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Measurements of Hospitality and Catering. Capabilities in Hospitality and Catering. Professions ... 40 Hospitality, Catering, Travel, Tourism or Leisure. 11 distinctive ...
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Professions Seminar Introduction to the Sector 1 st February 2006 South Yorkshire Hospitality and Catering CoVE Nicola Sharpe

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Careers Seminar Quick review of CoVE Statistics of Hospitality and Catering Qualifications in Hospitality and Catering Careers and acquiring potential

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Partnership of 4 FE Colleges Dearne Valley College Doncaster College Rotherham College Sheffield College Partnership empowers the CoVE to offer an extensive variety of great administrations to schools, understudies, businesses, and connections to HE Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE)

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Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) Est - 350 CoVE\'s in England 40+ Hospitality, Catering, Travel, Tourism or Leisure 11 diverse CoVE\'s in South Yorkshire

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CoVE – measurable information Industrial Employment – UK – 2004 - 2005 Gambling Pubs/bars/clubs

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CoVE – factual information Future Employment - England Figures delivered by Employment Research and Cambridge Econometrics estimate that altogether between 2002 to 2012 the division will produce 15,000 new occupations This doesn\'t consider the Olympics!! To keep up current workforce an extra 846,000 representatives are required

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CoVE – measurable information Core Occupations - Yorkshire and Humber Who goes where? Holding up staff Chefs and cooks Bar staff Restaurant/Catering Managers Kitchen/Catering associates

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Guess what the most noteworthy 3 age reaches are for occupation in the segment in Y&H for H,L, T&T? 16-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50+ CoVE – factual information Age Profile

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CoVE – measurable information % WITH NO Qualifications in UK

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Qualification Achieved Yorkshire and Humber

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Hotel Managers – Conference and show chief Chefs and Cooks Bar Staff Publican/Manager Majority – 30% Majority – 46% Only 7% (22%L3 32% L2) 12% (L3 –30%) 19% (24% L3 24% L2) Qualification Achieved By Occupation – England Level 4

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Qualifications in Hospitality and Catering Low take up of all L4 capabilities L3 expanded in trouble – less requirement for L4 Foundation Degrees are \'elective movement course\' Higher Education

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Progression Data 2003/04 Higher Education HE generally exceptionally scholarly H&C is useful industry Foundation Degree to give join (Doncaster) Access to HE Program

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NVQ\'s – wide range Apprenticeships Short courses Full and Part Time courses Range from Entry Level through to Degree Level at University Qualifications in Hospitality and Catering (level 3)

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Career in Hospitality and Catering - Restaurants

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Career in Hospitality and Catering – bars/bars

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Hospitality & Catering – maintenance challenges Long/unsocial hours Commitment Career Wages

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