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Have an effective reputation of posting/offering homes like yours in your general vicinity ... worker for fruitful home promoting in DNRP, and offering home to movement organization ...
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DNRP – DoD National Relocation Program Overview February 2009

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DoD National Relocation Program (DNRP) David Gage DNRP Program Manager U.S.Army Engineer District, Baltimore Real Estate Division 410-962-5161 1-800-344-2501 E-mail:

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DNRP Information Web Site Download DNRP Handbook Contact data Listing Exclusion Clause Relocation Services Request Form Home Marketing Tips Appraiser Interview Form DNRP Evaluation Form

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DNRP Business Concept Centralized Relocation Services Program Administration National Relocation Program Office (NRPO) - USACE - Baltimore Program Manager/Technical Staff/Contracting Officer Relocation Services Provided by Nationwide Contractor BPA Calls Authorized with Ordering Activity\'s Fund Cite Invoices Paid by Ordering Activity\'s Paying Office

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DoD National Relocation Program (DNRP) Alternative to JTR Entitlement for PCS Real Estate Sale Reimbursement Relocation Services Contractor Provides Guaranteed Offer to Purchase Primary Residence of Authorized DoD Transferring Civilian Employees Eligibility Criteria Determined by DoD Component

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DA Entitlement Criteria DA Civilian Employees are qualified for DNRP when: Moving into or between SES positions; Moving under arrangements of a Mandatory Mobility Agreement; Moving as an aftereffect of a Management-Directed Action (e.g., Transfer of Function, RIF, Base Closure)

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DNRP Services Guaranteed Home Sale: Home Marketing Assistance Appraised Value Offer Amended Value Offer Buyer Value Option Property Management Destination Services: Mortgage Counseling Homefinding Assistance

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Guaranteed Home Sale Alternative to JTR Real Estate Sale Reimbursement Relocation Contractor Makes Guaranteed Offer to Purchase Your Home for the Higher of Appraised Value Offer or Market Based Outside Offer Price Fee Paid by Government Covers Costs of Selling Home No Tax Liability on Government-Paid Contract Fee Process Complete in 60-90 Days Relocation Contractor\'s Offer Equals Average of 2 Appraisals Home Marketing Assistance to Achieve Amended Value Offer Equity Advance Available

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Guaranteed Home Sale Property Requirements: Principal Residence - from which worker drives to take a shot at consistent schedule at time of warning of exchange (date of PCS requests) Owned by Employee and/or Dependent Conforms with Legal and State/Local Code Requirements available to be purchased Structurally Complete, Financeable, & Insurable Operable physical frameworks If Rented - Tenant Must Vacate

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Pro-Rata Shared Fee What: The representative shares installment of the contractual worker charge with the legislature in extent to rate of possession or segment of the property claimed by non-qualified individual or relative, or rate of property estimation in overabundance of $750,000. Applies When: Duplex or Multiple Occupancy Dwelling Excess Land Joint Ownership with Non-Eligible Person Appraised Value in Excess of $750,000 (May Be Waived)

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Guaranteed Home Sale Ineligible Residences: Boats/Houseboats Mobile Homes on leased parts Mobile Homes not considered genuine property Residences containing lethal substances Cooperative Housing Homes that can\'t be financed or safeguarded

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Home Marketing Assistance The 2 Most Important Decisions When Listing Your Home: Selecting a qualified posting specialist Interview a few planned operators. Your specialist ought to have migration preparing or confirmation Have a fruitful reputation of posting/offering homes like yours in your general vicinity Propose and focus on a formal 30-60-90 day advertising activity arrangement Pricing your home sensibly Properties estimated reasonably offer more rapidly and at higher costs than homes over-recorded at first The DNRP movement temporary worker can allude you to and/or help you to choose a qualified posting operator

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Guaranteed Home Sale Home Marketing Assistance DoD empowers use of contractual worker\'s prescribed representatives 60 days obligatory home promoting period after DNRP administration start before Appraised Value Offer might be acknowledged Initial home posting value NTE 110% of temporary worker\'s intermediary\'s business sector investigation esteem When Appraised Value Offer is built up, home posting value NTE 105% of AVO Objective is to accomplish market-based deal equivalent to or more noteworthy than Appraised Value Offer

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Home Marketing Assistance Relocation Contractor will: Recommend Reliable Real Estate Broker Arrange for Broker\'s Market Analysis (BMA) Broker will: Help Determine Realistic List Price Recommend Marketing Plan Suggest Repairs or Improvements You will: List with Exclusion Clause (Listing Addendum) List Price NTE 110% of Contractor\'s BMA Adjust List Price NTE 105% of Appraised Value Offer (when set up)

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Guaranteed Home Sale – Service Initiation Initial Call w/Contractor\'s Relocation Counselor Appraiser List Broker Market Analysis Appraiser Selection, 2 Appraisals Ordered Inspections: e.g. General Home, Structural, Well, Septic, Pest, Mold, Appraiser-Recommended Title Search Mortgage, Tax, HOA Research Homeowner Property Condition Disclosure Forms Begin Mandatory 60 day Home Marketing Period

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Appraised Value Offer made to you by the Relocation Contractor depends on the normal of two in-extent ERC examinations performed by qualified appraisers of your decision. On the off chance that initial two evaluations differ by more than 10%, a third examination is performed and the offer depends on the normal of the two nearest examinations.

