Progression Administrations.

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Utilize you're 48XXXX-XXXXX consumption record number on exchange log. ... Utilize 48XXXX-XXXXX record numbers on grant payment structure. Get suitable ...
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Advancement Services Paying with Foundation Accounts

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Finding Foundation Account Balance Look at screen 074 in FAMIS for your record. Include 3000 pool Available amt. in 94XXXX-XXXXX. Include *Total in 48XXXX-XXXXX (negative amt. at base right of screen). Illustration: Add: 943201 $ 5,103.60 Add: 483201 $-4,533.37 Balance Available = $ 570.23

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Paying with ProCards Send Advancement Services the finished and marked ProCard exchange log, the first invoice(s)/receipt(s), and a duplicate of the JPMorgan Chase Bank explanation. Utilize your 48XXXX-XXXXX use account number on exchange log. Give Purchasing Dept. approval for PC related stock. Progression Services gets ready and sends payment approval and joined records to records payable.

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Paying On-Campus Purchases Send Advancement Services a notice marked by your specialty head checking precision of charge and giving short clarification of the cost and why it is fitting to utilize Foundation stores. Likewise, send invoice(s) and whatever other supporting document(s). Progression Services makes payment approval and procedures through Accounts Payable.

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Paying Off-Campus Purchases Create an on-line exchange by means of FAMIS (L#, R#, E#). Use FDN as sub-office code. Give complete, point by point portrayal since Advancement Services just perspectives the CANOPY Summary. At the point when Advancement Services favors the exchange, it is steered, by means of CANOPY, to your specialty head for endorsement. Send invoice(s) and AP500 to Accounts Payable.

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Foundation Scholarships Prepare a grant dispensing structure for division head\'s mark. Utilize 48XXXX-XXXXX account numbers on grant dispensing structure. Acquire fitting marks as demonstrated on structure. Understudies can\'t get money honors from Foundation grants.

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