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In CIRCA Computer labs, UF Libraries, Reitz Union, The Hub ... Windows Vista Training. GatorLink record and Windows perfect PC are needed. ...
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Registering at UF Preview 2008

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Our Site

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Today\'s Topics UF Student Computing Requirement Computing administrations accessible to understudies Your GatorLink account

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Student Computing Requirement Access to and on-going utilization of a PC is required Undergraduates Know your major? Check school suggestion Undecided? Check general UF suggestion

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Software for Students UF Software CD ( rom ) Contents include: Campus Connections Configurations Browsers E-mail Software Virus Protection And considerably more! Adobe Acrobat Professional Available at the UF Computing Help Desk for $74.59

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Software for Students UF Bookstore Located inside the Reitz Union There you can discover: Educational valuing for programming Example: Adobe Studio MX Commercial: $849.00 Adobe Studio MX Educational: $249.00 Computer equipment and peripherals

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Computer Security Network Security Protects your PC from an outside assault Core Force, Sunbelt Kerio and Zone Alarm Virus insurance with auto-overhaul turned on Protects your PC from vindictive projects Operating framework\'s programmed upgrades turned on Windows, Macintosh and Linux

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Account Security Password Security Passwords resemble clothing. Transform them frequently. The more extended, the better. Try not to impart them to anybody. Be puzzling. Try not to abandon them lying around.

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Connecting to DHNet – Division of Housing Network Provides a rapid association inside living arrangement corridor rooms. Hardware Needed A PC with an Ethernet system card A Category V (5) Ethernet link

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Connecting to DHNet Preparing your PC early: Remove ALL Peer2Peer programming (Kazaa, and so forth) Install hostile to infection programming McAfee Virus Scan (favored) turn auto-upgrade on Windows OS set to auto-overhaul

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Connecting to DHNet Connecting to DHNet Plug Ethernet link into divider port AND PC One divider port for every occupant Navigate program to Follow the directions on site VERY CAREFULLY Restart your Computer and you\'re set to go!

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Dorms Wireless System Is there remote in the residences? On account of subsidizing gave by Student Government, understudies living in the dormitories now have remote access focuses (inside regular zones). To set-up your DHNet remote designs, please allude to the guidelines found at Under the Ethernet Configuration Help join

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Wired Laptops on Campus Where can understudies associate their portable workstations? In CIRCA Computer labs, UF Libraries, Reitz Union, The Hub What do understudies need to get associated? Portable workstation with Ethernet system card Category V (5) link GatorLink account

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Wireless Laptops on Campus Where are the hotspots? Indoor and outside territories are dynamic What do understudies need to get associated? Portable PC with \'Wi-Fi 802.11b or 802.11g " perfect connector GatorLink record is required for confirmation

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Campus Computer Labs What would you be able to discover in the labs? PCs with Windows XP, Macintoshes and portable workstation associations B&W and shading laser printing, plotters, scanners, computerized video altering Internet availability Abundant programming from our lab system Over 150 programming bundles Use of the CIRCA labs is free for all understudies GatorLink username and secret word are required

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Computer Labs on Campus For extra data visit:

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Your GatorLink Account One username and watchword for grounds processing administrations Modified at Is frequently utilized for authority UF correspondence Provides a "" email address username

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Your GatorLink Account How do understudies make their record? Online – Create account Change watchword Set up overlooked secret word clue In Person UF Computing Help Desk (HUB 132) with Gator1 card Activate GatorLink administrations: myUFL  Student Self Service  Preview Setup

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Your GatorLink Account Basic Services: Access to myUFL, ISIS, WebMail, different grounds destinations Free E-mail (150 MB of space) Free Web Space (20 MB of space) Access to PC labs, portable PC associations Elective charged administrations: laser/plotter print, Unix, dial-up

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Your GatorLink Account Have you known about the FERPA Rules? It is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (otherwise called the Buckley Amendment) This demonstration expresses that the University is just permitted to uncover account data to the record proprietor Who is the record proprietor? The understudy as it were. Guardians, kin, companions, flat mates, and so on are not considered record proprietors.

