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Presentation. What is G FORCE?Why G FORCE?G FORCE Features
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INTRODUCTION What is G FORCE? Why G FORCE? G FORCE Features & Benefits Workplace Health & Safety The Bottom Line Questions?

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WHAT IS G FORCE? Three frameworks for material dealing with vehicles: G FORCE 1: Vehicle affect caution framework G FORCE 2: Vehicle security and driver accountability framework G FORCE 3: Fleet wellbeing and administration information checking framework Each framework expands on the past framework\'s elements.

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WHY G FORCE? Enhanced driver responsibility Safer work environment Reduced costs Management data device Assists in OSHA consistence

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G FORCE 1 Vehicle affect alert framework Where? Little, single-move situations Impact screens mounted to vehicles

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G FORCE 1 FEATURES Programmable effect edges "Alert" state Optional lift interfere with "Incapacitate" resets vehicles in "caution"

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G FORCE 1 BENEFITS Improved driver execution Safer work environment Reduced costs OSHA: finish mischance reports at time of effect Field upgradeable to G FORCE 2

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G FORCE 2 Vehicle wellbeing and driver responsibility framework When? More prominent administrator responsibility Impact screens in addition to G-Link database programming

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G FORCE 2 FEATURES Mandatory administrator login Database looks after vehicles, administrators Impact information accumulation, stockpiling and seeking Basic upkeep information framework Excel trading 7 administration reports

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G FORCE 2 BENEFITS Limited administrator vehicle get to Enhanced administrator responsibility Computerized effect and support information Management data apparatus Fleet administration instrument (approval levels)

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G FORCE 3 Fleet security and administration data observing framework When? Much more noteworthy administrator responsibility And, significantly greater administration data Enhanced G-Link database programming

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G FORCE 3 FEATURES Optional twofold login for vehicle security reviews Operator login information accumulation, stockpiling and looking Operator and vehicle timekeeping Excel announcing 6 extra administration reports

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G FORCE 3 BENEFITS Computerized login and timekeeping information Enhanced administration data apparatus Safety check review trail Timekeeping detailing

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WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY G FORCE Impact Monitoring Systems were intended to address OSHA concerns. Here\'s the manner by which…

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WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY Operator preparing or re-assessment dates oversaw Operator login: administrator responsibility and more secure vehicle operation Login reports : vehicle utilize and wellbeing check review trail

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Accident reports finished at time of effect Each effect is caught Authorization levels constrain administrator access to vehicles WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY

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WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY G FORCE Impact Monitoring Systems will help you in accomplishing OSHA\'s definitive objective: a more secure work environment and they will spare you cash . Here\'s the manner by which…

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THE BOTTOM LINE G FORCE Impact Monitoring Systems will decrease your expenses on… Vehicle upkeep Vehicle downtime Product harm Racking and office harm Operator downtime and damage

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THE BOTTOM LINE SAFETY = SAVINGS Accountability diminishes harm.

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