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Proficient Associations Their part and Your obligations Jon W. Ramsey Definitions Webster Calling – Educated occupation Expert – 1) seeking after a calling. 2) relating to a calling. 3) meeting the benchmarks of a calling. 4) proficient individual What others say… .
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Proficient Organizations Their part & Your obligations Jon W. Ramsey

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Definitions Webster Profession – Learned occupation Professional – 1) seeking after a calling. 2) relating to a calling. 3) meeting the principles of a calling. 4) proficient individual

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What others say…. “Amateurs Hope. Experts Work” Garson Kanin “ An expert is a man who can his best during an era when he doesn’t especially feel like it.” Alistair Cooke

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Who are the players

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Team AG-ED is a united exertion in advancing nearby program achievement National Association of Agricultural Education American Association for Agricultural Education Association for Career and Technical Education National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization National Young Farmer Educational Association

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Some Reasons for Joining Professional Organizations Be a piece of a group of expert educators…… (i.e. Pete Gailey) Attend proficient advancement/change meetings – locally, in Oklahoma , and nationally……(Region II @ Lawton) Hold positions of expert initiative – locally, at the state level, and nationally……

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Reasons cont’d Receive acknowledgment from expert companions for extraordinary accomplishments, e.g., the Outstanding Young Member Award Receive proficient writing – diaries, magazines, pamphlets, LISTSERVS…… Numerous open doors for travel and casual learning…… Numerous open doors for expert systems administration and for making vocation – long fellowships

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National Association of Agricultural Educators The enrollment in this affiliation comprises of people who are professionally included in Agricultural Education. 7650 individuals Student levy are $5.00, this gives $100,000 risk protection scope. (duty increment is under thought) Active individuals pay contribution of $60.00 Ag Teachers Creed

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Award and Scholarship Applications 2004 Delmar Learning-NAAE Upper Division Scholarship Application Thanks to the liberal sponsorship of Delmar Learning and continues from the bartering at the NAAE tradition, NAAE will grant grants to college youngsters, seniors or post-baccalaureate understudies who are majoring in ag ed and who mean to wind up ag instructors. Three applications will be acknowledged from every college that offers an educator training system in rural instruction. Fifteen (15) grants of $750 every will be honored for the fall 2006 term. Past beneficiaries of the NAAE Upper Division Scholarship are not qualified. The stamp due date for submitting applications to the NAAE office is May 15, 2006.

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Award and Scholarship Applications Oklahoma State University 2003 Brian Cunningham 2004 Karie Smith

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American Association for Agricultural Education As an expert association, we esteem Effective showing Developing and enabling others Actively captivating learners/experiential learning Quality exploration and other academic exercises

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Values cont’d A dynamic part in adding to both formal and non – formal instructive framework Professional recharging and acclimating to change Interacting with companions

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Association for Career and Technical Education This association covers all territories of Career Tech. 12 Divisions Agricultural Education Family and Consumer Science Technology Education Trade & Industrial Education As well as a mixture of grown-up instructive projects

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ACTE Agricultural Education Division: National Goals Highly persuaded , accomplished instructors give quality training to understudies at all levels , pre-kindergarten through grown-up All understudies have entry to consistent, long lasting direction in agribusiness and national assets through a wide assortment of conveyance systems and instructive settings.

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ACTE National Goals All understudies accomplish conversational education of horticulture and common assets. Associations and vital partnerships guarantee a consistent vicinity of training in and about agribusiness and common assets

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What are your obligations ? Keep up your status as a long lasting learner Seek out and add to a coach/mentee association with different experts Meet and build up an association with your political agents Become dynamic in your state proficient association (OAETA)

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Responsibilities cont’d Oklahoma has a national notoriety of solidarity and quality 100% of Oklahoma Teachers pay proficient duty That gives Oklahoma 14 voting representatives at the NAAE tradition When different states require a proposition/thing advanced, Oklahoma is approached to give support.

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Responsibilities cont’d The proceeded with quality of our calling relies on upon the implantation of new instructors that grasp the way that expert development happens on a mixture of nearby ,state and national levels. Building up a proactive state of mind with regards to expert development opportunities.

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Professional Dues Oklahoma Agricultural Education Instructors pay duty to the accompanying proficient associations. OKACTE ACTE OAETA NAAE

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Conclusion One of your numerous obligations as another expert will include exercises inside of your states proficient association. Grasp this open door Save your cash and be arranged to pay your expert duty

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