Presenting Lenovo 3000.

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Minimizes security vulnerabilities and keeps your PC running at top execution. ... what's more, administration and bolster that take the stress out of PC figuring .
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Presenting Lenovo 3000 New World New Thinking

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Contents Who is Lenovo The Mission A New Lenovo Branded Product Line Lenovo 3000 J Series desktop Lenovo 3000 C Series scratch pad A wide assortment of Options accessible Why your next PC ought to be from Lenovo What does this mean for me?

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Who is Lenovo has Over 27,000 workers In 66 Countries 1,700 analysts, researchers, and designers 7 research & advancement focuses 12 fabricating & get together offices Lenovo is the number 3 PC organization on the planet The new overall registering gear accomplice of the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games

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another Line of Lenovo Branded Products …

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Introducing the New Lenovo 3000 Family Lenovo Care Tools and the press of a key-mix gives: Data assurance and recuperation System support and security Performance rebuilding What does this mean for you? The new items will be incorporated into the Express Selection portfolio Additional PC Choices for you Provides key business highlights with industry-norms and contemporary outlines And all at an incredible worth The 3000 J Series desktops and 3000 C Series scratch pad The first in the scope of straightforward items went for littler organizations

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Lenovo 3000 J Series Product Overview Design Sophisticated differentiating front bezel shading Dramatic, side-access air venting Award-winning console Tool-less section body Productivity Lenovo Care Tools Key-Combination System Recovery Performance Restoration Automatic Updates Proven Technologies SiS 661 Chipset with Pentium 4 and Celeron D processors or AMD Socket 754 load up with AMD Sempron and Athlon processors Serial ATA drive bolster 6 USB 2.0 ports, 2 in Front sound Support 1 year guarantee IBM Service and Support

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Lenovo 3000 J Series Models Small Desktop Tower

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Lenovo LCD Monitor Lenovo L171 17" TCO-99 Business Black LCD Monitor Announces 23rd of February 2006 Ultra thin bezel makes it perfect for multi-screen arrangements Attach focuses for discretionary USB Soundbar (40Y7616) Fast 8 msec reaction time Complements configuration of Lenovo 3000 frameworks Image not Final

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Lenovo 3000 C Series Product Overview Design Stylish Silver Covers Lenovo Full Sized Keyboard (6 Rows) with force catch and Lenovo Care catch Two-catch touch-cushion Productivity Lenovo Care Tools Symantec Client Security Rescue and Recovery Access Connections Support 1 year guarantee IBM Service and Support Image not Final

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A More Complete Lenovo Desktop Product Line M ThinkCentre M Series Ultimate Stability and Manageability for the Enterprise A ThinkCentre A Series Quality, Reliability, and Manageability E ThinkCentre E Series Essential Business Features, Exceptional Value J 3000 J Series The Smart Choice for Small Business Needs and Budgets

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R ThinkPad R Series Best mix of convenientce and vital components Z ThinkPad Z Series Stylish journals for work and life T ThinkPad T Series Perfect parity of execution and transportability ThinkPad X Series Extra-light, additional little ultraportable Includes the Tablet for extreme portability in a flexible ultraportable X C Lenovo 3000 C Series Entry & Mainstream Notebooks at an Exceptional Value A More Complete Lenovo Notebook Product Line

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The Lenovo & Think Branded Family of Products ThinkPad - ThinkCentre The Ultimate Business Tool Success/Prestige Rock Solid Lowest TCO

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A Wide Variety of Options Available Many existing ThinkPad/ThinkCentre alternatives can be utilized with Lenovo 3000 frameworks, including memory, link locks, consoles/mice, AC and AC/DC connectors, and USB choices. We are likewise presenting new choices particularly for Lenovo 3000 scratch pad. And also batteries, there are: Lenovo Carrying Cases Messenger Backpack Top Loading Lenovo USB Port Replicator with Video Lenovo Essential Memory Keys: 256MB & 512MB

