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Introducing Groove. Jim Barnes 847-668-5103 Groove Solution Specialist Professional Microsoft Corporation November 9, 2005. Agenda . Introductions Microsoft Collaboration Vision Groove Unique Strengths Groove Sweet Spot Groove Roadmap
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Presenting Groove Jim Barnes 847-668-5103 Groove Solution Specialist Professional Microsoft Corporation November 9, 2005

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Agenda Introductions Microsoft Collaboration Vision Groove Unique Strengths Groove Sweet Spot Groove Roadmap Demo of Groove External Collaboration Solution Q&A

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Microsoft Collaboration Vision Providing programming and administrations to convey inescapable abilities to empower individuals to cooperate all the more viably Integrated Communications Collaborative Work Spaces Access to Information and People – Driven Processes

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Flexible workspace joint effort instruments that match how function completes Calendar Documents Members … Team Discussions Surveys Tasks Contacts Rich customer Thin customer Mobile Broad achieve Cross-association Searchable Scalability & Availability Ad hoc Short term Long term

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Groove\'s Unique Capabilities Mobile/Offline Client based programming Firewall Traversal Groove can experience firewalls Port 2492, then Port 443 then Port 80 Always on Security 192 piece encryption, military level Network Optimization Binary Differential, don\'t have to send the whole record only the change Instantly synchronizes all adjustments in the Workspace to other people in the Workspace

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Unstructured and organized information shared inside the same Workspace part nearness Rich, extensible arrangement of devices Real-time content, voice visit Contextual Alerts

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Where is Groove\'s Sweet Spot? Furrow is awesome for "Outer Collaboration" Do not have to set up servers outside firewall Do not have to set up a VPN Can be conveyed in under a hour Can be denied in seconds Best Buy & MSFT Groove is extraordinary for "Versatile/Disconnected specialist to Mobile/Disconnected laborer joint effort " Consultants, sales representatives, IT anticipate individuals Groove is incredible for Large File Collaboration Groove is awesome for "Intercountry Collaboration " When separations are incredible and you need to ensure you have the most recent rendition and you are working together with individuals everywhere throughout the world

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HQ Mobile/Disconnected Environment: The Austere & Disrupted Edge of the Network At the edge of the system, expect that there will be… … low/no transmission capacity … discontinuous comms … no basic CA … no system security … firewalls (one port open) … numerous associations with various necessities

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2d US Marine Div, Ar Ramadi, Iraq Non-lenient environment Mobile and settled clients Often detached Connecting Ar Ramadi, Iraq Fallujah, Iraq Camp Lejeune, NC Camp Pendleton, CA Very constrained IT support

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Worst Case Scenario Hurricane Katrina Destroys Communications Microsoft Donates Computers and People Groove and Groove Forms are introduced and conveyed to alleviation regions in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas Groove databases are based on the fly to track evacuees, therapeutic experts and volunteers Data is combined to Websites and up-connected to Washington

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Groove v4.0 will incorporate with and develop other IW cooperation items Document Integration with WSS Teamsites Support for InfoPath Forms General Office Integration Presence/Real-time Services Integration Take SharePoint record libraries versatile/disconnected for dynamic coordinated effort No foundation for including accomplices, temporary workers and versatile clients Reduce transfer speed as just changes to records are sent over the system Build InfoPath arrangements on Groove Forms motor Integrate Groove Forms information with SharePoint and other brought together sources Localization, security, execution Installation/redesigns, permitting, adaptability Groove shows Communicator nearness & mindfulness states and symbols Launch continuous coordinated effort administrations inside Groove Integration Roadmap

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HP Design Center Integration Business Challenge Build HP the brand, while pushing configuration, production and get together to outside suppliers and originators No simple approach to share " royal gems " of outline models and brand rules - – 10,000 distinct resources Previous Method Phone meetings, email Media appropriation by means of printed copy, CDs Groove Solution Groove Virtual Office incorporated with Design Center entrance (SharePoint) for access to plan norms, test illustrations, test code Groove 3-D Image Viewer/Markup apparatus permits colleagues to increase pictures and include remarks as overlay External planners are conceded secure access to important outline/brand resources Results Anticipate that rebelliousness episodes will tumble to under 10% Two day transmit time for vast outline documents diminished to minutes Five day turnaround time for increased outlines lessened to moment trade

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External Collaboration Groove Demo of Groove Solution that coordinates Groove with SharePoint and the ImageViewer

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Relay Server Business Apps. (e.g. Siebel) Databases (e.g. SQL Server) Disconnected Employee Enterprise Data Bridge Information Sharing (e.g. SharePoint Portal Server) Management Server Partner Employee

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