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Prior to 1993, Produce Buying Company of Cocobod an administration body, was ... interest of ladies in the choice making procedure at all levels of operation ...
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TOPIC Organizing and Promoting Fair Trade For Cocoa Producers

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Background of Kuapa Kokoo Before 1993, Produce Buying Company of Cocobod an administration body, was the sole inside purchaser of cocoa from the agriculturists until the administration progression policy. With the advancement of inner cocoa advertising in Ghana, a few ranchers who were driven by Nana Frimpong Abebrese, got help from Twin Ltd-UK and built up a cocoa agriculturists agreeable in 1993 with a participation of around 1,000 ranchers in 22 groups This helpful was dedicated Kuapa Kokoo meaning Good Cocoa Farming.

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Current Membership Farmer enrollment quality: Over 48,000 ranchers as at 2005 Number of current social orders: 1500 social orders in 28 operational territories Gender Ratio (Male 72% &Female 28%) Average Age of agriculturists is 49 years Average creation/750kg (14.6 bags)` Average homestead size (10 Acres) Average Income (2004/05) is $500

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MISSION STATEMENT OF KUAPA To engage the agriculturists, increment their pay and raise their way of life

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Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union OBJECTIVES give a medium to the social, monetary and political strengthening of the cocoa rancher. Upgrade the interest of ladies in the basic leadership process at all levels of operation and association. support earth manageable generation process.

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KKL is the business wing that do the exchanging of cocoa for the benefit of the agriculturists. It works proficiently to furnish rancher with best administrations, better cost and benefit to maintain their association. It is overseen by a Managing Director, Chartered Accountant, Operation chiefs and very much qualified staff.

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KKCU was built up in 2000 to teach the way of life of sparing among its individuals and to make credit effectively open to individuals moderate loan fees for social and financial purposes. The Credit union is exclusively for the agriculturists and staff of Kuapa Kokoo Organs.

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DCC (Day Chocolate Company) Kuapa Kokoo in it offer to build benefit from their cocoa and in addition their insight from the Western Chocolate Market chose to set up an organization to showcase their own particular brands of chocolate. Divine Fair-exchange Chocolate and Dubble Fair-exchange Chocolate. These are found in most grocery store all over Europe.

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FAIR TRADE Kuapa Kokoo is an individual from the Fair Trade Organization Under the reasonable exchange standards - Consumers are ensured quality produce and - Producers are ensured steady and better value that mirror their endeavors put into generation and thought to be economical. - A ensured cost of $1600 per ton (cocoa) - $150 per ton of cocoa conveyed (typical premium) - Price contrast between the world business sector cost of cocoa and ensured value (Extra Premium)

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Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Trust It was set up to get every single general asset implied for the ranchers Most of the assets of the Trust are gotten from the Fair exchange Premiums The premium is utilized to give social base, instruction and preparing, rewards and so forth

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Water (Bore openings)

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School Projects

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KVIP (Sanitary Facilities)

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Income Generating Activities. (Processing & Soap Making)

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Training Session (limit Building for All agriculturists)

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Policy Changes that have been Necessary for ranchers\' Organization Internal Trade progression which prompted the foundation of the Organization The gathering idea ie the helpful framework which has prompted agriculturist strengthening and make them sewed. The business substance idea which additionally required the foundation of the KKL

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The Institutionalized game plans which prompted the foundation of - Research and Development Department which sorts out, teaches, prepares, sharpens and enable agriculturists to end up dynamic Kuapa Kokoo Credit Union which instill into the ranchers the propensity for funds and making credit available to the ranchers - Gender advancement unit which sharpen and enable ladies to take up administration positions at all levels of the KKFU and outfit them with aptitudes to build their salary and control of assets .

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To have a contributor or supporter who is occupied with the exercises of the ranchers to back their underlying set up cost, preparing and constantly bolster improvement of the association. For instance Twin—introductory set up capital and specialized help DFID-Capacity building (Training) Comic Relief-Fair Trade mindfulness creation Women Vision International-Training and small scale financing wage producing exercises for ladies

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Policies Needed to be set up for Effective Organization and Cocoa Export Policies to support Organic Cocoa generation. Approaches to permit business banks and other monetary establishments to lessen the loan cost on rancher related exercises particularly cocoa. Systems set up to urge the adolescent to assume control over the generation of cocoa from the matured. Empower Diversification

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CONCLUSION The solid interrelationship of all the Kuapa organs has added to the achievement of Kuapa Kokoo Organization. For instance KKFU - Satisfying the political needs of the Org. KKL - Makes benefit to maintain the Org, KKCU - Satisfying the investment funds and Credit need of agriculturists and supporting KKL with assets Trust Fund - Make beyond any doubt that assets are evenhandedly circulated by ranchers themselves towards their essential needs.

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Putting favors the Faces of Women Farmers

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