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1. David Beckham (code 0 = abhorrence/code 1 = like) ( ) 2. Michael Owen (code 0 = loathe ... PLAYER1 : David Beckham (code 0 =non-chose/1 = chose) ...
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ABAC Poll Research Center Assumption University

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How to utilize SPSS in an examination

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Know your information!!! Quantitative Data Qualitative Data

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Data Processing Data Preparation Data Analysis Data Interpretation

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Type of Questions

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER 1. Close-finished Question The inquiry that gives the decisions for respondent to choose. 1.1 The inquiry that the respondents can pick one and only answer , setting stand out variable and the quantity of code will be as much as the quantity of decision. Ex: question worried with sex ( ) 1. male ( ) 2. female variable name SEX setting: code 1 for " male\' and code 2 for " female\' * The width of sex variable will be 1 section

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER 1.2 The inquiry that can be pick more than one Ex: Who is/are your most loved football players? (can pick more than one) ( ) 1. David Beckham (code 0 = detest/code 1 = like) ( ) 2. Michael Owen (code 0 = despise/code 1 = like) ( ) 3. Luis Figo (code 0 = loathe/code 1 = like) ( ) 4. Ruud Van Nistelrooy (code 0 = detest/code 1 = like) ( ) 5. Raul Gonzalez (code 0 = disdain/code 1 = like) ( ) 6. Zinedine Zidane (code 0 = detest/code 1 = like) ( ) 7. Michael Ballack (code 0 = loathe/code 1 = like) ( ) 8. Ronaldo (code 0 = disdain/code 1 = like) ( ) 9. Oliver Kahn (code 0 = loathe/code 1 = like) ( ) 10. Ronaldinho (code 0 = loathe/code 1 = like)

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER For this situation, the variable setting will rely on upon the required breaking down result. In the event that scientists need to know the number and rate of every decision, the analysts need to set number of variables to be equivalent to number of decisions. Thus, every variable will has just 2 codes; 1 chose 0 non-chose The width of every variable will be 1 segment as takes after: PLAYER1 : David Beckham ( code 0 =non-chose/1 = chose) PLAYER2 : Michael Owen (code 0 =non-chose/1 = chose) PLAYER3 : Luis Figo ( code 0 =non-chose/1 = chose ) Multiple Dichotomy strategy

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER 1.3 The inquiry that requests that respondents rank the significance A. Characterize every variable as a rank B. Characterize every variable as a decision Ex:Please rank the initial three football players do you like? A. >Define variable as a rank ,aggregate number of variables will be 3 rank1 = 1 st most loved rank2 = 2 nd most loved rank3 = 3 rd most loved * every variable will has 10 values (number of choices)*

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER B. Characterize every variable as a decision. Complete number of variables will be 10 which equivalent to number of decisions ( every variable will has 3 values). Ex: PLAYER1 = David Beckham (conceivable worth is 3 ) 1 = 1 st most loved 2 = 2 nd most loved 3 = 3 rd most loved Multiple Category strategy

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER 2. open-finished inquiry A> Digit information : you can set code as estimation of information, for example, weight, tallness, wage, and age. Ex1. How old would you say you are? It would be ideal if you determine… … AGE … ..years old. B> Text information: you can set code for variable or keying code after you get the information. At that point you need to gap information into gatherings and set code for every gathering. Ex2: what is the essential issue on creating sport in Thailand? If it\'s not too much trouble indicate … .. Issue 1 …

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER How to set missing information The gathered surveys can be effectively found that the respondents will forget some inquiries which may expect, can\'t reply, or neglect to reply. For this situation, the scientists need to set code of variable that respondents forget to be "9" or "99" or "999" relied on upon the width of every variable and we called it "client missing worth"

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How to set variables in polls. ( Distribute the survey)

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Exercise1 Set variables of your survey and after that finish the survey

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER How to set up information record from SPSS for Windows The Data Editor gives 2 perspectives of information: Data View . Show the genuine information values. Variable View. Shows variable definition data, including characterized variable and quality marks, information sort, estimation scale and client characterized missing qualities. **In both perspectives, you can include, change, and erase data contained in the information file.**

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Rows are cases. Every line speaks to a cases or a perception. Segments are Variables. Every section speaks to a variables, every thing on a survey is a variable. Cell Contain values. Every cell contains a solitary estimation of a variable for a case. The cell is the convergence of the case and variable.Cells contain just information values,cannot contain recipes.

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Rows are variables. Sections are variables characteristics.

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER From Variable perspective you can include or erase variables and alter quality of variables, including Name : Variable name Type : Data sort Width :Number of digits or characters Decimal : Number of decimal spots Label : Descriptive variable Values : Value names Missing : User-characterized missing qualities Column : Column width Measure : Measurement scale

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How to set variables in SPSS. (Open SPSS )

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Exercise2 Set variables by utilizing SPSS.

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How to entering information?

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Entering Data you can enter information straightforwardly in the Data Editor in the Data View.You can enter information in any oder.You can enter information by case or by variable,for chose zone or for individual cells. The dynamic cell is highlighted . Information qualities are not record until you press "Enter" or select another cell. To enter something besides straightforward numeric data,you must characterize the variable sort first. On the off chance that you enter a worth in a void column,the Data Editor naturally makes another variables and relegates a variable name as \'var001\'.

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Editing Data in Data View with the Data Editor, you can adjust information values in the Data view from multiple points of view. You can… Change information values. Cut, Copy, and glue information values. Include and erase cases. Include and erase variables. Change the request of variables.

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Exercise3 Entering your information.

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Homework The task will be posted on the site by tomorrow evening (i.e., 3pm.)

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How to Analyze your information by utilizing "SPSS"

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There are 2 sorts of insights 1.Descriptive Statistics 2.Inferential Statistics

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1.1 The Frequencies Procedure

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Frequencies "The Frequencies" technique gives measurements and graphical showcases that are valuable for depicting numerous sorts of variables. Information : Use numeric code or short strings to code unmitigated variables (ostensible or ordinal level estimation) To acquire frequencies and Satistics: From menus pick: Data Descriptive Statistics Frequencies… … .

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Select one or more unmitigated or quantitative variables. Optionally,you can: Click measurements for unmistakable insights for quantitative variables. Click Charts for bar outline, pie diagrams, and histograms. Click Format for the request in which results are shown.

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1.2 The Descriptive Procedure

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Descriptives "The Descriptives" technique shows univaiate rundown insights for a few variables in a solitary table and figures standized values (Z score).Variables can be requested by the span of their methods, alphabatically,or by request in which you choose the variables (default) Data : Use numeric variables after you have screened them graphically to recode mistakes, anomalies. The descriptives method is extremely effective for substantial document (a great many cases). To acquire Descriptives Satistics: From menus pick: Analyze Descriptive Statistics Descriptives… … .

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Select one or more variables. Optionally,you can: Click Save standized values as variables to spare z score as new variables . Click Options for discretionary measurements and presentation request .

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1.3 The Crosstab Procedure

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Crosstabulation "The Crosstab" strategy shapes two-way amd multiway tables and gives an assortment of tests and estimation of the tables. Information : To characterize the categoriess of every table variable, use estimation of numeric or short string (eight or less charactors) var. Presumption :Some insights and measures expect requested classifications (ordinal information) or quantitative qualities (interim or proportion), as talk about in the segment on the insights. To get Crosstabulations: From menus pick: Analyze Descriptive Statistics Crosstab… … .

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ABAC POLL RESEARCH CENTER Select one or more line variables and one or more segment variables. Alternatively, you can: Select one or more control variables. Click Statistics for test and measu

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