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Forward-Looking Statements.
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Forward-Looking Statements Some of the announcements in this presentation may constitute forward-looking explanations. Words, for example, suspect, expect, extend, mean, arrangement, accept, and words and terms of comparative substance and any budgetary projections utilized as a part of association with any discourse of feasible arrangements, techniques, destinations, activities, or occasions distinguish forward-looking explanations. Forward-looking proclamations identifying with the proposed exchange incorporate, yet are not constrained to: the hazard that the Company will be unable to perfect the Merger examined by the Business Combination Agreement; the hazard that the Business Combination Agreement will be unable to be adjusted reliable with the terms and conditions put forward over; the hazard that in abundance of roughly 1.8 million Common Shares are truly offered and not appropriately pulled back before the termination of the delicate offer, requiring 57th Street to pay, in the total, in overabundance of around $18.0 million, (according to the proposed updated terms of the delicate offer, subject to assention of conclusive terms) which would then bring about 57th Street to (i) be not able fulfill a state of the delicate offer, (ii) be not able consummate the proposed business exchange and (iii) pull back the delicate offer, not buy any shares and speedily give back any shares offered by stockholders to them; the hazard that administrative and administrative audit of the delicate offer reports may defer the proposed exchange or result in the powerlessness of the proposed exchange to be culminated by May 15, 2011 (as per the proposed overhauled terms of the Business Combination Agreement, subject to understanding of authoritative terms) and the period of time important to perfect the proposed exchange; the hazard that a condition to the end of the proposed exchange may not be fulfilled or deferred; the hazard that the organizations won\'t be coordinated effectively; the hazard that the foreseen advantages of the proposed exchange may not be completely acknowledged or may take more time to acknowledge than anticipated; the hazard that any projections, including income, incomes, costs, collaborations, edges or whatever other money related things are not understood, the danger of disturbance from the proposed business mix making it more hard to keep up associations with clients, workers or suppliers; a diminishment in industry overall revenue; the failure to proceed with the advancement of the Crumbs mark; changing elucidations of sound accounting guidelines; proceeded with consistence with government controls; changing enactment and administrative situations; the capacity to meet the NASDAQ Stock Market posting models, including having the imperative number of round parcel holders or stockholders and meeting the free chief prerequisites for the top managerial staff and its advisory groups; a lower quantifiable profit; the powerlessness to oversee fast development; necessities or changes influencing the business in which Crumbs is locked in; the general instability of the market costs of our securities and general monetary conditions. These dangers, and in addition different dangers connected with the proposed exchange, are all the more completely talked about in the Schedule TO (and any changes thereto) recorded with the SEC regarding the exchange and the delicate offer. Extra dangers and instabilities are recognized and examined in 57th Street\'s reports documented with the SEC and accessible at the SEC\'s site at Forward-looking explanations included thus talk just as of the date of this presentation. In the event that any of these dangers or instabilities appear or if any suspicions demonstrate wrong, results could vary substantially from those communicated by such forward-looking proclamations. Neither 57th Street nor Crumbs attempts any commitment to upgrade its forward-looking explanations to reflect occasions or conditions after the date of this presentation.

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CRUMBS INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS Demonstrated reputation of productive development with a 3-year income CAGR of 81.8% Attractive unit financial matters with a normal exchange of $18-$20 and normal deals per square foot in overabundance of $1,000 Transaction takes into consideration an underlying extension to an arranged 200 areas in the main 15 advertises by year-end 2014 Ranked number 10 on Inc. Magazine\'s rundown of the quickest developing privately owned businesses of 2009 inside the nourishment & refreshment industry, and positioned number 10 on their rundown of breakout organizations of 2010 Business blend esteemed at roughly $79.2 million on a completely weakened premise, suggesting a various of 20.0 times anticipated 2011 Adjusted EBITDA, and 7.4 times anticipated 2012 Adjusted EBITDA

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Business mix synopsis In May 2010, 57th Street raised $54.6 million through its IPO On January 9, 2011, 57th Street went into an authoritative consent to join with Crumbs Merger thought = $67.5 million + unexpected installments $27.0 million in real money (up to $7.0 million of the money thought might be supplanted by the issuance of value securities at $10.00 per share to build the money accessible for the delicate offer) $40.5 million in value securities replaceable into 57th Street basic shares or 4.05 million shares esteemed at $10.00 per share (subject to modification per the visual cue above) Future unforeseen installments in value securities interchangeable into a total of 4.4 million shares in view of certain EBITDA or stock-value execution focuses through 2015 Fully weakened venture estimation of $79.2 million 1 and market capitalization of $94.1 million Transaction is required to shut in April 2011 As soon as sensibly practicable post bargain, change name to Crumbs Bake Shop and rundown on the NASDAQ Stock Market 1 Excludes unexpected earnout offers

