Prologue to Designing Study Tips.

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Prologue to Engineering. Study Tips. Evan Lemley. Right hand Professor ... Designing/Physics Tips. Come to class (attempt to get a timetable you know you can hack) ...
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´╗┐Prologue to Engineering Study Tips Evan Lemley Assistant Professor Physics and Engineering Department University of Central Oklahoma

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Engineering/Physics Tips Come to class (attempt to get a timetable you know you can hack) Start assignments early Be dependable Supplemental work is basic Ask questions Don\'t mind what anyone thinkS

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Engineering/Physics Tips Lectures are exhausting Attention ranges are shorter than any time in recent memory Thinking is hard Remember: Classes are Cooperative

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The Nature of Math/Physics/Engr It requires a considerable measure of exertion for everybody No alternate ways are for the most part conceivable Make your courses your occupation Avoid an excessive number of class hours for your outside calendar

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Supplemental Work Read areas before class in which they are examined Start right off the bat HW (VVVVVVI) Talk to others Talk to Instructor Work all alone Work in a gathering Look up things on the web GET INTO IT!

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