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Presentations Presentation programming is a PC programming bundle used to give presentations, typically as a "slide show". ordinarily incorporate three noteworthy capacities: the slide show framework to show content in a straight manner,
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Presentation programming is a PC programming bundle used to give presentations, ordinarily as a "slide show". commonly incorporate three noteworthy capacities: the slide show framework to show content in a straight manner, an editorial manager that permits content to be moved around en-mass from slide to slide, and a design framework for rapidly drawing "business graphics" (diagrams and charts). It is a genuinely unadulterated illustration of influence innovation , since, that is all it is expected to do. Nov 14 2005

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Presentation Software applications used to make Slide appears or Multimedia presentations. Nov 14 2005

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Multimedia Systems that backing the intuitive utilization of content, sound, still pictures, feature, and illustrations. Transformation needed from simple structure to advanced structure for PC application. Refinement - merging of already various frameworks. Nov 14 2005

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MS PowerPoint What is PowerPoint? Programming that you can use to present content, design, sound, feature, and web joins in a coordinated organization. Why use PowerPoint? You can utilize a few media sorts in one streamlined presentation, rather than exchanging between utilizing the writing slate, VCR, overhead, CD player, and so forth. Assists you with sorting out your address and distinguish places where visuals, sound, or different assets may upgrade learning. Presentations can without much of a stretch be redesigned and showed on a site. Gifts can encourage note-taking and investigating/reviewing of substance. Nov 14 2005

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Slide fundamental component Objects Transition Nov 14 2005

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Ch 6 Adding Objects to slides Nov 14 2005

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Activating Drawing toolbar View Menu Select Toolbars Select Drawing Nov 14 2005

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Adding autoshapes Drawing toolbar (beneath slide) Autoshapes Menu Nov 14 2005

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Nov 14 2005

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Nov 14 2005

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STARS Nov 14 2005

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Enlarging an autoshape Nov 14 2005

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Changing the shade of an autoshape Nov 14 2005

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Making it a 3-D article Format autoshape Nov 14 2005

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Adding content to autoshapes Please embed your remarks here Nov 14 2005

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Word wrapping content There is an unavoidable outcome coming about because of the utilization of WMD Nov 14 2005

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Word wrapping content You must think about how possible it is of setting off to the class one year from now. Nov 14 2005

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Adjusting shape and size to content There is not sufficient acknowledgment given to the delegates Nov 14 2005

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Clip Art and Clip Organizer Insert Picture Clip Art From File Nov 14 2005

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Inserting picture from record Nov 14 2005

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Courtyard Faculty of Humanities and Education Courtyard Faculty of Humanities and Education Nov 14 2005

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Inserting picture from scanner Nov 14 2005

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Inserting Word Art LS65A is a decent class Nov 14 2005

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Organization Charts Nov 14 2005

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Creating outlines and diagrams Nov 14 2005

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Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Nov 14 2005

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File positions

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Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) an exceedingly compacted configuration that minimizes document exchange time over telephone lines. the point of GIF records .. to make the littlest conceivable picture record for transferring and downloading Nov 14 2005

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Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) The JPEG pressure streamlines on capacity distinguishes and tosses information, that is, data past what the human eye can see. JPEG calculation is alluded to as "lossy". when a picture has been packed and after that decompressed, it won\'t be indistinguishable to the first picture. packed JPEG pictures have pressure proportions of somewhere around 5:1 and 15:1. exchange off between the picture quality and the measure of pressure. no compelling reason to decompress pictures spared in the JPEG design. Nov 14 2005

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Tagged-Image File Format (TIFF) utilized essentially to exchange reports between diverse applications and distinctive PC stages. basically intended to turn into the standard configuration, to handle pretty much any probability. gives the adaptability of an interminable number of potential outcomes of how a TIFF picture can be spared. no single application can claim to bolster all TIFF varieties. Nov 14 2005

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Bit-Map (BMP) BMP is the standard MS-Windows™ raster position. BMP records can be made with Windows\' Paintbrush and utilized as "wallpaper" for the foundation when running Windows. Windows utilizes an altered shading palette for BMP documents which can\'t be changed, as doing as such would make the screen and outskirt hues change as well. This implies that exchanging a picture to the BMP organization may bring about some shading movements when BMP records are transported in into Windows applications. Nov 14 2005

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Raster Also alluded to as bitmap pictures, these are pictures that are spoken to by a grouping of pixels (picture components) or focuses, which when taken together, portray the showcase of a picture on a yield gadget. raster picture configurations incorporate, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF. Nov 14 2005

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.wav Audio arrangement documents .wav, short for WAVE structure , is a standard for putting away sound on PCs utilizes an uncompressed, lossless capacity strategy which keeps every one of the examples of a sound track, proficient clients may utilize the WAV group for most extreme sound quality. Nov 14 2005

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.wav and MPEG With record sharing, the WAV organization has declined in prominence, basically in light of the fact that uncompressed WAV documents are entirely extensive. All the more every now and again, compacted yet lossy organizations, for example, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Advanced Audio Coding are utilized, their littler document sizes take into consideration speedier exchanges Nov 14 2005

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Inserting Movie Clips Nov 14 2005

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Nov 14 2005

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Inserting a .gif record film Nov 14 2005

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Nov 14 2005

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Nov 14 2005

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Nov 14 2005

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Bird’s home 84(w) 70(h) pixels, 21KB .GIF Nov 14 2005

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Inserting a motion picture cut Nov 14 2005

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Inserting a motion picture cut Nov 14 2005

Slide 45 Nov 14 2005

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We are Statistics Canada Video laying out the administrations offered by Statistics Canada Nov 14 2005

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Adding picture and sound Nov 14 2005

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Nov 14 2005

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Ch 7 Using Masters View Menu Select Master Select Slide Master Formatting the expert shows on all slides Nov 14 2005

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Ch 8 Setting up a Slide Show View show click on F5 View show click on little screen Nov 14 2005

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Nov 14 2005

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Ch 9 Printing a Presentation Page Setup and Print Preview Printing slides, Notes, Handouts and Outlines Viewing slides in Greyscale Nov 14 2005

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Nov 14 2005

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Ch 10 Using Help Starting Help and Contents Help Index Help Answer Wizard Help and Office Assistant Ask a Question Nov 14 2005

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Presentations – a few issues Nov 14 2005

Slide 56 Powerpoint 2002 Workbook Nov 14 2005

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Presentation programming Compares presentation programming bundles including PowerPoint Nov 14 2005

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PowerPoint Tad Simmons Does PowerPoint make you idiotic? Nov 14 2005

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