Prologue to Legitimate Examination and FSU Law Library Administrations.

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Night Service: The Hotline (Red Phone) at Reference. Legitimate Research: ... The MacCrate Report, ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, Report of ...
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Prologue to Legal Research & FSU Law Library Services Presented by Robin R. Gault, Associate Director of the Law Library Presentation Originally Created by Faye Jones, Professor & Director of the Law Library Reference Desk: 850-644-4095 Evening Service: The Hotline (Red Phone) at Reference

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Legal Research: A Fundamental Skill The MacCrate Report , ABA Section of Legal Education & Admissions to the Bar, Report of the Task Force on Law Schools and the Profession: Narrowing the Gap v, 145 (Robert MacCrate ed. (1992). Key Skill # 3: "keeping in mind the end goal to direct legitimate research viably, a legal advisor ought to have a working information of the way of lawful tenets and lawful foundations, the essential instruments of lawful examination, and the way toward formulating and executing a cognizant and successful exploration plan . . . ."

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Legal Research: A Fundamental Skill A lawyer\'s inability to examine a customer\'s case appropriately can bring about a misbehavior grant against the lawyer ( Hickox v. Holleman , 502 So. 2d 626 (Miss. 1987)), an open reprimand by the court ( Massey v. Sovereign George\'s County , 918 F. Supp. 905 (D. Md., 1996)), or even suspension ( Attorney Grievance Comm\'n v. Zdravkovich , 762 A.2d 950 (Md. Ct. Application., 2000)).

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Legal Research: A Fundamental Skill Legal exploration must be Correct Comprehensive Credible Cost-successful

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A Legal Researcher\'s Goals Find right assets to depend upon The law that oversees the realities for your situation and which was as a result at the time the certainties happened Be thorough Mandatory essential power, convincing essential power, valuable optional power Be believable Find the most grounded power to depend upon Be financially savvy Practice, rehearse, hone Caveat: Ask for help before dissatisfaction sets in…

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Legal Research: The Basics Primary Authority IS the law Cases, Statutes, Constitutions, Regulations, Rules Secondary Authority Analysis and critique Usually the best place to start research Treatises, Practice materials, Periodicals, American Law Reports & significantly more Finding Tools Digests, Citators, and different procedures Updating Tools Lexis/Nexis Shepard\'s Citators and Westlaw Keycite

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Work From A Research Plan Identify research terms Study the actualities, read every single accessible record, and create vocabulary before starting to examine Assess the organizations accessible: print or online? Keep a diary as you work Find, read, and upgrade optional sources Develop issues for essential examination Hint: It works out the issues Find, read, and redesign essential power Include illicit materials as suitable

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Primary Sources: Cases Courts: clarify the question, the result, and their thinking Resolve just this debate, however Set point of reference for the future Courts are receptive, not proactive. Commonplace court structure: Trial Appellate (Intermediate) Highest

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Parts of a Case Caption: names of gatherings for the situation Docket Number: court-allocated following number Citation: production area Subsequent distributions 34 F. 211; 34 F.2d 211; 34 F.3d 211 Parallel Citations 55 U.S. 193, 14 How. 193, 14 L. Ed. 383, 1852 U.S. LEXIS 435 (1853) Attorneys: names of direction showing up for each of the gatherings for the situation   Judges: which judges composed the lion\'s share sentiment and any disagreeing or agreeing feelings   Opinion: the real choice of the judge

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Federal Courts

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U.S. Incomparable Court U.S. Reports Supreme Court Reporter Lawyer\'s Edition U.S. Courts of Appeals Federal Reporter U.S. Area Courts Federal Supplement Federal Case Reporters

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Regional Reporter System

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Examples of Regional and Specialty Reporters

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Florida Courts Florida Supreme Court District Courts of Appeal 20 Circuit Courts Both trial and investigative courts 67 County Courts

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Florida Case Reporters Southern Reporter Regional correspondent that incorporates Florida Cases A subset of Southern Reporter that contains just Florida cases Florida Law Weekly New Florida re-appraising court choices Florida Law Weekly Federal New choices of government courts sitting in Florida, 11 th Circuit and U.S. Preeminent Court Florida Law Weekly Supplement New chose district and circuit court choices

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Finding Tools Digests Comprehensive topical files Decennial Digest General Digest West\'s Florida Digest & Florida Digest 2d Citators Using essential or auxiliary sources "One great case" "Mining the commentaries"

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Is there a run of the mill way to do case research? Three inquiries: Where to start? How to continue? At the point when to stop? What is available/generally valuable? Online assets versus print assets

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Primary Sources: Federal Statutes & Constitution Government Printing Office (Official) Public Laws (slip laws) Statutes everywhere (session laws) United States Code (Reorganized into 50 themes) Commercial Publishers (Unofficial) United States Code Annotated (West) United States Code Service (Lexis)

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Primary Sources: Florida Statutes & Constitution Official Laws of Florida (session laws) Florida Statutes Unofficial Florida Statutes Annotated (West) Florida Annotated Statutes (Lexis)

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Primary Sources: Regulations "Assigned Legislation" Federal Code of Federal Regulation Federal Register Administrative organization productions Florida Administrative Code Annotated Florida Administrative Weekly Florida Administrative Law Reports

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Rules of Procedure and Ethics Rules of courts Federal, state, and neighborhood Rules of Professional Conduct Rules Regulating the Florida Bar American Bar Association Model Rules Codes of Judicial Conduct Ethics sentiments The Florida Bar

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Updating Tools Currency is the soul of the law! Shepard\'s Print Lexis Keycite (Westlaw) Hint: Learn both frameworks!

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Secondary Sources Treatises Practice materials Periodicals & Indexes Index to Legal Periodicals & Books LegalTrac American Law Reports Encyclopedias

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Research Instruction by Law Librarians educating lawful exploration In classes: Advanced Legal Research, International Legal Research, Environmental Law Research. In examination workshops & Jump Starts. In the Library Ask for assistance from the reference administrators Margaret Clark is the bookkeeper contact for 1Ls

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FSU Law Library Guides to assets Online list (print and electronic assets) Law Library databases FSU Databases E-diaries Other online sources Research guides Research Workshop plan Services Staff Hours Policies

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Law Library Services for Law Students Individual examination help Research direction CALI Past exams Course hold materials Interlibrary advance Wireless access Printing/photocopying Creation of novel exploration databases

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Other Libraries Main Library (Strozier) Information Studies Medical Music Science (Dirac) Regional/National Library Catalogs

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Research & The End Game American Bar Association Career Guides FindLaw, Florida Bar Organizations AIPLA, Forces ; ; ; ; FSU J.D./M.S. joint degree in law librarianship

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