Progressing Professional Practice Evaluation .

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Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation. Joel T. Patterson, MD University of Texas Medical Branch. Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE). Joint Commission requirement in place since 2008
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Progressing Professional Practice Evaluation Joel T. Patterson, MD University of Texas Medical Branch

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Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) Joint Commission necessity set up since 2008 Requires healing centers to archive information gathering on credentialed staff on a continuous premise fairly then at the two year reappointment handle Allows clinics to find a way to enhance execution on an all the more opportune premise

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Overview History of the Joint Commission Components of OPPE UTMB arrangement of information accumulation Concerns about the future

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Ernest A. Codman, M.D. "final products framework" Morbidity and mortality Kicked off staff at MGH End Result Hospital

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Joint Commission 1913 American College of Surgeons 1917 Minimum Standards for Hospitals 89/692 passed 1950 3,200 doctor\'s facilities accomplish endorsement 1951 American College of Physicians, American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, and Canadian Medical Association join with the ACS to shape the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH)

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Joint Commission 1965 SSA Act of 1965: healing facilities accredited by JCAH are "esteemed" to be in consistence with conditions for interest 1987 JCAHO framed, distributes "Agenda for Change" 1990\'s sentinel occasion, torment appraisal, performance measures

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Joint Commission 2000\'s National Patient Safety Goals, Universal Protocol, stroke focus certification, confirmation programs for lung diminishment surgery, LVAD, and COPD, and so on. 2006 Joint Commission – "helping health mind associations help patients"

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Joint Commission Hospitals Hospices Home care offices Health mind conveyance arranges Long term mind offices Ambulatory social insurance associations Mental wellbeing administrations associations

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OPPE Clearly characterized handle that incorporates however is not restricted to: 1. who is in charge of investigating information 2. how regularly information are explored 3. handle for utilizing information to proceed with, limit, or repudiate benefits 4. how information are to be fused into credentialing documents

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Data All experts, not only those with execution issues 1. chart audit 2. direct perception 3. monitoring of indicative and treatment techniques 4. evaluation of specialist by others involved being taken care of by the patient

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Action Practitioner performing admirably, no further activity justified Focused assessment Revoking the benefit since it is no longer required Suspending the benefit Zero execution ought to trigger an engaged survey at whatever point the specialist plays out the benefit Privilege proceeds on the grounds that the association mission is to have the capacity to give the benefit to its patients

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Our Process at UTMB Activity Inpatient releases Outpatient visits Procedures Performance Competencies Not particularly commanded by Joint Commission

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Performance Patient Care core measures Medical Knowledge CME PBLI QI investment Communication patient administrations Professionalism documentation SBP medical records

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Concerns Future elucidation in regards to more particular desires How will information be utilized Inappropriate utilization of companion audit assurances Core credentialing Economic credentialing

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Value Proposition VALUE = QUALITY/COST

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