Prevention and Countering WMD Dangers.

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Prevention and Countering WMD Dangers Mr. Andy Weber ATSD(NCB) 20 Jan 2010 President Obama's Atomic Security Vision – Two Prongs Keeping up a protected, secure and viable munititions stockpile Decrease the part of Atomic Weapons in the national security procedure
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Discouragement and Countering WMD Threats Mr. Andy Weber ATSD(NCB) 20 Jan 2010

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President Obama’s Nuclear Security Vision – Two Prongs Maintaining a sheltered, secure and compelling munititions stockpile Reduce the part of Nuclear Weapons in the national security methodology Ensure that terrorists never obtain an atomic weapon “This is the most quick and amazing risk to worldwide security.” President Barack Obama Prague Speech April 5, 2009

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Two Prongs Reversing Neglect of the Nuclear Deterrent Management of the Nuclear Stockpile Modernization of the Nuclear Enterprise Emphasis on the Nuclear Brain Trust Significant spotlight on Countering WMD Global Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction programs Global Nuclear Lockdown Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP) Non-Proliferation and Arms Control

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Preventing Biological Threats “…fanatics have communicated enthusiasm for creating and utilizing natural weapons against us and our partners. Tending to these one of a kind difficulties obliges a thorough methodology that perceives the significance of diminishing dangers from flare-ups or irresistible infection whether regular, incidental or conscious in nature…. “ President Barack Obama November 23, 2009 - National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats Biological Threat Reduction Program Studies have demonstrated that a Bio assault on this country could be as destroying as an atomic assault. WMD Commission expresses that a Bio assault is more probable DoD Biological Threat Reduction endeavors in Seven FSU Countries New Overseas Lab in Tbilisi Expansion to Pakistan and Afghanistan Need to reinforce Global Bio-Surveillance

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Cooperative Threat Reduction Program Scorecard Reductions an/o Nov 10, 2009 Percent Achieved 2012 Target* Amounts in Former Soviet Union & Albania around. 1994 88.9% 8452 7514 13300 Warheads Deactivated 69.1% 1110 767 1473 ICBMs Destroyed 86.8 574 498 831 ICBM Silos Eliminated 53.6% 267 143 442 ICBM Mobile Launchers Destroyed 100% 155 233 Bombers Eliminated 100% 906 Nuclear ASMs Destroyed 87.5% 544 476 728 SLBM Launchers Eliminated 89.4% 728 651 936 SLBMs Eliminated 91.4% 35 32 48 SSBNs Destroyed 100% 194 Nuclear Test Tunnels/Holes Sealed 15.4% 5465.6 843.2 40017 Declared CW Agent Destroyed (Metric Tons) 74.7% 620 463 Nuclear Weapons Transport Train Shipments 100% 24 Nuclear Weapons Storage Site Security Upgrades 32.7% 55 18 Biological Monitoring Stations Built & Equipped Ukraine, Kazakhstan, & Belarus are Nuclear Weapons Free Albania is Chemical Weapons Free .:t

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