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Motivation. Recap of part 12 and 14Review of section 16Chapter 16 discussionReview of part 11Chapter 11 discussionReview of part 20Chapter 20 discussionStudy guides for Chapter 17
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Prologue TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Global Production and Supply Chain Management Global Financial Management August 11, 2008 Discussion Section

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Agenda Recap of part 12 and 14 Review of part 16 Chapter 16 talk Review of part 11 Chapter 11 exchange Review of part 20 Chapter 20 examination Study guides for Chapter 17 & 18 A couple notes about the last Q&A about the Final Additional available time on Wednesday, 10-12am @ Café Strada

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Recap of part 12 and 14 Chapter 12: The systems of International Business Value creation and key situating Market weight and methodology assurance Chapter 14: Entry technique and vital partnerships Pros and cons of different passage modes Pros and cons of greenfield endeavors, securing and vital cooperations.

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Chapter 16: Global Production, Outsourcing, and Logistics The focal part of creation and coordinations Where to deliver (Table 16.1) Country elements Technology variables: settled cost, min proficient scale, adaptable assembling and mass customization Product elements: esteem to weight proportion, all inclusiveness Changing part of remote manufacturing plants What to do create - Make-or-Buy Decision/vertical combination Managing worldwide store network Just-in-time stock Information innovation

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Chapter 16 Learning Goal What are the parts of generation and calculated? How do nation contrasts, generation innovation, and item includes influence the decision of where to find creation exercises? By what method can the part of remote backups underway be improved after some time as they collect information? What elements do firms think about when choice whether to make or purchase? What is required to productively arrange an all inclusive scattered generation framework.

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Chapter 16: Discussion A concoction firm is thinking about how best to supply the world market for sulfuric corrosive. An assembling plant costs roughly $20million to develop and requires a modestly gifted workforce. The aggregate estimation of the world market for this item throughout the following 10 years is assessed to be amongst $20billion and $30 billion territory. The taxes winning in this industry are direct. Ought to the firm support concentrated assembling or decentralized assembling? What sort of location(s) ought to the firm look for its plant(s)?

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Chapter 11: The Global Capital Market Benefits and dangers of the worldwide capital market to borrowers and financial specialists Cost of capital, hazard diminishment Opportunity for hypothesis, absence of data Growth of the worldwide capital market in the last quarter century Information innovation, deregulation Benefits and dangers of the Eurocurrency showcase Lack of direction, remote trade chance Attractions of the Eurobond advertise Regulatory impedance, revelation necessities, great assessment status "Worldwide" value showcase

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Chapter 11 Learning Goals What are the advantages of the worldwide capital market? Why has the worldwide capital market developed so quickly in the course of the last quarter century What dangers are related with the globalization of capital markets? What are the dangers and advantages related with the Eurocurrency showcase, the worldwide security advertise, and the worldwide value showcase? How does outside trade chance effect the cost of capital? Outside trade dangers

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Chapter 11: Discussion Why has the worldwide capital market developed so quickly in late decades? Do you think this development will proceed all through the following decade? What suggestions does this development have for borrowers and financial specialists from created and creating nations?

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Chapter 20: Financial Management in the International Business Investment choice Capital planning (NPV of income) Cash stream to the parent organization Political and monetary dangers (markdown rates) Financing choice – source and structure Global cash administration goals: Efficiency: money adjust and exchange cost Minimize assess installment How to move cash crosswise over outskirts? Profit settlement Royalty installments and charges Transfer costs Fronting credits Techniques for worldwide cash administration Centralized safes and multilateral netting

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Chapter 20 Learning Goals: How does working in various countries affect speculation choices inside the multinational venture? What are the distinctive financing choices accessible to the backup of a multinational endeavor? By what method can cash administration in a global business be utilized to limit money parities, exchange expenses, and tax assessment? What are a portion of the fundamental methods for worldwide cash administration?

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Chapter 20: Discussion You are the CFO of a US firm with an entirely possessed backup in Mexico that fabricates segment parts for your US get together operations. The auxiliary has been financed by bank borrowings in the United States. One of your examiners revealed to you that the Mexican peso is relied upon to deteriorate by 30% against the US dollar on the remote trade showcases throughout the following year. What activities, assuming any, would it be advisable for you to take?

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Chapter 17 Study Guide What decides firms\' worldwide promoting and R&D techniques? Promoting Market division Product properties - influenced by social contrasts, financial advancement, and item & specialized norms Distribution channels - retail fixation, channel length, channel restrictiveness and channel quality Communication contrasts – boundaries, what decides the optimality of push versus pull methodologies? Institutionalized versus restricted publicizing Price segregation, ruthless valuing, multipoint evaluating and encounter bend estimating Government control on valuing: antidumping and rivalry arrangement R&D Used to be amassed in the U.S., no longer so As fruitful item requires the mix of R&D, advertising, and creation – accomplished through cross-useful groups

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Chapter 18 Study Guide: Global Human Resource Management What is human asset administration Benefits and expenses of the 3 staffing strategies: Ethnocentric, polycentric and geocentric (see Table 18.1, pg 631) Why do worldwide expat chiefs come up short? The most effective method to decrease disappointment rates: Cultural, dialect and functional preparing Repatriation of expats Problems with execution examinations in a MNE Components of expat pay Managing global work relations – decentralized and incorporated control

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Final Exam Same configuration as midterm Bring a #2 pencil and a green scantron Suggested articles to concentrate on: "A Tale of Two Factories" "Philippines Jollibee Goes Abroad" "Low-Skilled Jobs: Do They Have to Leave?" "Enormous Mac\'s Local Flavor" "Calling the Faithful" Other inquiries Good fortunes!

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