Progress in extension of accomplice nation data.

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(All out, Transportation, Travel, Other Commercial Services, Government) ... (no Switzerland and Iceland) Hong Kong Brazil Russian Federation ...
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Progress in development of accomplice nation data Agenda Item 19 a Fabiana Cerasa OECD Statistics Directorate … , STD/SES/TAGS; 1 st WPTGS Meeting 22.- 24.09.2008, Paris

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OECD accumulation of accomplice nation information OECD has been gathering and distributed universal exchange administrations information by accomplice nation since 2002 OECD gathers and distributes accomplice nation information for: all the OECD nations, with the exception of Switzerland and Iceland (28 nations, 72% of world fares) some extensive non-part nations (3 nations, 4% of aggregate fares) Hong Kong, Russian Federation, Brazil Partner nation information for increase nations (Chile, Estonia, Israel, Russia, Slovenia) are as of now being explored and polls have been sent.

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Data scattering Data are dispersed by means of paper or in electronic arrangement Paper position : OECD nations (no Switzerland and Iceland) + Hong Kong Main classes of administrations ( Total , Transportation , Travel , Other Commercial Services , Government ) 81 accomplices Electronic organization : OECD nations (no Switzerland and Iceland) + Hong Kong + Brazil + Russian Federation All EBOPS things + Memorandum thing 276 accomplices

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Data gathering EU nations : Eurostat gives information to OECD Other part nations + Hong Kong + Germany : OECD gathers data sending an Excel survey covering all the EBOPS things in addition to the reminder things. Brazil + Russian Federation : National sources

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Progress in the database Since 2007 a moving redesign has been actualized on the TISP database to enhance the auspiciousness of the electronic distribution This year the electronic database will be extended to incorporate Brazil

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Partner nation information accessible from non-OECD sources

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Next survey will be sent in December Do the tables accurately mirror the accessibility of exchange administrations by accomplice nation? Are any nations wanting to report Partner nation information sooner rather than later? Are there whatever other remarks or recommendations on the TISP information accumulation and scattering process?

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Thank you for your consideration

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