Prof. Dr. R. Seminur Topal Yildiz .

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Prof. Dr. R. Şeminur Topal Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Kimya Metalurji Fakültesi E mail: Çalışma alanları (*): • Mikrobiyal Rennin Üretimi ve Fizibilitesi • Mikrobiyal Lisin Üretimi • Fungal Delinifikasyonla Tarımsal Artıklarda Değer Artışı • Türkiye Mikoflorası ile Kültür Koleksiyonu Oluşturulması • Küflerin Enzim Üretim Profillerinin Belirlenmesi (*) Bu projeler TÜBİTAK – MAM\' daki çalışma sürecinde gerçekleştirilmiştir.)

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Yeni Proje Konuları: 1.      PROJE ADI: (YTÜ Araştırma Fonu Proje Önerisi-2002)  Türk Tüketicisi Için Gıda Güvenlik ve Biyogüvence Stratejilerinin Geliştirilmesine Yönelik Önerilerin Belirlenmesi Improving nourishment security and biosafety techniques for Turkish buyers 2. P ROJE A DI (DPT Proje Önerisi-2002)  Biyogüvenlik Kapsamında Transgenik Gıdaların Belirlenmesine Yönelik Kontrol Sistemlerinin Oluşturulması ( Establishment Control Systems on the Determination of Transgenic Foods in Biosafety Concept )

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EU Sixth Framework Programe POTENTIAL PARTICIPANT Thematic need range intrigued (just a single) ( ) Genomics and biotechnologies ( ) Information Society innovations ( ) Nanotechnologies, smart materials and new creation forms ( ) Aeronautics and space ( X ) Food wellbeing and wellbeing dangers ( ) Sustainable advancement ( ) Citizens and Governance in an open European learning based society Name and title : R. Şeminur Topal (Prof. Dr.) Address : Yıldız Technical University Chemistry and Metallurgy Eng. Fac. Davutpasa Campus A 1024. 34210 Esenler - Istanbul/TURKEY Telephone : 0. 212. 449 16 06 , Fax : 0.212. 259 50 21 email : Ongoing exploration - Improving Food Safety and Biosafety Strategies for Turkish Consumers (Proposed to YT U Research Foundation) - Researchs on Biosafety Concept for Establish Control Systems on the Determination of Transgenic Foods (Proposed to DPT Project Foundation P rogram) - Risk Management Systems in Food Industry Potential R esearch I deas

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"Sustenance Security and Biosafety" is cover the devastation of conceivable dangers, controls of the hazard(s) or the minimization of conceivable dangers idea at whatever point conceivable negative impacts emerge on human wellbeing and biodiversity of current biotechnological applications, procedures and items. This application is a kind impression of "hazard examining and overseeing" hone. The significant subject must be told over with measurement of "control/review/consent for wellbeing and environment" and with crisis make indicated "standards/rules/associations" for GMO\'s and GMP\'s. All nations need to affirm and break down these issues. "Nourishment Safety Regulations, Transgenic Products and Organisms" took serious intrigue and consideration all around the globe. It is a need to look and investigate more on the wellbeing and natural measurements of the subject. The point concentrating on this subject on quality innovation practices and security in nourishment businesses and agribusiness, for having "logical, social wellbeing and insurance of dangers". Enhancing the "nourishment security models", "build up a diffused control - observing framework and fast alert framework" furthermore enhance the methodologies of rise sustenance wellbeing issues" for having built up natioanal approach additionally will attempt to be enhanced related offers, set up of control framework and suggestions on country and precautionary measures on Transgenic nourishments. 3-5 Relevant distributions in the most recent five years 1-Topal, Ş. 1996. Nourishment Safety and Quality Management Systems. ISBN 975 94975 0 6. TÜBİTAK Pub. Office, Gebze/Kocaeli - Turkey. 225p. (In Turkish). 2-Topal, Ş., Pembeci C. 1998. Foundation of a Culture Collection for Turkish agrarian mycoflora. Diary of Food Mycology. 1, (3), 141-148, 3-Topal, Ş. 2000. Quality Management and Safety Systems. YTÜ Foundation Publications YTÜVAK:KM:DK-2000.001, ISBN 975-461-239-0. YTÜ Matbaası, 206 p.(in Turkish) 4-Topal, Ş. 2001. Hazard Management System:HACCP and Applictions in Food Industry. ISBN 975-94975-1-4. Taç Ofset Pub. Office, Istanbul, 172 p.(in Turkish). 5-Topal, Ş. 2002 . Biodiversity from the Agriculture, Food, Ecosystem Dimension: Social and Legal Echoes. SOS – Environmental Volunteer Platform Pub. No: 04. ISBN 975-93223-0-7. Ecem Pub. Office. Istanbul, 64p. – in Turkish. (Theoretical configuration: Effects of Biodiversity Practices on Agriculture, Food, Ecosystem and Social Life. "EUROECO 2002 - . Logical Committee of International Conference: Promotion of Sustainable Development on Scale in Context of the imminent Earth Summit , University of Mining and Metallurgy Krakow, Poland 11-13 March 2002. (Dynamic Book, pp:54-55). 6-Topal, Ş. Impressions of Globalization on Food Unsafe Problems in the World and in Turkey/Solution Offers. Clean Journal of Environmental Studies (acknowledged and pulication pending-2001).

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