Present Status and Future Improvement of the Dutch NAMEA.

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Arrangement of Environmental and Economic Accounts (SEEA) 2003 ... Ecological records. Physical stream accounts. Ecological related exchanges ...
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Present Status and Future Development of the Dutch NAMEA Dr. ir. Rutger Hoekstra Statistics Netherlands

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Presentation Environmental records NAMEA/NAMWA Applications Future undertakings

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Environmental records Economy National Accounts System of National Accounts (SNA, 1993) European System of Accounts (ESA, 1995) Environmental bookkeeping Environment Environmental measurements System of Environmental and Economic Accounts (SEEA, 2003)

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Environmental records Satelite of the National Accounts Resident guideline Attribution of toxins to financial exercises System of Environmental and Economic Accounts (SEEA) 2003 Summary of various sorts of records Methodology and best practices

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Environmental records Physical stream accounts Environmental related exchanges (environmental costs, natural duties) Environmental resource accounts (forest, fishery, subsoil accounts) 4. Modification of SNA to represent the effect of the economy on the earth (DNI)

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NAMEA Started in 1991 11 outflow and 2 extraction classes 8 subjects Greenhouse impact (CO 2 counterparts) Ozone exhaustion (CFK11 reciprocals) Acidification (Acification reciprocals) (Eutrophication counterparts) Waste (kg) Waste water (tenant reciprocals) Change in characteristic assets (kg) Fossil fuel use (PJ) Environmental charges, endowments and costs Annual Consistent & universally acknowledged

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NAMWA Pilot venture in 1997 Regular creation began in 2002 9 discharge classifications & water parity 3 topics Eutrophication Heavy metals Waste water Annual

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NAMEA-Origin of poisons

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NAMEA-Destination of contaminations

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NAMEA Data sources Emission enrollment framework (Air, water) Surveys (Waste, reusing, natural consumptions, ecological report) Material monetary records for supplements, lethal substances Energy measurements National records

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Applications Environmental decoupling pointers Modeling Input-yield demonstrating Impact investigation Imputation to definite interest classifications Structural Decomposition Analysis General Equilibrium Modeling Green National Income Other Macro-financial models Improvement of National Accounts

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Environmental Indicators GDP,volume Greenhouse impact Eutrophication Waste Acidification

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Emission per movement

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Change in nursery gas emanations 1993 - 1997 =1.+2.+3. 2. 3. 1. 4. % - change 1. Last utilization 2. Structure changes 3. Effectiveness picks up 4. Net increment

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Future activities Energy accounts Extensions of air outflows accounts Extensions of water records Waste records Subsoil accounts Physical records Dispersion accounts Land use accounts Environmental expense and appropriation accounts Eco-industry accounts Publication on Statline (

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Future undertakings: Waste Accounts Results and report close finishing New waste assessments European waste order Recycling included

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Future tasks: Physical Accounts Material Flow Analysis (MFA) Physical Supply and Use Tables (PSUT) Physical Input-Output Tables (PIOT) Material parity rule

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Questions/Contact points of interest Sjoerd Schenau Project Leader NAMEA Prinses Beatrixstraat 428 P.O. Box 4000 2270 JM Voorburg The Netherlands

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