Prologue to Environmental Health .

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Introduction to Environmental Health. Allison Robinson University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania November 2001. Learning Objectives. Define fundamental terms Explain the basic relationship between the environment and health Explain impact of environmental factors on health
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Prologue to Environmental Health Allison Robinson University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania November 2001

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Learning Objectives Define principal terms Explain the fundamental relationship between the earth and wellbeing Explain effect of natural elements on wellbeing Explain part of ecological wellbeing experts

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Performance Objectives Understand what is ecological wellbeing Understand extent of issue definition Understand method for tending to characterized issue Understand the part players required in critical thinking

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Outline Definition of Environmental Health Interdependent Relations Environmental Effects on Health Systematic Approach Interdisciplinary Roles

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Definition: \'Wellbeing … " \'… is a condition of finish physical, mental and social prosperity and not only the nonappearance of malady or infirmity\'(WHO, 1948) \'Wellbeing is just conceivable where assets are accessible to address human issues and where the living and workplace is shielded from life-undermining and wellbeing debilitating contaminations, pathogens and physical hazards\'(Who, 1992a)

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Definition: "Environment" \'… [All] that which is outer to individual human host. [It] can be isolated into physical, organic, social any or all of which can impact wellbeing status in populaces.\' (WHO, 1995)

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Definition: \'Ecological Health\' \'… involves those parts of human wellbeing, including personal satisfaction, that are controlled by physical, natural, social and psychosocial calculates the earth. It additionally, alludes to the hypothesis and routine of surveying, amending, controlling, and keeping those components in the environment that can possibly influence antagonistically the wellbeing of present and future eras\' (WHO, 1993a)

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Definition: \'Wellbeing Effect… " \'… is the particular harm to wellbeing that an ecological danger can bring about a unique individual. Regularly similar peril can bring about a scope of various impacts of various seriousness.\' (Yassi et al., 2001)

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Interdependence Health relies on upon assets. Great wellbeing relies on upon availability to supportable assets. Awful wellbeing comes about because of unavailability to reasonable assets or introduction to a peril. Feasible assets and perils exist in the earth. Subsequently, nature of wellbeing relies on upon the earth

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Interdependent Environments A social meaning of environment is an element of scale, limits, spatial closeness and beneficiary populaces When considering a worldwide scale, center is on the impact of an unbounded situation, e.g. air, on all populaces anyplace

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Interdependent Environments When considering neighborhood scale, center is on impact of both a limited and an unbounded domain, e.g. water and air, on a subpopulation nearest to the introduction occasion The nearby scale is a subpart of the worldwide scale

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Population Perspective of Relations All populaces Human populace Community, country Family Individual

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Health and Environment Perspective of Relations Environmental wellbeing Public Health Occupational Health Family Health Personal Health

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Environmental Effects on Health The pointers of advantageous ecological impacts are life span and maintained usefulness. Two degrees of unfriendly natural impacts are: harm ( syn. include: weakening, broken, faltering ) with diminished life span or demise ( syn. include: life-debilitating, terminal, harmful )

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Environmental Effects on Health Injury does not rashly end life, but rather can thwart the ability to capacity without bounds potential Death ends life and is the most extraordinary antagonistic condition of wellbeing This method for characterization is straightforward and thorough

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Environmental Effects on Health An individual\'s reaction to an ecological impact is an element of their physical surroundings, their wellbeing state, and their way of life.

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Systematic Approach without an all inclusive meaning of \'good wellbeing\', no less than an all inclusive idea of unfriendly wellbeing impact, e.g. debilitated, disease, useless, \'not typical\' or \'not well\', must exist to such an extent that comprehension the idea brings about a reaction

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Systematic Approach so as to recognize and examine antagonistic conditions of wellbeing, a key precise approach of wellbeing issue ID and portrayal must exist and be executed This approach is outlined as takes after:

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Systematic Approach Determine the source and nature of dangers Determine the introduction pathway Measure the impacts Apply controls however conceivable (Moeller, 1992)

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Interdisciplinary Roles To actualize the deliberate approach, part players are required Three noteworthy classes of part players are: the ecological wellbeing issue specialists , the natural issue responders and the wellbeing issue responders

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Interdisciplinary Roles Health issue agents: screens populaces to distinguish wellbeing patterns, trying to recognize what is hurtful from that which is safe measures the scope of impacts of wellbeing patterns to describe degrees of unfriendly force recognize potential perils, potential pathways of dangers, and populaces vulnerable to risks

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Related Disciplines

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Interdisciplinary Roles Environmental issue responders: concentrate on the wellbeing peril that has been recognized and described investigate the earth of the presented populace to see what controls are required and what controls can be actualized to minimize danger of repeat and danger of future event where method for control does not exist, it might be important to create

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Related Disciplines

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Interdisciplinary Roles Health issue responders : concentrate on populaces of people endeavor to recognize how wellbeing is antagonistically influenced arrange seriousness of impact as either harm or malicious endeavor to reestablish bargained wellbeing to an "ordinary" practical state

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Summary Environmental wellbeing is the broadest extent of wellbeing issue definition Environmental wellbeing thinks about the effect of the earth on populaces It is a populace based science that can be scaled to study individual inside populaces Problem definition and potential determination is conceivable through the usage of an efficient approach

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About the Lecturer Allison Robinson is a showing aide in the Environmental and Occupational Health Department at the University of Pittsburgh\'s Graduate School of Public Health in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. At present, she is procuring on her doctorate degree in Environmental Health. She has a Master\'s of Environmental Science and Management.

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