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CS 242. Programming Languages. John Mitchell. Course web site: Some Course Goals. Programming Language Concepts A language is a “conceptual universe” (Perlis) Framework for problem-solving Useful concepts and programming methods
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CS 242 Programming Languages John Mitchell Course site:

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Some Course Goals Programming Language Concepts A dialect is a "calculated universe" (Perlis) Framework for critical thinking Useful ideas and programming strategies Understand the dialects you use, by examination Appreciate history, differing qualities of thoughts in writing computer programs Be set up for new programming techniques, ideal models Critical considered Properties dialect, not punctuation or deals pitch Language and usage Every accommodation has its cost Recognize the cost of introducing a unique perspective of machine Understand exchange offs in programming dialect outline

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Value of Language Concepts Parable I began programming in 1970\'s Dominant dialect was Fortran; no recursive capacities My calculations and information structure teacher said: Recursion is a smart thought despite the fact that wasteful You can utilize thought in Fortran by putting away stack in exhibit Today: recursive capacities wherever Moral Futuristic thoughts might be helpful critical thinking techniques now, and might be a piece of dialects you use later on Current illustrations Function passing: pass works in C by building your own particular terminations, as in STL "work objects" Continuations: utilized as a part of web dialects for work process handling

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Languages in like manner utilize Compiled by François Labelle from measurements on open-source ventures at SourceForge

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What\'s new in programming dialects Commercial pattern over recent years Increasing utilization of sort safe dialects: Java, C#, … Scripting dialects, different dialects for web applications Perl is broadly known as "the channel tape of the Internet" Teaching patterns Java supplanting C as most normal introduction dialect Less accentuation on how information, control spoke to in machine Research and advancement patterns Modularity Java, C++: institutionalization of new module highlights Program investigation Automated mistake location, programming env, accumulation Isolation and security Sandboxing, dialect based security, …

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What merits contemplating? Predominant dialects and standards C, C++, Java Imperative and Object-situated dialects Important usage thoughts Performance challenges Concurrency Design tradeoffs Concepts that examination group is investigating for new programming dialects and devices

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Python Designer Guido van Rossum, Dutch PC developer, now at Google Some certainties Development started in 1996 Interpreted scripting dialect slipped from ABC Predecessor, ABC, was enlivened by SETL Lambert Meertens invested year with SETL gather at NYU Popular and effective, powerful at Google

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First 50% obviously Lisp (1+ address) Foundations (1+ address) Lambda Calculus Denotational Semantics Functional versus Imperative Programming Conventional prog. dialect ideas (4 addresses) ML/Algol dialect rundown (1 address) Types and sort deduction (1 address) Block structure and memory management (1 addresses) Control builds (1 addresses) Other dialects utilizing same fundamental ideas (2 addresses) Scripting dialects Guest address: Python Domain-particular dialects - - Midterm Exam - -

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Second 50% obviously Modularity, information reflection, objects (1 address) Object-situated dialects (4 addresses) Smalltalk and Self (1 addresses) C++ (1 addresses) Java (2 addresses) Security (1 address) Concurrent and disseminated programming (1 address) Interoperability (1 address) Conclusions and review (1 address) - - Final Exam - -

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General recommendations Read ahead Some subtle elements are just in HW and perusing There is something troublesome about this course May be difficult to comprehend homework questions Thought questions: can\'t run and investigate May seem like there is no right reply, however a few answers are superior to others Many of you might be accustomed to ignoring dialect issues, so it takes a couple of weeks to see the issues

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Course Logistics Homework and Exams HW distributed and due on Wednesdays Midterm Wed Oct 25 7-9PM ???, Final Fri Dec 15, 8:30AM Honor Code, Collaboration Policy Homework grader? Send email to cs242@cs email addr (operational in the blink of an eye) TA\'s, Office hours, Email arrangement, … Section Friday evenings (if room accessible) Optional examination and audit; no new material Reading material Book accessible in book shop See site…

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