Producing video documentaries from explained media archives.

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Feature Documentaries on the Web. Conventional feature composing: there is one and only last ... Feature documentaries are not impartial record of reality: the choice and altering of the ...
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´╗┐Producing video documentaries from commented on media stores Stefano Bocconi CWI Amsterdam The Netherlands Contact:

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Talk Outline Motivation Example Scenarios Technical points of interest Annotations Editing Process Conclusions

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Video Documentaries on the Web Traditional video composing: there is one and only last form, what is indicated is the decision of the creator/editorial manager Proposed video writing: Annotate the video material semantics Show naturally what the client requests that see, utilizing presentation frames a film supervisor would utilize

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Video material Focus on video interviews about questionable issues Interview with America video footage with meetings and foundation material about the sentiment of American individuals after 9-11

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What do you think about the war in Afghanistan?

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What do you think about the war in Afghanistan? I am not a devotee of military activities I can\'t think about a more viable arrangement War has never settled anything Two billions dollar bombs on tents

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Scenarios Augmenting one meeting with man in the city conclusion ( "Vox Populi" narrative) Overview of the substance of video footage: Example: trailers ("Voices of Iraq" ) Browse the substance by supposition

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The explanations Rhetorical Statement (for the most part verbal, however visual additionally conceivable) Argumentation model: Toulmin model Descriptive Question asked Interviewee (social) Filmic (e.g. area/time/encircling/look)

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Encode articulations Statement formally explained: < subject > <modifier> <predicate> E.g. " war best arrangement " A thesaurus containing: Terms (155) Relations between terms: comparable (72), inverse (108), speculation (10), specialization (10) E.g. war inverse strategy

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Connect articulations Using the thesaurus, create related explanations and inquiry the store E.g. from " war best arrangement " tact best arrangement" , " war not arrangement" Create a chart of related articulations Nodes are the announcements (video sections), edges are either bolster or repudiate

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Qualifier Data Claim Warrant Condition Backing Concession Toulmin model 57 Claims, 16 Data, 4 Concessions, 3 Warrants, 1 Condition

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Claim Analysis of the Example Two billions dollar bombs on tents negate I can\'t think about a more viable arrangement Claim debilitate Concession I am not an aficionado of military activities bolster War has never fathomed anything

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Facts and components Annotations: 1 hour commented on, 15 interviews, 60 meeting fragments, 120 explanations Partially tunable : looking at the Segment diagram gives input on the nature of the comments and the thesaurus S8 S7 S10 S1 = support S6 S2 S9 S4 = repudiate S3 S5

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Controlling the Bias Video documentaries are not impartial record of reality: the determination and altering of the footage communicates a perspective Editing procedure: Balanced, Pro supposition X and Against assessment X We utilize: Logos (the announcements) Ethos (taking into account client profile) Film altering (encircling, look, counterpoint altering)

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Conclusions Automatic era of video meetings expanded with supporting and/or repudiating material The client can decide the subject and the inclination of the presentation The documentarist can include material and let the framework produce new documentaries

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Pointers & Acknowledgments This presentation and a Demo accessible at: exploration was subsidized by the Dutch national ToKeN I 2 RP and CHIME ventures.

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Questions? A debt of gratitude is in order for your consideration

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