Proficient Visit Pass Application.

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Vis-à-vis meeting. Conference. Going to presentation. Room exchange. Visiting the ... getting the Business visa, the International Traveler MUST ...
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Proficient Visit Pass Application Malaysia ES (Relo) Immigration June 2002

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What is a Professional Visit Pass (PVP)? A PVP is a license issued by the Malaysian Immigration to outside nationals to permit them to perform beneficial work while in Malaysia for a time of >7days up to 1 year, without acquiring pay from Malaysia. Beneficial Work is characterized as: Attending or directing course/preparing/workshop or it\'s identical at any spots in Malaysia Entering Intel & other organization generation floor for reasons unknown Hands-on machines/gear in any Test Lab.

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PVP is required when… The outside national needs to perform profitable work for over 7 days while in Malaysia. The remote national will be in Malaysia for over 7 days and requirements to perform gainful work for any number of days amid the visit. (eg. In the event that the remote national will be in Malaysia for 8 days, however will just perform beneficial work for 1 day during the 8 days visit, a PVP is still required).

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PVP is NOT required when… The remote national is going by Malaysia with the end goal of business. A business visit is characterized as: Doing beneficial labor for 7 days or less Face to face meeting Business meeting Attending presentation Room talk Touring the Intel plant however not underway floor Conducting a review but rather not underway floor

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Documents Required for application EE fax the archives recorded in the accompanying pages to Malaysia ES (Relo) Immigration: Attn: Abdullah, Norintan Fax# Inet: 8-859-5993 Tel # Inet: 8-859-2658 FedEx the photographs to: Intel Technology Sdn. Bhd. Bayan Lepas FTZ Box 121 11900 Penang Malaysia (Attn: Abdullah, Norintan at PG4)

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Documents Required (cont) Invitation Letter Obtain from Host chief in Malaysia. Letter must be on Intel Malaysia letterhead and marked. Check Letter Obtain from Home administrator. Letter must be on Intel\'s letterhead and marked.

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Documents Required (cont) Training/Work Schedule All pages of substantial international ID Copy must be clear Highest instruction affirmation

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Documents Required (cont) Biodata/Resume PVP Application structure 2 late identification size photographs (2"2") Color or BW

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Two choices for US native If task to Malaysia is under 3 months, worker has been given 2 choices as beneath: Apply PVP, sit tight for the visa calling letter from Malaysia Immigration and acquire a Business Visa at Malaysia Consulate in your nation or closest to where you are situated preceding your entrance to Malaysia. Apply PVP, enter Malaysia without business visa and pay RM500 (USD130) to Malaysia Immigration. (Please handover the cash to Norintan for Penang or Balkis/Noor Azmin for Kulim site separately). This alternative is not appropriate for EEs from Controlled Countries and for assignments >3 months.

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Documents Required for Business Visa Application Employees must give the beneath records while submitting Business Visa application to the Malaysian Embassy: Invitation letter Verification letter Passport Photograph (international ID size) Itinerary Visa calling letter from M\'sian Immigratiom

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TPT Application through Approval ~2weeks tpt for US EE (<3months stay) why should willing pay RM500, once ES Immi gets all documentation from EE, finishes application and presents the application to Immi, the US EE is permitted to enter M\'sia (not relevant for EEs from Controlled Countries) US national who chooses to sit tight for the visa calling letter will get the letter ~4-5weeks after application has been submitted at Immi.

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Additional Information Further data, test reports and PVP structure accessible at:

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Consequences of Non-Conformance For Restricted Countries, for example, India, Philippines, Taiwan & China, it is a MUST for explorers to sit tight for the "Visa Calling Letter" issuance by Malaysia Immigration before acquiring a visa and passage into Malaysia. Punishment for non-conformance: Visitors got will be JAILED and repatriated Company fined RM10,000

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Extension of Assigment Documents submitted to ES Immigration 4 weeks before current PVP terminates New welcome letter New confirmation letter New preparing or work routine Copy of current PVP Copy of Business Visa Copy of identification front page – photograph and individual data SOCIAL PASS FOR QUALIFIED DEPENDENTS (IF ACCOMPANYING) Copy of every needy\'s identification (all pages) Copy of marriage testament Copy of every youngster\'s introduction to the world endorsement Two late photograph (2"x2" or travel permit size) - either shaded or highly contrasting

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Business Visa Requirement If International Customers needs to enter Malaysia preceding acquiring the Business visa, the International Traveler MUST present their identification and RM500 to ES Immi - Norintan Abdullah (ext. 859-2658) on the 1 st day in M\'sia Any PVP application done in Malaysia without first getting the proper Business Visa, is liable to RM500 preparing charges forced by the Malaysia Immigration. This will be charged to the backer or paying office This workaround is not relevant to all nations, EE is required to affirm with ES Immi before using this alternative EEs from Commonwealth Countries are exempted from acquiring the Business Visa (eg: Singapore, Brunei, Great Britain, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada and so on)

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