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Different Points of view and Exercises: Cenex, the Low Carbon and Energy component Innovation Information Exchange System and different RDAs EEDA Workshop, Hethel Designing Center, July 2009 Robert Evans, President, Cenex Presentation Foundation Helping monetary improvement Part particular intensity
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Different Perspectives and Activities: Cenex, the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology Knowledge Transfer Network and different RDAs EEDA Workshop, Hethel Engineering Center, July 2009 Robert Evans, CEO, Cenex

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Introduction Background Assisting financial advancement Sector particular aggressiveness Emerging low carbon car segment Stakeholder Activities and Perspectives Cenex the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology Knowledge Transfer Network Other RDAs Key measurements of bolster Agenda setting Facilitation (by means of systems administration and venture business) Funding (system conveyance)

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Background to Cenex First NAIGT (2002) suggested DTI support the arrangement of a Center of Excellence for Low Carbon car advances Reasoning identified with test of keeping up intensity in business sector transitioning to low carbon advances UK authority in various zones however requirement for a Center to organize help inside of this rising segment Value-include concentrated little armada showing (valley of death) stage Low carbon vehicle recommendation since been approved by extension of exercises in space Cenex now conveying projects and undertakings for more extensive open division looking to convey against vital goals through utilizing move to a low carbon economy

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Low Carbon Knowledge Transfer Network Perspective Growing low carbon car group in the UK Target market for the Low Carbon KTN has developed by >15% over most recent 3 years EEDA host to one of the bigger and more dynamic of the KTN groups Strong enthusiasm to arrange Regionally, broadly and by techno-market territories Networking concentrated on exploring the subsidizing scene and on discovering communitarian accomplices to take forward task opportunities

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RDA Perspectives Low carbon accepted as cutting edge development opportunity market for existing car players and new participants Opportunity to apply customized project help to keep running in parallel with existing activities (prominently the Low Carbon Vehicle Innovation Platform)

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AWM Niche Vehicle R&D Program AWM financed £2.5m “3 year” R&D project custom-made for the West\'s needs Midlands Niche Vehicle area Niche vehicle producers, expert supply base and innovation organizations Format Benchmarking studies 5 R&D calls (normally £100K ventures) Final exhibition call Collaborative R&D innovation topics Carbon diminishment and fuel proficiency Weight lessening and recyclability Vehicle security and driver help

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Other Active RDAs ONE Investments concentrated on Electrification of Transport (EoT) plan and exhibition stage connected to ETI JCities activity CPI composed hydrogen\fuel cell exercises Wales Technology bunch improvement around half breed, electric, energy unit and hydrogen advances North West Currently building up a development method for car in district

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Conclusions Low carbon car perceived as rising segment with development potential that profit by steady strategy activities Strong enthusiasm from innovation suppliers inside of the segment to organize and team up inside of locale on low carbon car RD&D NAIGT guide gives accord to traveler auto segment OLEV to center consideration on different areas (business vehicles, and so on) Arguably one of the quality of UK advancement framework is differences of subsidizing streams Leverage National Government and International Activities by means of custom-made provincial projects

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