Presentation by Tim Reddish Executive Director New Zealand Taxi Federation .

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Slide 2. . The New Zealand Taxi Market Structure before 1989 DeregulationThe quick effectsThe progressing effectsThe campaigning push to correctThe Auditors Generals report
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Introduction by Tim Reddish Executive Director New Zealand Taxi Federation IRU 2 ND INTERNATIONAL TAXI FORUM K Ö LN (GERMANY) NOVEMBER, 2008

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SUMMARY OF PRESENTATION The New Zealand Taxi Market Structure before 1989 Deregulation The quick impacts The continuous impacts The campaigning push to amend The Auditors Generals report & Legislation Changes The New Rules, ATO Structure and Self-Regulation Summary

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THE STRUCTURE PRIOR TO 1989 Structure in view of licenses, customized to candidate. Candidates needed to meet strict criteria 3,500 cabs, generally proprietor administrator, with administrators having a place with fundamentally agreeable, numerous proprietor administrators utilized low maintenance/crest time drivers Cooperatives contended energetically against the supply of new licenses

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(Structure Prior to 1989 Cont\'d) Acute deficiency of pinnacle time taxis, long lines on boulevards, transport terminals and transports Industry opposed open and political weight for more cabs and more rivalry In the end the weight turned out to be an excessive amount of - the industry didn\'t respond or trade off and with a recently chose reformist Government the business was deregulated, overnight - no remuneration

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IMMEDIATE EFFECTS Any body with proper drivers permit could put on a taxi (needed to have a place with an organization) Taxis could charge what they preferred gave they showed rates plan in vehicle Despair and depression Flood of new contestants and new taxi organizations (by 2005 7,500) Returns split Fares dropped or remained

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(Immediate Effects Cont\'d) Debt levels ascended with coming about disappointments Lower driver and vehicle measures Street encounters Dishonest practices, credit extortion, ambushes on travelers, deceitful practices in driver capabilities and bona-fides and consistence necessities Crowding of cabs on taxi stands, unlawful stopping, baffled city specialists Regulators/consistence authorities couldn\'t adapt

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ONGOING EFFECTS Economic Changes Tourism/guest blast (T 439k to1.2M, V 867k to 2.36M Drink drive laws seriously fixed Inner City living Demand developed Rationalization and development inside industry

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(Ongoing Effects Cont\'d) Smart credit preparing and modernized dispatch helped showcase development Focus on quality and polished skill The best developed and flourished (e.g. WCT) Compliance movement deteriorated - unmistakably uneven playing field, unlimited contrast amongst top and base of market

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FEDERATION\'S LOBBYING EFFORT 5 years of exceptional exertion Politicians (all gatherings) City and provincial legislators Government authorities Interest bunches, incapacitated associations, elderly, schools, air terminals, lodgings Press/media battle Culminating in Auditor General

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AUDITOR GENERAL\'S REPORT & LEGISLATION CHANGES Watershed archive in getting industry back under control Report censured controllers execution in almost all territories of their duties "Inconsistent and lacking checking and upholding of consistence by the Authority has prompted to broad rebelliousness. Accordingly, there is a hazard that unfit and uncalled for individuals are permitted into, and stay in, the taxi business. The review recognized territories for development that are reflected in the numerous suggestions in this report"

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(Auditor General Reports … Cont\'d) 132 page report, 61 proposals that called for development/changes in almost every territory, the primary ones being to do with appropriate fit and legitimate individual tests, legitimate verifying of cab driver authorizing, legitimate testing strategies or more all legitimate authorization action that guaranteed appropriate consistence A couple duplicates with me, reachable from

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THE NEW RULES, ATO\'s & SELF-REGULATION Operator Licensing Rule Everything taxis must have and do: signage, passage plans, meters, receipts, lost property Everything administrators must consent to: permitting, records and so forth Everything ATO\'s are in charge of: overwhelming accentuation under risk of substantial punishments that they keep up: dispatch records, grumblings records/frameworks, records of their administrators consistence re vehicles and authoritative prerequisites and ATO day in and day out administration duty Work Time and Logbook Rule Dedicated Taxi Enforcement group

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CONCLUSION Deregulation without guidelines and consistence = calamity, low quality, absence of demonstrable skill Quality and reasonability go as an inseparable unit Free market= notwithstanding playing field = appropriate consistence subsequently of this numbers are contracting, the little and resistant have surrendered those that can\'t work sincerely have been gotten and left the business Latest Survey Results 94% appraised state of taxicabs as perfect/spotless and sensible/great physical condition 82% of travelers felt sheltered and secure utilizing taxis 78% felt drivers were proficient/extremely proficient

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