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Claus R. Hebor, Advertising Executive Presentation, July 2007 Welcome to Marketspace – the RedAntenna TM idea Transform Advanced Media into a Gathering pledges Instrument RedAntenna gives associations another chance to raise income for their causes.
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Claus R. Hebor, Marketing Director Presentation, July 2007 Welcome to Marketspace – the RedAntenna TM idea

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Turn Digital Media into a Fundraising Tool RedAntenna gives associations another chance to raise income for their reasons. Charitable website admins can transfer computerized media items to their sites. RedAntenna transforms the advanced media into a channeling so as to raise money instrument the pay from each and every buy to a particular cause or undertaking. This is another and guide way supporters can give cash to your reason. Moreover, RedAntenna engages not-for-profits to have the capacity to appropriate their own particular computerized media items to different sites far and wide. RedAntenna gives philanthropies the chance to achieve a more prominent target group of onlookers – past the individuals who simply visit their site – and convey new benefactors to their advanced doorsteps.

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Turn Digital Media into a Fundraising Tool notwithstanding transferring a wide range of advanced media items, RedAntenna puts the force of media under the control of philanthropies. Charities can showcase their work and further their reasons by creating features and other advanced media. Associations can likewise collaborate with craftsmen willing to give their tunes or features for a decent motivation. Customers will be inspired and like purchasing/downloading the computerized media items on the grounds that thusly, they are supporting an admirable motivation. Something as basic as downloading another tune by a free craftsman can transform into income for a reason they think about.

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The RedAntenna Concept RedAntenna is without changing advanced media items un-accessible computerized media items into simple to-pay media items & simple to-appropriate media items , in view of decent amount of incomes to all Digital Media Producers transfer their advanced items to RedAntenna Through coordinating with Webmaster media items are disseminated to focused on Consumers on installment No expenses or organization for anyone, yet 7% RedAntenna charge

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The RedAntenna Concept RedAntenna is a completely robotized, web showcasing stage that can create income for all members in a totally reasonable and straightforward way. It doesn\'t use advertisements and clickthroughs, as in conventional pennant, decisive word or associate projects. RedAntenna empowers: content suppliers to offer their computerized media items over the web distributers to transform their notice space into a commercial center and purchasers to find new media - and even profit by alluding items.

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The RedAntenna Concept The key contrast in the middle of RedAntenna and other online media showcasing stages is that RedAntenna boosts decision: Media makers can pick the amount they need to charge for their items and the amount of commission they need to impart to taking an interest web distributers Webmasters can pick which items they need to highlight on their destinations, or they can let RedAntenna select the items for them taking into account their webpage content Consumers can browse a various determination of advanced media items from both autonomous and standard makers.

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Aut. process RedAntenna User interface Consumers Producers Webmasters MyShop Find energizing items Aut. make SHOPLet and SHOPportal Upload own created Digital Media Products Define decisive words & portrayal Set deals cost and Webmaster income Key-in site location Pay by means of charge card or make pre-paid record View feature, film, and so on. Download music, amusements, programming, and so forth. Harvest decisive words of site Suggest Products in view of magic words Create record Format items Store items Secure rights Create account ClickandBuy Revenue sharing Wannakey commission 7% Producer Account XX% Webmaster Account XX %

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Background for Concept People transfer more computerized media to web, for example, programming, amusements, illustrations, feature, sound, content, URL Much media is profitable for different target gathers however all media is free or it is occupied for prompt utilization Everybody needs to create income on web Currently, income is produced by relevant promoting Advertising creates income for the Webmaster – and not for the Media Producer

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Background for Concept All must be keen on the idea of “easy-to-pay & disseminate media” Webmasters can produce income on both media items and publicizing Media Producers can produce income on media items Consumers can produce income through “tip-a-friend”-innovation Revenue will urge to grow all the more superb media items And more Consumers are prepared to pay more – and frequently – for media items

