Prologue to Lego Mindstorms .

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Introduction to Lego Mindstorms. LMICSE Workshop June 14 - 17, 2005 Alma College. The Lego Mindstorms Kit. The RCX (the brains) Two Geared Motors Two Touch Sensors One Light Sensor A USB IR Tower A CD-ROM The Constructopedia Lots of Lego Pieces!. RCX Brick and Standard
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´╗┐Prologue to Lego Mindstorms LMICSE Workshop June 14 - 17, 2005 Alma College

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The Lego Mindstorms Kit The RCX (the brains) Two Geared Motors Two Touch Sensors One Light Sensor A USB IR Tower A CD-ROM The Constructopedia Lots of Lego Pieces! RCX Brick and Standard Sensors and Motors

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A Basic Robot Design The Constructopedia is a building guide. Appeared at left is the fundamental Roverbot from the Constructopedia A vigorous plan Allows connection of any of twofold guard (appeared) wheel sets (appeared) single guard light sensor tank like treads A prescribed outline beginning stage Basic Roverbot Configuration

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The RCX Itself (1) Hitachi H8 arrangement microcontroller 8 bit CPU at 16 MHz 32 KByte RAM 16 KByte ROM for the BIOS Serial I/O (input/yield) ADC (simple computerized converter) Built-in clocks RCX Brick

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The RCX Itself (2) Liquid precious stone show (LCD) Four push catches One little inside speaker Three sensor inputs Three engine yields One infrared (IR) interface with a restrictive convention Requires 6 AA batteries RCX Brick

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Actuators With Kit Geared Motors Available From Lego High-speed Motors Mini-engine Light Brick Available outsider Servo Motor/Servo Controller Servo Controller w/2 Servo Motors Ungeared and Geared Motors

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Sensors Basics Mindstorms sensors come in two sorts Active: RCX supplies control Example: Light sensor (provided with unit) Passive: RCX just distinguishes changes in resistance Example: Touch sensor (provided with pack)

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Sensors Available from Lego Touch Passive Supplied with Kit Light Active Supplied with Kit Rotation (Angle) Active Add-on Touch, Light and Rotation Sensors

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Third Party Sensors (1) The sensor interface is very much archived Many arrangements of building guidelines for sensors exist, for instance observe Michael Gasperi\'s site Two business providers we know of:

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Third Party Sensors (2) Sonar (Ultrasonic range) Available both from Mindsensors and Hitechnic Magnetic Compass Sensor Available from Hitechnic Active and Passive Multiplexor Available from Mindsensors And numerous others Hitechnic Sonar Mindsensors Active Multiplexor Hitechnic Compass

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Software Architecture Typical Software Architecture Levels

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Software Architecture System ROM Layer Low Level Control Software Allows a second bit of programming - the firmware Can be circumvent for direct control of the equipment

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Lego Firmware The Lego firmware gives a situation to the execution of projects on the RCX. Must be downloaded (only once) before programming the RCX. Other firmware arrangements are accessible. Lego Firmware v. 2.0 licenses 5 isolate programs 10 strings 32 worldwide factors 16 nearby factors for every string Broadcast IR convention

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Alternative Firmware substitutions assist push the breaking points of the RCX Popular substitutions are attached to option programming situations Examples LejOS (Java) see (C/C++) see RCXLisp (Lisp) Part of the LMICSE extend See

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Programming the RCX Mindstorms ships with its own famous programming dialect, yet this is an exceptionally restricted dialect. So others have created for the RCX all the standard programming dialects, including: C C++ Java Ada Lisp Forth Smalltalk

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So What Now? How about we play with a few Legos!

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