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Presenting Linux 10/25/04 Rodney Diminishes Diagram of Presentation What is Linux ? Preferences of Utilizing Linux Client Interface to Linux Movement Systems Getting Linux What does it contain ? Linux Conveyance Channels and Valuing Models Applications Accessible for Linux
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Presenting Linux 10/25/04 Rodney Peters

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Outline of Presentation What is Linux ? Favorable circumstances of Using Linux User Interface to Linux Migration Strategies Obtaining Linux What does it contain ? Linux Distribution Channels and Pricing Models Applications Available for Linux Covered at Previous Two Monthly Main Meetings Hardware Compatibility Configuring Linux utilizing Control Center

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What is Linux ? Consider a PC from Computer Shop or Department Store Typically has Windows XP introduced Often has other business Windows applications hostile to infection, firewall, Office, photograph altering, CD/DVD copier, Video Editor and so forth Similarly for Macintosh Computers Linux is a finished Software Environment which can be utilized rather than business running so as to program: Linux Operating System in lieu of Windows (any variant) or Mac OSX Linux renditions of (principally) Open Source Applications in lieu of business Windows/Macintosh Applications

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Why Choose Linux For Home Users, << lower expense is a noteworthy inspiration RRP of packaged business Windows/Mac programming > $1000 around 3 year substitution cycle Maintaining avant-garde Linux over the same period about $180 “Try before buy” full forms accessible for download or on magazine spread CD not “de-featured” or “time-limited”

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Why Choose Linux (cont) Concensus that Linux is more secure than Windows is adequate inspiration for a few clients momentum infections depend on Internet Explorer or Outlook to work infections composed for Windows unrealistic to influence Linux in any case Windows/Mac Commercial Software have ended up “one size fits all” specific PCs oblige full licenses Internet just PC, media PC, servers, firewalls higher equipment setup needed for basic administrations

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Demonstration of User Interface This works in Linux just CTRL Tab from Linux to move to purge desktop

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Drive Letters Windows (& OS/2) use diverse recognizable proof for drives Linux Drive Designations & Folder ways will be outside to Windows clients Less so to Mac clients Need not be a noteworthy obstacle to relocation from Windows Elementary utilization obliges little information of the organizer ways & hard circle classification “home” envelope Even for information reinforcement Linux/Mac assignments more illustrative

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Windows A:\ \docs \images C:\ \programs \documents \programs\acrobat \programs\.mozilla D:\ \images \programs

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floppy cdrom dvdrecorder pictures projects Documents .mozilla C D E reinforcement offer Rest of the World/home/media sue bar/mnt/windows

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Permissions Linux is intended to be a protected Operating System A client has consent to their home organizer Generally offered authorization to removable media additionally Novice User can do all undertakings with default consents Default authorizations are genuinely remiss different clients can see your home organizer Advanced Users should learn Permissions organization

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Strategies for Migration to Linux Appreciate issues & imperatives Major Commercial Applications are not Available for Linux eg Microsoft, Corel, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro Probably never will be 6 month overhaul cycle and related expenses Some equipment peripherals & PC segments not bolstered Confirm Intention to Migrate Use Knoppix to investigate User Interface, Applications, equipment similarity

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Live CD eg Knoppix Does NOT adjust allotment table, in any capacity introduce any product to Hard Disk modify MBR, in any capacity Does (PC just, not accessible for Macs) boot from CD/DVDROM – suggest 12 speed least runs totally in RAM – least 96MB obliged Optionally uses free space on FAT/FAT32 as swap-record arrange to compose information to FAT/FAT32 parcel

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Cross Platform Applications Changing Applications may be the Largest obstruction to Migration Learn Alternate Applications from Windows/Mac preceding Migrating to Linux One at once to stun the learning procedure working on genuine information The OpenCD 350 MB Advantage of cross-stage & Open Source Applications accessible for Windows (on CD) & Mac (by means of web-connections) Also decreases presentation to Internet Malware, which targets essentially Microsoft applications

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Data Migration File Migration is straight-forward Repository (segment) shared between Windows & Linux Simple Option - Store all information records in FAT32 segment NTFS not prescribed (problematic from Linux) Advanced Users - Create Linux Ext3 segment Install Windows IFS drivers for Ext3 Data Conversion pointless for HTML, PDF, most representation configurations Linux applications will open .doc, .xls. .ppt and so on relocation apparatuses accessible for email, especially Outlook may be mind boggling for specific applications eg geneology

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Installing & Configuring Linux Some Hardware Vendors don\'t give Linux drivers Select tablets, modems, printers, scanners and TV cards, specifically, for Linux similarity Some motherboard chip-sets have poor Linux bolster Check similarity of existing equipment Use Knoppix on any PC download equipment similarity test-suites (Linux PC just) Research before buying new equipment allude to equipment similarity databases

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Configuration (Control Center) During Installation a graphical interface is utilized Internet association, printers, scanners, TV, and so on are designed Later Configuration changes done by means of same graphical interface to: Display settings for every client framework segments, for example, system cards, modems and so on note that GUI arrangement of framework parts is moderately moderate

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Linux Distributions A Distribution is a Collation of Linux programming by a Single Vendor, including: the Linux Operating System, drivers & System utilities Graphical Configuration instruments X Windows (on account of Desktop frameworks) And alternatively: KDE (or other) expansions to X Windows Up to a thousand Applications both huge & little Excepting graphical setup devices and a couple of little Applications, all are Open Source & uninhibitedly down-loadable from the Web.

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Price Trends - Commercial Software 1984 “Office” eg Word-star + Lotus 123 + DBII = $1500 (say) $3000 in 2004 dollars Same for corporate & retail purchasers 2004 Retail “Office” > Scope of instruments & >> Depth of capacity for << $ Long term pattern is downwards (may be leveling out) Both Purely “product” models License & materials (floppies/CD, formats and manuals) no establishment or bolster administrations included

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2004 Retail Price Models Linux Consumer\'s decision of: ~$110 for ”boxed set” of media, manuals & establishment support for discharge having 6 month discharge cycle ~$30 for CD-R/DVD-R media just “Free” download Primarily a “service” model Windows or Mac Software from Major Vendors > $1000 for permit & media just for item having 36 month discharge cycle 1984 “product” model at lessened genuine expense

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Linux Price Too Good to be True ? Prohibited Costs Lawyers Shop-front Shop-fitting Prime area rental Sales staff Marketing & Advertising Opt out of: Printing CD/DVD Media creation Logistics Direct Sales

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Initial Linux Resources sans software New Computers in Canberra Cougar Computers (on-line) AC/DC Computers (situated in Macquarie) Computer Fairs Software Download Hardware Compatibility Databases

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