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Keywords for Success Ease-of-utilization “Every keeps an eye on tool” Automatic capacities, e.g. coordinating Global secure installment framework Transparancy Simple & sensible idea Creating trust Based on cooperative energy Fair Share Creating win-win for everyone Everybody creates income Everybody helps one another.:

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Keywords for Success Global idea Distributed Webmaster innovation to Consumers Webmasters achieve countless Consumers Concept is versatile for all societies Expand business Turn Consumers into Media Producers and Webmasters – and the other way around Creating fresh out of the box new business open doors for b-t-c, b-t-b, and b-t-g

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Opportunities – e.g. Feature & sound appropriation: 10,000 Webmasters dispersing $0.10 per feature view/sound Average of 100 perspectives for every day Total income: $100,000 every day To be part between all

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Opportunities – e.g. Film dissemination: 1,000 Webmasters conveying $2 per film Average of 100 viewers for each day Total income: $200,000 every day To be part between all

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Opportunities – e.g. News/articles membership: 10,000 Webmasters conveying $1 every month Average of 100 endorsers Total income: $1,000,000 every month To be part between all

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WIN-WIN for all Digital Media Producers: ensured installment for media items numerous worldwide dissemination channels coming to focused on Consumers no expense and restricted organization Webmasters: expand incomes with no expense or organization draw in more logical substance to their site pull in more guests and build activity

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WIN-WIN for all Consumers: pay on substance with Tip-A-Friend sureness that installment achieves Media Producers expanding scope of substance and administrations minimizing commercials, pop-ups, mailing records in substance RedAntenna TM : charge on aggregate deals database with Consumers, Webmasters, and Digital Media Producers

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Survey bolsters Concept - Accenture Survey, April 2007 “Traditional, built up substance suppliers will need to adjust and grow new business and adaptation models so as to keep income streams flowing”. Gavin Mann, Accenture Survey of 110 organizations in USA (60%) and Europe (40%, for example, EMI, CBS, Universal Studios, WPP 57%: client produced substance is one of our main 3 challenges today 32%: substance will drive our incomes Source: Survey of Senior Executives in media & diversion industry April 2007

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Survey bolsters Concept - Accenture Survey, April 2007 68%: inside of 3 years our business will profit on client created substance 62%: publicizing & sponsorship 21%: membership 18%: pay-per-play 24%: donâ\'t know Grow potential on client created substance: 53%: short-frame feature 13%: computer games 11%: full-length movies 11%: purchaser distributed 4%: business distributed Source: Survey of Senior Executives in media & stimulation industry April 2007

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RedAntenna Headquarters: Wannakey A/S Prangervej 111 DK-7000 Fredericia Denmark Phone: +45 7620 84 05 Fax: +45 7595 8401 E-mail: Website: Investors: USA Office: Wannakey 200 Page Mill Rd, Suite 100 Palo Alto, CA 94306 United States Phone: +1 650 543 8167 Mobile: +1 650 391 4353

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The RedAntenna Story For a large number of years, purchasers and suppliers worldwide have met at commercial centers for nothing and boundless trade of merchandise for the advantage of everyone. RedAntenna has transformed this antiquated idea into an advanced computerized marketspace loaded with circumstances – with no limits, impediments or dangers.

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The RedAntenna Story We trust that the keen work of substance suppliers ought to be accessible for everyone. In any case, additionally that everyone who adds to the marketspace ought to get what\'s coming to them of the joint endeavors. It is judgment skills and an equitable standard shaping the novel\'s foundation, shrewd idea of RedAntenna. Empowering the thought of “do what you are best at - and let others do the rest”, RedAntenna definitely creates cooperative energy, advantage and income for substance suppliers, web distributers, and shoppers of computerized media items.

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The RedAntenna Story All exchanges are secured and ensured by the patent-pending Wannakey innovation which consequently and progressively empowers advanced rights administration and accurate appropriation of approaching charges, while in the meantime consolidating a simple to-utilize and dependable stage for the trade, dissemination, advertising, and offer of computerized items. Welcome to the free and autonomous

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