Presentation to UBC SOEH Chun-Howl Hon President-Choose.

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Presentation to UBC SOEH Chun-Howl Hon President-Choose The American Mechanical Cleanliness Affiliation (AIHA) Diagram of AIHA The AIHA is the biggest word related wellbeing and security association on the planet Two principle divisions: Guardian Neighborhood Areas AIHA - Guardian AIHA Established in 1939
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Presentation to UBC SOEH Chun-Yip Hon President-Elect

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The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Overview of AIHA The AIHA is the biggest word related wellbeing & security association on the planet Two fundamental divisions: Parent Local Sections

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AIHA - Parent AIHA Founded in 1939 Over 12,500 individuals from the word related wellbeing and wellbeing group over the world Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia

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AIHA - Parent Mission AIHA advances, ensures, and upgrades modern hygienists and other word related wellbeing, wellbeing and ecological experts in their endeavors to enhance the wellbeing and prosperity of laborers, the group, and the earth. Vision A perceived overall pioneer in advancing incredibleness word related and natural wellbeing and security.

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AIHA - Parent Recent Priorities Promote the calling\'s estimation Partner with associated associations e.g. American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) International effort Enhance/create items and administrations to address part issues Promoting estimation of the association to understudies

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AIHA – Local Sections Local Sections 104 nearby areas 99 in the U.S. 1 in the Arabian Gulf 4 in Canada: BC-Yukon Alberta Manitoba Atlantic Provinces

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section The BC-Yukon Local Section Formed in 1985 Currently more than 150 individuals Executive involved volunteers

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Some of the Things We Do… Monthly Meetings Annual General Meeting Education Sessions Monthly Newsletters Job Postings Website Outreach

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Monthly Meetings Monthly gatherings Date & Time 3 rd Wednesday of the month 6:30-8:00 pm 6:30-7:00: Social/Refreshments 7:00-8:00: Guest speaker Location Eagle Creek Bar & Grill, Burnaby Mountain Golf Course 7600 Halifax St, Burnaby

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Monthly Meetings – Next Meeting PRESENTER: Waqar Mughal TOPIC: Fraser Health Healthy Workplace Initiative DATE: September 20 th TIME: Meeting begins at 6:30 pm with light snacks & refreshments. Speaker from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Annual General Meeting Full day occasion held once every year (in March) Presentations by various speakers Local area business and races Updates on different activities held during the time Well gone to (>80 participants) Numerous merchants

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Education Sessions notwithstanding month to month gatherings, the neighborhood segment has different occasions: Teleweb course bunch gatherings (e.g. Respiratory Protection) Co-supports gatherings & workshops Upcoming meeting in Wenatchee, WA (Oct 25-27) Numerous speakers from BC and Pacific Northwest U.S. October 25: Short Course: Occupational Health Practitioners and a Global Flu Pandemic October 26-27: Conference Presentations

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Monthly Newsletter – The Sampler Newly reexamined month to month pamphlet Many standing segments: From the Executive Profile Courses, Education & Seminars Treasurer Update Outreach Update Fun Quiz (prize draw!) Much, much more…

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Job Postings Job postings consistently redesigned on the site Includes openings for work in BC/Yukon and additionally different areas all through the world

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Web Site Award winning site Regularly Updated Many segments Meetings & Events Newsletters Job Postings Consultant’s List Member’s List Member’s Only Links

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Value to Students Networking capacity Many individuals with unfathomable involvement in various commercial enterprises Mentoring Access to openings for work Involvement in the word related wellbeing and security group **NEW** - Two $1000 grants accessible for SOEH and BCIT OH&S understudies

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AIHA – BC-Yukon Section Membership **NEW** - FREE Membership! To turn into a part: Select “ Becoming a Member” Select “ Local Section AIHA Membership ” Can apply

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