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Every scratch pad client needs: Carry Case Cable Lock Extra AC Adapter Port Replication, including Separate Monitor Keyboard & Mouse Every desktop client needs: Monitor But that is only the begin: Adding more memory is the best method for boosting framework execution An additional battery will build the unplugged use time of a note pad Accessories, for example, the Fingerprint Keyboard and USB Fingerprint Reader bring Lenovo Care Tools to significantly more clients Lenovo Accessories and Monitors

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Ten Lenovo Technologies and Designs for Small Business Efficiency 1 Introducing Lenovo Care Tools 2 Experience without worry Computing 3 Rescue and Recovery Get associated less demanding with Simple Network Connectivity and Management 4 5 PC Doctor 6 Award-Winning Keyboard Design 7 Message Center 8 Security with Symantec 9 Lenovo Care Services 10 Thoughtful Design

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1 Lenovo Care Tools A Powerful Set of Tools Available On The Lenovo 3000 Family Allows you to forget about IT and spotlight on what truly matters: Your business A key-mix is required to get to Lenovo Care Tools on Lenovo desktop PCs

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2 Experience Worry-Free Computing Great items from Lenovo and extraordinary bolster make an incredible blend. "Straightforward" implies that Lenovo 3000 offerings have a few components and administration and backing that remove the stress from PC registering … .. Lenovo Care Tools Rescue and Recovery Automatic System Updates Security Tools And numerous more … And obviously, the a ward-winning Service and Support sponsored by IBM

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3 Rescue and Recovery Recover your framework to past working state regardless of the fact that the working framework won\'t boot Helps clients analyze, get help, and recoup frameworks from disastrous programming disappointments brought about by an infection, or malware. With the basic push of a key mix you can enter a situation that will permit you to effortlessly get your framework reinforcement and perform like it was before the assault

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4 Get associated simpler With Simple Network Connectivity and Management a definitive in usability for consequently interfacing with your system Whether in the workplace or progressing, wired or remote (where material) from areas, for example, lodgings, air terminals or your home

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5 PC Doctor All Lenovo 3000 PCs incorporate PC Doctor Can naturally download and introduce basic reports on an endorsed plan Helps to keep the PC running at pinnacle execution Helps to minimize security vulnerabilities

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6 Award-Winning Keyboard Design Lenovo offers the best consoles, which gives: An awesome material feel Excellent format Performance

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7 Message Center Configure to consequently advise you of New forms of our devices Updated drivers Provides valuable clues and tips to keep you gainful

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8 Security with Symantec All Lenovo PCs incorporate Symantec Tools, including Antivirus Spyware Firewall These instruments disentangle securing your PC 90-Day trial adaptation introduced

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9 Lenovo Care Services Award winning administration and bolster make Lenovo PCs a significantly more noteworthy quality Backed-up by IBM Available wherever you require it On the telephone On the Web On the PC The best administration accessible makes Lenovo PCs a considerably more prominent worth.

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10 Thoughtful Design Lenovo is making PCs that mirror clients\' enthusiasm for having frameworks that element bleeding edge plan Lenovo desktops are intended to meet vital ergonomic principles e.g. the shading meets European reflectivity rules Side-access air venting supplements the smooth, clean front of the tower or desktop PCs Accessorize and keep up the great looks with discretionary additional items intended to look sharp And obviously our aggressive evaluating make Lenovo 3000 PCs, dollar for dollar, the best PCs accessible

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What does this mean for me? Effortless Computing Simple and Easy to Buy Dependable PCs with High Quality, Reliability and Durability Lenovo Care Tools 1-Button System Recovery Simple Network Connectivity and Management Automatic Updates Performance Restoration Great Value at your Money Attractive passage cost focuses for first time purchasers Great programming and arrangements preinstalled and standard (i.e. Lenovo Care Tools, Symantec) 1-year industry standard guarantee with alternatives to update Exciting/Stylish Designs Cool and new outlines that meet ergonomic benchmarks Smooth lines, clean edges give an in vogue look to the new tower or desktop PCs New thin and smooth note pads incorporate concealed pivots and concealed status markers

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