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Relocation Appraisal What is it? The movement evaluation builds up the expected offering cost of a property that is presented to the land market for a sensible timeframe (up to 120 days).

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Relocation Appraisals Comply with Relocation Appraisal Guidelines Established by the Worldwide ERC Establish Anticipated Sales Price Consider Reasonable Marketing Time of up to 120 Days Marketplace Provides Comparable Sales Inspections and Brokers Market Analysis Provide Additional Information Appraisals Reflects Property\'s "As Seems to be" Condition Employees Should Provide Comparable Sales Information to Appraisers That They Feel Should be Considered in Establishing Value

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Relocation Appraisal Who isn\'t that right? Qualified Independent Fee Appraisers Selected By Employee Relocation Contractor Provides List of Appraisers Qualified Off-List Appraisers May be Requested Relocation Contractor Orders Appraisals

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Inspections and Required Repairs General Home Inspection Inspections required by law or neighborhood custom, and different reviews suggested by appraisers Copies of assessment reports gave to worker organized posting of any repairs required for DNRP home procurement Required repairs are constrained to just those things vital for home deal program qualification, i.e., wellbeing infringement basic issues state/nearby wellbeing, security or fire codes Employee can finish repairs or have evaluated expense of repairs deducted from value

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Appraised Value Offer = "Security Net" Receive Offer by Phone 60 Day Acceptance Period Begins Followed by Written Contract of Sale Employee Options: Accept Guaranteed Home Sale Offer (After 60 Days Home Marketing Time) Obtain Amended Value Sale Reject Offer/Let it Expire Ask for Reconsideration (Within 21 days)

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Amended Value Offer A real offer introduced by an outsider potential purchaser to the transferee that speaks to a net business sector esteem which might be More Than, Equal To, or Less Than the Appraised Value Offer made by the Relocation Contractor.

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Amended Value Offer You Market Home with Listing Exclusion Clause Refer Potential Buyer (Market-Based Offer) to Contractor\'s Counselor Bona Fide Offer Determined by Relocation Contractor "Revises" Appraised Value Offer to You Sell to Relocation Contractor at Amended Value Amount Relocation Contractor Sells to Third-Party Buyer

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Buyer Value Option (BVO) Employee: Markets Home with Listing Exclusion Clause Receives Market-Based Offer Prior to Appraisal Process Refers Potential Buyer to Contractor\'s Counselor Contractor: Determines if Offer is Bona Fide Buys Employee\'s Home at Net Sale Price of Outside Offer Contractor Sells to Third-Party Buyer

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Home Marketing Incentive Payment (HMIP) Cash reward motivating force installment to worker for fruitful home showcasing in DNRP, and offering home to movement organization under Buyer Value Option (BVO) or Amended Value Sale programs Authorized in JTR, Vol. 2, Chapter 5, Part Q.3 Requires Agency/Command Approval HMIP with DNRP ONLY! Government Shares Savings on Amended Fee Amended Sale MUST Close with Original Buyer!

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Market-Based Sales Win-Win-Win! Champ #1 = You Get More $ for Your Home (+ HMIP reward) Winner #2 = DoD Pays a Lower Fee Winner #3 = Contractor Has Ready Buyer

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Market-Based Offers Market-Based Offers = Amended Value Offers and Buyer Value Option (BVO) Offers WARNING Do Not Sign or Initial Anything!!! Try not to Accept Deposit or Earnest Money!!! You Will Be Disqualified from DNRP!!! Instantly Contact Contractor\'s Counselor or NRPO on the off chance that you get a Market-Based Offer

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Payment of Equity will be Paid to You inside 5 Days of Contract Acceptance Equity Advance Option - You may Request up to 75% of Equity Based on Appraised Value Offer Your Mortgage is Serviced until Resale Mortgage Paid Off if Lender Required

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Guaranteed Home Sale Timeline Guidance Confirmation Call from NRPO 3 Bus. Days Intro Call from Contractor 2 Bus. Days List House With Realtor ASAP Selection of Appraisers 3 Days Appraised Value Offer 21 Days Offer Acceptance Period

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