Presentation to the Universal Ice Diagramming Working Gathering VI 26 October, 2005.

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Marine Electronic Highway (MEH) Power of ECDIS lays in joining of databases ...
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Presentation to the International Ice Charting Working Group VI 26 October, 2005 Ice In ECDIS (Reaching out to our marine clients) C. Douglas O\'Brien Timothy V. Evangelatos

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Ice In ECDIS - Overview ECDIS and its Potential for Safer Navigation Vision for "Ice In ECDIS" and its History Base Standards fusing Ice Objects Status of Ice Objects/Registry Authority for Ice Objects Conclusions and Recommendations Future Steps

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ECDIS and its Potential for Safer Navigation Marine Electronic Highway (MEH) Power of ECDIS lays in reconciliation of databases Delivering INTERNET locally available requiring little to no effort is key Organize span for constant data Optimize utilization of keen information in an upgraded "shrewd" marine transportation framework for more secure route, ecological assurance and marine transportation effectiveness per Captain John Pace, Ice In ECDIS, June 2000

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ENC – Electronic Navigational Chart St Lawrence River Area Canadian Hydrographic Service

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ENC – Electronic Navigational Chart US National Ocean Service

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Ice information CIS FINAL PRODUCT DELIVERY Notice to Mariners CCG ECDIS overhauls Tide data Currents CHS Used with consent from Dr. Ahmed Elrabbany

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Ice In ECDIS Vision In the far northern and southern halves of the globe ice is a main consideration in safe route and the incorporation of constant or close ongoing ice data into ECDIS is a critical and characteristic step. To accomplish this vision one essential necessity is the advancement of an ICE highlight information word reference to work with ECDIS.

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Ice In ECDIS - History After numerous years of exertion an ICE Feature Data Dictionary is presently accessible as a register good with IHO and others 1992 – Workshop: S57 Object Catalog - Ottawa 1995 Workshop: Standards for Ice Information in ECDIS - Ottawa Draft Ice Object Catalog, Version 1.0 1996 Workshop: ECDIS in Ice Navigation – Hamburg Ice Object Catalog, Version 2.0 1999 The ECDIS Ice Chart Project, SevenCs AG & Co. 2000 Ice In ECDIS Workshop – St. John\'s, NFLD Ice Object Catalog, Version 3.0 2002 Integration of Sea Ice into ECDIS, University of New Brunswick Project 2004 DGIWG creates structure for Feature Data Dictionary Register (Draft) 2005 IHO Ice Registry (Draft)

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Why Registers and Registries? … and afterward utilizing innovation - a way to the finishes, not an end  Fundamentally, a register is minimal more than an oversaw list which helps with characterizing and actualizing great business hones Objective is to reevaluate what we presently do, why we do it, and … how we\'d rather be doing it Three noteworthy business issues Content upgrade/discharge is moderate Cycle time must be in weeks, not months/years There will be more than one "area" information lexicon E.g., highlight information word references DGIWG FADD, & military profiles of FADD S57 Feature Object Data Dictionary, ICAO aeronautical components, ecological elements, and so on. Ideas may originate from numerous sources and be overseen by various powers Problem is multi-level; greater than a "base level" index Consider elements and properties: Need highlight information word references for definitions, highlight inventories to tie elements and credits to bolster item determinations (and/or highlight data content particulars) And mappings between various element lists/information item details to take into account interworking Change administration model, grow better instruments, enhance access Use source referencing and compound registers to "force them together " Layered group of registers with "descending" conditions & "upward" reuse

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ISO/TC 211 conformant registr(ies) ISO 19135 Procedures for the Registration of Geographic Information Content Information Model Populated & Operational Registry  Register Model  Register Information Model + Purpose Content DGIWG FADD, S-57, ICE, ICAO, AML DGIWG FDD registry IHO compound FDD ICAO registry Feature Data Dictionaries  ISO 19126 ISO 19126 MGCP Product Spec DGIWG Products ECDIS Product Spec ICAO Product Spec AML item Specs MGCP Feature Catalog DGIWG Feature Catalog ECDIS Feature Catalog ICAO Feature Catalog AML Feature Catalog Feature Catalogs  ISO 19110 ISO 19126 GeoSym S-52 EMS/HLS OOB (2525B) Portrayal Catalogs GeoSym S-52 EMS  ISO 19117 TBD Registr(ies) Model is ISO based * Note: MGCP is the military Multinational Geospatial Co Production venture

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Registry Management A Registry is the framework that backings the Register Registry Owner: Primary obligation regarding the administration, spread and scholarly substance of the Registry User: Any individual or association keen on getting to or impacts the substance of the register Registry Manager: Responsible for the organization of the registry content. Takes after ISO 19135… … IHO will build up a compound enlist that may contain numerous registers for various areas in one registry. This will incorporate ICE elements and properties.

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Standards-based Geo-highlight Registries Aeronautical FDD Registry Hydrographic & Littoral FDD Registry Meteorology & Oceanographic FDD Registry Other Organizations FDD Registry S-57 Register FAA Register JMBL Register ICE Register Eurocontrol/AIXM Register AML Register NOAA Register ICAO Register OEF Register ISO 19110, 19135, 19126 A solitary data show A solitary administration component A typical cross-group specialized acknowledgment

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Ice Coverage Type - Attributes proceeded with

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qualifier 1..* proprietor Executive 1 qualifiedBy Register Owner Submitting Organization delegator Level 1 appointer 1..* submitter appointedBy 1..* delegatedBy 1 Management decisionAuthority 1 beneficiary Control Body Register Manager Level contentManager 1..* decisionRequester 1..* systemManager 1 contentController 1 chief Registry Manager 1 administrator controlled 1 framework 1..* Deployment 1..* Level 1..* oversaw Register Registry register usedBy 1..* substance 1..* 1 storedOn 1..* accessedBy User Level 1..* Register User client accessor Roles and Responsibilities ETSI Ice and Hydro outlining groups ETSI Designate ESTI-WG Registry Management Same Registry Manager as IHO ETSI IHO Client s

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Approval of ICE Register Content of ICE Register exhibited to the JCOMM Expert Team on Sea Ice (ETSI Content will be checked on by the ETSI group. Due date for remarks to be set at the ETSI meeting. Remarks on the ICE register arranged by the TSMAD in spring 2004 were fundamentally publication or identified with reconciliation with S-57 questions and have as of now been incorporated into the register. ICE Catalog report V 3 has not been overhauled yet anticipating survey of the register and a solitary gauge archive will be readied when the register is evaluated by the Ice Committee. (contrasts are principally publication) The draft usage of the ICE register has been mounted by the UKHO at

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Conclusions and Recommendations The innovation to deliver and see ice objects exists (e.g. CARIS (GIS) and OSL (ECDIS)). The Ice Object and Presentation Specifications exist (e.g. IHO and AML). Advance the Ice Object Registry. Empower/Help National Ice Services to utilize/grow the Ice Registry Develop a Demonstration Project Baltic Sea or St. Lawrence River? (Ice officially wanted to be a minor part of the lower St Lawrence coordinated outline venture) How to Kick begin? (Military and/or Coast Guard support)

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For more Information C. Douglas O\'Brien, IDON Technologies Inc. Timothy V. Evangelatos, Terraqueous Technologies Acknowledgment: The creators might want to thank the Canadian Hydrographic Service for their backing in setting this up presentation.

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