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Sweet beginnings Founded in 2003 by Mia and Jason Bauer, spouse & wife group Cupcake scene preceding Crumbs - Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Strawberry Crumbs cupcakes have innovative mixes of filling, icing and embellishments with more than 75 assortments prepared day by day, including (now the business standard): -Blackbottom Cheesecake -Caramel Apple - Cookies & Cream -Chocolate Covered Strawberry - Chocolate Pecan Pie -Red Velvet Over 1 million cupcakes sold every month Over 150 distinct desserts heated day by day include: danishes, scones, croissants, biscuits, brownies, cakes, pies and treats Beverage program incorporates gourmet entire leaf teas, coffee based beverages, trickle espressos, chocolate and natively constructed soft drinks

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CUPCAKE SIZES * Taste Size sufficiently just to whet your craving, these measure around one crawl and are immaculate to pop in your mouth. * Classic Size About the extent of a market cupcake yet with all the delightfulness of our Signature estimate. * Signature Size Not your normal cupcake. More than four creeps in stature, they are sufficiently huge to cut in quarters and share. They set the standard for gourmet cupcakes with piles of icing and fixings.

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Growing brand acknowledgment Ranked tenth on Inc. Magazine " s rundown of top breakout organizations of 2010, which incorporates Foursquare, Groupon, and Pandora Radio Ranked tenth on Inc. Magazine " s rundown of country " s quickest developing privately owned businesses of 2009 inside the sustenance and refreshment industry Currently working 34 organization claimed stores Targeting around 200 stores before the end of 2014 E-trade Division @ Shipping across the nation Source: Inc. Magazine

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Broad demographic advance We engage everybody from age 8-80 in each financial class They are not including calories but rather getting a charge out existing apart from everything else Typical Customer: Mom/strollers Tastemakers Office specialists and administrators Celebrities Everyone in the middle of Proven accomplishment in: Urban Suburban Commercial Residential markets

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SALES MIX Day-Part Sales Mix Product Sales Mix 1% 12 % 17 % 18 % 9% 78 % 25 % 40 % 2pm 6pm-11pm Beverages Cupcakes 11am-2pm Other Baked Goods 6am-11am Miscellaneous

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Contract fabricating model Quality and consistency Unit monetary s much more grounded Small impression (800-1200 sq. ft. versus 2,000-3,000 sq. ft) Low form out cost contrasted with industry ($300,000) Small impression Location, area, area No heating = no venting = class An office constructing Quicker form out Bulk obtaining efficiencies

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Social Media: Staying Connected Social media roads, for example, Facebook , Twitter, and Foursquare permit Crumbs to stay associated with its fans We report another and flavorful Cupcake of the Month every month notwithstanding supporting challenges and cupcake giveaways Since joining Facebook , the quantity of cupcake companions has kept on ascending past 40,000!

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Growth system

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extension procedure Significantly under infiltrated markets 2011 14 to 16 stores arranged in current markets Areas effectively decided Expansion into transportation centers, a first for the classification, includes Union Station in Washington, D.C. & Continental Airlines Terminal in Newark Liberty Airport 2012 38 to 42 stores arranged in new markets: Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Florida, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and so on. Keep on reaching new clients in business sectors where we don\'t have stores through our site,

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CRUMBS Initial GROWTH POTENTIAL Phase I Phase II * Metros requesting 4+ Crumbs 5 Crumbs Bake Shops 12 Crumbs Bake Shops 25 Crumbs Bake Shops

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Financial highlights

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Financial highlights Strong reputation of income development Attractive unit financial aspects Exceptional store level edges Sales per square foot most elevated among companions 1 Based on RBC Capital Markets and Robert W. Baird gauges – December 2010

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Revenue Growth $31.1 M $45 M - $50 M $23.5 M $31.1 M $23.5 M $9.5 M $5.3 M $3.0 M $2.2 M $1.5 M $542,200 $9.3 M $5.3 M $3.0 M $2.2 M

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