Prologue to Facilitating a Ski Race for Eldora Race Day Volunteers January 10, 2008, Thousand years Inn Century Room 6:0.

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Lake Eldora Hustling Group Prologue to Facilitating a Ski Race for Eldora Race Day Volunteers January 10, 2008, Thousand years Lodging Century Room 6:00 to 8:00pm This PowerPoint will be accessible later on at Select volunteer data tab on left half of page
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Lake Eldora Racing Team Introduction to Hosting a Ski Race for Eldora Race Day Volunteers January 10, 2008, Millennium Hotel Century Room 6:00 to 8:00pm This PowerPoint will be accessible later on at Select volunteer data tab on left half of page

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Eldora Ski Mountain Races - 2008 February 3, 2008 - Age Class Race (2 SL) February 24, 2008 - East Council YSL Race (SL) March 8-9, 2008 - Elite FIS Series Race (GS/SL)

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After Training We Will Break Into Groups Gary Banik Hand clocks Mark Kostovsky Gatekeepers Matt Tomasko Course Crew & Ken Simboski Penny Wesanko Registration & & Danette Meier Administration

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Training Purpose Introduce EMSC volunteers to the craft of facilitating an able race at Eldora Provide preparing to volunteers to make them learned and successful

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Education Goals To bolster and produce occasions that are Competently Staffed Well Managed Responsible Fun

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Where Do You Best Fit? New Race Volunteers ought to work one to three days in one of these regions Gate Judge Course Maintenance Timing Assistant Race Administrator Assistant Data Manager Assistant Assist with Chief of Race

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Day of the Race Activates Activities Day before set up fencing, force, PC, meet with staff, prep begin slope (YSL day before make group passage packs –bibs, begin records, investment stickers, and so forth..) Set up course Set up timing hardware Meet and Greet Bib conveyance Lift tickets circulation Start Lists Collect kiddie aprons at base of last run Awards service – YSL partners can do 1 st set of results at end of first run

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Age Classes USSA rivalries are organized by age levels J6 & J7 – YSL races just - J6 is 7-8, J7 is 6 yrs old or more youthful J5 and J4 - Instructional Teaches the basics of ski dashing and underlines fun J5: 10 years of age and more youthful J4: 11 and 12 years of age J3 - Competitive - Scored in Some Divisions Improvement of aptitudes J3: 13 and 14 years of age J2, J1, Senior - Scored Competition J2: 15 and 16 years of age J1: 17,18,19 years of age Senior: 20 years or more established

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Age Classes US Ski Team WORLD CUP Selection Events FIS, USSA and Collegiate Scored & Ranked Internationally (FIS) Ages 15 & up; Collegiate Competitions Ages 18-22 USSA J1, J2, J3 USSA Masters Ages 21 & over Junior Olympics; National Ranking System Club-Based Programs - Ages 13-19 USSA J4-J5 USSA J6-J7 Youth Competition Ages 5 - 12; non-scored

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Race Series Competition opportunities Youth Ski League: 5-14yrs old permitted, dominant part are 7-12yrs maturity Class - J5, J4, (J3 –transitional) Ability – J1 & J2 FIS Masters Competition - racers 21 years or more seasoned

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Race Disciplines – Tech Events Slalom (SL) Technical Event - speedy and short turns Variety of entryway mixes to test expertise and methodology 2 keeps running: times are joined. Speediest joined time decides complete (special case YSL) Giant Slalom (GS) Technical Event - Less entryways and further separated than Slalom 2 keeps running: times are consolidated. Quickest consolidated time decides complete (exemption YSL) YSL Slaloms are with “stubby” doors and no blends, some YSL GS’s are “Dual” courses, (for example, our own at Eldora in 2007)

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Race Disciplines – Speed Events Super Giant Slalom (SG) Speed Event (Hybrid of DH and GS) Downhill (DH) – Speed Event – Fewest number of entryways; racers locate the speediest line One run Must incorporate preparing runs J3* Downhill - Special guidelines apply

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Race Organization Main Organizing Committee Members “Off Hill” Chief of Race (Chairman) Secretary Referee Assistant Referee

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Race Committee Responsible for “On-the-Hill” Duties Race Committee Members Chief of Race Chief of Course Chief Gate Judge Chief of Timing and Calculations

