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The photo on the left demonstrates to appropriately hold a pipette when stacking an agarose gel. ... Computerized pictures were presented that related on investigating information from gels or looking ...
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Presentation # 2959, Board #B507 The Use of Digital Photography to Enhance Learning of Biotechnology Fran Norflus and Kathy Szeniawski Clayton State University Department of Natural Sciences Introduction Teaching has advanced throughout the years from essentially composing on the chalkboard to utilizing overhead transparencies to the utilization of PCs. This publication indicates how the utilization of computerized photography can be utilized to improve the learning of biotechnology. In this biotechnology class, advanced pictures were taken of the gear and results and afterward posted on the educator\'s Web page. These photos were utilized to upgrade realizing so that the understudies could really see what was going on and the educator could clarify the methods and results to the class at one time while watching the photos of gels. Legitimate utilization of the rotator rotor Digital pictures were presented that indicated how on appropriately adjust the rotor and how to put the top on the rotor. Exam inquiries were dissected that were NOT in light of advanced photography Proper and dishonorable stacking of gels The photo on the left demonstrates to appropriately hold a pipette when stacking an agarose gel. The center board demonstrates an appropriately stacked gel while the photo on the right demonstrates a gel from an understudy who needs rehearse in stacking gels. Exam inquiries were asked where the understudies needed to recognize pictures from the lab manual or the Internet. They additionally expected to know certainties that were not in light of photography. The % of understudies noting these inquiries accurately is demonstrated as follows. Exam inquiries were examined that depended on advanced photography An intelligent site page was utilized to educate the best possible perusing of micropipettes Digital pictures were presented that related on breaking down information from gels or taking a gander at various approaches to recolor the gels. Inquiries were asked on the exams that identified with these gels. The % of understudies noting these inquiries effectively is demonstrated as follows. A photo of what was posted on the site is demonstrated as follows. This is a p20 pipet.  What is the volume? Click here for the answer Student\'s capacity to peruse micropipettes amid the exam During the exam, a station was set up where the understudies needed to go and read the diverse micropipettes. The % of understudies who could do this effectively is demonstrated as follows. Talk and future studies Overall, there was no factual distinction between the exam questions in view of the utilization of advanced photography and those that were not in view of the computerized photography. In any case, this information must be dissected painstakingly. Distinctive sorts of inquiries were being inquired. So as to truly comprehend the viability of this procedure, distinctive gatherings of understudies ought to be examined. Some ought to be demonstrated the photos and some just clarified the idea. Additionally, in a few zones the utilization of the computerized photography is exceptionally powerful. For instance, the understudies figured out how to peruse the p2, p20 and p1000 micropipettes successfully utilizing the photos. What\'s more, when the understudies expected to figure out how to utilize another bit of gear, it is extremely useful to have pictures for the educator to exhibit the strategy as opposed to have a whole class of understudies encompass a bit of hardware.

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