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Free Computer Training How can understudies get PC preparing? Online IT Training – Numerous product and programming dialect titles to browse, and it\'s FREE! Presently including Microsoft Office 2007 & Windows Vista Training. GatorLink record and Windows good PC are required.

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Application Assistance Application Support Center Hub 224 A Subdivision of the UF Computing Help Desk Provide workspace and specialized backing to ALL understudies for the center desktop applications (MS Office, Adobe Products, and so on.) Informational Seminars Assistance with your Thesis

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Useful Websites myUFL – and your school\'s site GatorLink – UF Computing Help Desk – Housing DHNet Network – UF Software CD – rom Computer Requirement – Computer Labs – IT Security Information – Office of Information Technology –

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Getting Help Where do understudies go for help? UF Computing Help Desk Phone: (352) 392 – HELP (4357) Email: Web: In individual: HUB 132

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Questions? This presentation can be found at: Need figuring help? (352) 392-HELP (4357)

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Libraries at UF Digital Collections Baldwin Children\'s Literature Collection, Samuel Proctor Oral History Collections, Florida Photograph Collections, Aerial Photography Collection... Engineering and Fine Arts Library Art, Architecture, Building Construction, Interior Design, Urban Planning... Training Library Counselor Education, Educational Administration & Policy, Educational Psychology, School of Teaching & Learning, Special Education... Judaica Library (Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica) Located in the Northwest corner of the primary floor of Library West. Wellbeing Science Center Library Dentistry, Health Professions, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine Borland Health Sciences Library (Jacksonville) Veterinary Medicine Reading Room

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Libraries (Continued) Allen H. Neuharth Journalism and Communications Library Journalism, Mass Communications... Lawful Information Center Law Library West Humanities, Business, and Social Sciences Humanities & Social Sciences (352) 273-2615 Business (352) 273-2634 Collection Management Department . (352) 273-2629

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Libraries (Continued) Marston Science Library Science Collections and Services Agriculture, Life Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Earth Sciences Government Documents State, Federal, International Map & Imagery Library First floor of the Marston Science Library. Mead Library Located at P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School Music Library 231 Music Building (found quickly south of the Century Tower.

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Libraries (Continued) Smathers Library (East) Adjacent to Library West on the north edge of grounds off University Avenue. Latin American Collection Fourth floor of Smathers Library Special & Area Studies Collections Rare Books, Florida History, Baldwin Collection, Belknap Collection, Archives Digital Library Center Digital Collections Bookstore First floor of Smathers Library adjoining Library West

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Effective Presentations A Necessary Evil

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Today\'s Topics Advantage of Visual Aids Basic Guidelines (Do\'s & Don\'ts) Choosing a Slide Design Tips for Good Design Handouts, and so on. Conveying your Presentation

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Advantages of Visual Aids Visual guides make presentations: Better. Clearer. Fascinating. Simple to take after. Simple to fathom. Composed.

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Advantages of Visual Aids Increases maintenance. Strengthens thoughts displayed. Simple presentation of information. Condenses information by utilizing outlines. Highlights the principle focuses. Keeps the speaker on track.

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Basic Guidelines Simplicity, clarity, and intelligibility: 7 x 7 Rule No more than seven lines for every slide. Close to seven words for each line. Letters should be seen from separation. Counteracts mess. Enhances coherence.

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This is the thing that happens to a presentation on the off chance that you don\'t hold fast to the 7 x 7 guideline: what number months or years is the product required? On the off chance that your product need has a short life range and the product won\'t be utilized after the need has end, then taking a gander at a lease understanding is prompted. Will you require the most current discharge (variant) of the product when it is made accessible purchase the merchant? On the off chance that your answer is No, then rent ceaseless evaluating might be ideal. On the off chance that your answer is Yes, then you should comprehend what the upkeep cost (redesign expense) of an unending permitting assention will be later on. Term of utilization will

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