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Referee Receives reports of standard infractions from Start and Finish Referees Checks Gate Judge cards for “Faults” Prepares a convenient Report to be posted after every run posting Bib Numbers of racers who Did Not Start - DNS Did Not Finish - DNF Disqualified with Gate # or Rule for DSQ & name of capable authority YSL refs are doled out before the season. Continuously from a meeting group. (2007 Eldora YSL will have a ref from the Winter Park group)

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Assistant Referee Has all rights and obligations equivalent to those of the Referee (no associate ref at YSL occasions)

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Starter and Assistant Starter Informs Chief Timekeeper of face cloth number of contender who has begun Informs Chief Timekeeper of face cloth number of rival in the begin door Verifies fitting begin interims are watched Starts contenders Assistant Starter Lines up contenders as per Start List Announces face cloth number and name to dodge probability of exchanged napkins Has extra face cloths that are clear or that have unassigned numbers on the off chance that a substitution tucker is obliged

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Finish Referee At the Finish: Stays in completion range amid Course inspection Training Race Supervises the complete\'s state zone YSL: searches for conceivable overwhelms and tries to advise Timing (competitor beginning later passing a prior beginning competitor. Yes this does happen)

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Course Setter-First and Second Run Set course Inspect/audit course with Referee & TD as to reasonableness, wellbeing & meets rules/particulars YSL as often as possible won\'t re-set 2 nd run. Ordinarily just a ‘re-dress’ of a few entryways by a couple feet. Might possibly have a 2 nd run investigation period relying upon time accessible.

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Course Maintenance Workers Carries doors, boards, drills, entryway keys, timing hardware, scoops, rakes Sets defensive fencing, Willy sacks, onlooker fencing Clears free snow from the course Spreads chemicals Sets outside doors

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Race Administrator - The Key Inside Person Also called Race Secretary Receives sections Is in charge of readiness scored occasions YSL: creates the begin list by means of arbitrary choice inside of age/sex

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Timing Assistants: Manual/Hand Timekeeper and Recorder Start & Finish manual/hand timekeeping is absolutely autonomous of electronic timekeeping Provides manual reinforcement if there should arise an occurrence of disappointment of both electronic frameworks - An and B Uses a persistently running, synchronized, handheld stopwatch or hand worked battery worked clock Timing gadgets must read to the hundredth of a second ( Hand timing is regularly not done at YSL level aside from Championships

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Subtracting Electronic Times Start Here 3:61 15: 04:01 :891 - 15:02:59.871 1:02.020 Truncate to > 1:02.02 Start Here 3:61 15: 04:01 .891 - 15:02:59.872 1:02.019 Truncate to > 1:02.01

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Chief Gate Judge Assembles the Team of Gate Judges (GJ) Counts and numbers the entryways Assigns Gates to each GJ Checks that each GJ comprehends the guidelines for legitimate section Checks that each GJ has the essential materials Checks that each GJ has great sight lines Collects GJ cards after every run and conveys cards to the Referee In the occasion a “ Fault ” is recorded, verifies that the GJ is accessible after the race to meet with the Jury

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Gate Judge Most Important Person on the Hill Supervises one or more entryways Determines if both ski tips and boots passed the doors effectively Verifies that the racer did not get outside help Replaces missing doors in color spots, fix inclining entryways, supplant panels* Maintains the race surface* Controls observers and mentors who may swarm or meddle with the course* *Course upkeep laborers and other race authorities help with these obligations

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Gate Judging Most Important Person on the Hill How to door Judge & Record Explain & exhibit Need chart

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Ski Racing Officials Start Referee Start Manual/Hand Timekeeper Start Recorder Starter Assistant starter Chief of Course Setters Course Maintenance Course Equipment Chief Gate Judge Gate Judges Technical Delegate * Chief of Race Referee Assistant Referee ** Finish Referee Finish Controller Finish Manual/Hand Timekeeper Finish Recorder Chief of Timing/Calc Electronic clock administrator Electronic clock recorder Backup clock administrator Score cushion recorder Computer administrator Runners Announcer Scoreboard Poster Bib Collector Race Administration

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Summary Ski Races obliges a substantial number of volunteers to arrange a ski race Each employment obliges a straightforward comprehension of the position inside of the occasion Each individual has an obligation to comprehend both his/her individual occupation and how it identifies with the whole occasion With experience, a Competition Official will have the capacity to move in the middle of assignments and train for progression into a claim to fame zone

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Lake Eldora Racing Team Please join gathering to get particular preparing Gary Banik Hand clocks Mark Kostovsky Gatekeepers Matt Tomasko Course Crew & Ken Simboski Penny Wesanko Registration &

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