number of means rejected as of not long ago by the shamefaced sex of agreeable trade off and great behavior: Dada; cancelation of rationale, which is the move of those weak to make: Dada; of each social progression and condition set up for qualities by our valets: Dada; each protest, all articles, slants, obscurities, phantoms and the exact conflict of parallel lines are weapons for the battle: Dada; nullification of memory: Dada; annulment of paleontology: Dada; abrogation of prophets: Dada; abrogation without bounds: Dada; total and certain confidence in each god that is the quick result of spontaneity:* Dada; rich and fair jump from a congruity to the next circle; direction of a word hurled like a shrieking phonograph record; to regard all people in their habit existing apart from everything else: whether it be not kidding, frightful, meek, fervent, incredible, decided, excited; to strip one\'s congregation of each pointless unwieldy embellishment; to release obnoxious or affectionate thoughts like a radiant waterfall, or indulge them - with the outrageous fulfillment that it doesn\'t make a difference at all with a similar power in the shrubbery of one\'s spirit unadulterated of creepy crawlies for blood well-conceived, and overlaid with collections of lead celestial hosts. Flexibility: Dada, a thundering of tense hues, and joining of contrary energies and of all disagreements, grotesques, irregularities: LIFE

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surrealism André Breton (1896-1966) Louis Aragon Max Ernst (1891-1976) René Magritte (1898-1967) Salvador Dali Yves Tanguy (1900-1955) Luis Buñuel (1900-1983) First Surrealist Manifesto (1924)

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"standards" threatening vibe to reality "The sensible state of mind, motivated by positivism, from Saint Thomas Aquinas to Anatole France, obviously appears to me to be unfriendly to any savvy or good progression. I hate it, for it is comprised of average quality, despise, and dull arrogance." surrealism as giving a higher or "super" reality "I have faith later on determination of these two states, dream and reality, which are apparently so conflicting, into a sort of outright reality, a surreality, in the event that one may so speak." "Surrealism. n. masc. Unadulterated psychic automatism, in which an endeavor is made to express, either verbally, in composing or in some other way, the genuine working of thought. The transcription of thought, without all control by reason, barring any stylish of good distraction."

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Cont\'d assault on books Raymond Roussel antagonistic vibe to rationale, esp. tenets of linguistic use and grammar "We are as yet living under the rule of rationale … . Yet, these days coherent techniques are pertinent just to taking care of issues of optional intrigue. … Under the misrepresentation of development and advance, we have figured out how to exile from the psyche everything that may properly or wrongly be named superstition, or favor; illegal is any sort of hunt down truth which is not in congruity with acknowledged practices."  the wonderful "Surrealism lays on the conviction i

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