Prologue to Medicinal services Data.

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Prologue to Medicinal services Data Section 1 Diagram Sorts of Social insurance Data Quiet Experience Information Tolerant Particular Data Clinical Authoritative Consolidated Total Data Clinical Regulatory Joined Near Data
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Prologue to Health Care Information Chapter 1 Managing Health Care Information Systems

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Outline Types of Health Care Information Patient Encounter Data Patient Specific Information Clinical Administrative Combined Aggregate Information Clinical Administrative Combined Comparative Information Expert Knowledge based Information

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Types of Health Care Information Definitions shift HIPAA characterizes wellbeing data as verbal or composed data made or got by a human services supplier, wellbeing arrangement, general wellbeing power, head honcho, life back up plan, school or college or medicinal services clearinghouse that identifies with the physical or psychological well-being of an individual, or installment for procurement of social insurance. HIPAA particularly alludes to this sort of data as secured wellbeing data, or PHI. JCAHO urges medicinal services pioneers to take “responsibility for overseeing data, pretty much as they accomplish for ... human, material, and money related resources.”

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Types of Health Care Information Framework Internal Data/Information Patient Encounter Patient particular Aggregate Comparative General Operations External Data/Information Comparative Expert/Knowledge-based

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Patient Encounter Data

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Patient Specific—Clinical Purpose of Patient Records Patient consideration Communication Legal documentation Billing and Reimbursement Research and Quality Management

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Patient Specific—Clinical Content of Patient Records Identification Sheet Problem List Medication Record History and Physical Progress Notes Consultation

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Patient Specific- - Clinical Content of Patient Records Imaging and X-beam reports Laboratory reports Consent and approval structures Operative Reports Pathology Reports Discharge Summary Other

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Patient Specific—Clinical Overview of Inpatient Encounter Scheduling Preadmission Admission/Registration Treatment Medical Nursing Ancillary Discharge

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Patient Specific—Clinical Physician’s Office Patient Flow Check In Move to Exam Room Examination Check Out Later exercises

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Patient Specific—Administrative Data Needed for Reimbursement UB 92 CMS 1500 Other Uniform Data Sets ACDS UHDDS

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Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set Elements Journal of AHIMA 72, no.10 (2001). UHDDS components as embraced in 1986 may be: 1.    Personal ID 2.    Sex 3.    Race 4.    Ethnicity 5.    Residence 6.    Hospital recognizable proof 7-8.  Admission and release dates 9-10.  Attending doctor and working doctor 11.    Diagnoses : Principal finding & Other diagnoses 12.    Procedure and date 13.    Disposition of patient 14.    Expected payer

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Patient Specific—Combined Coding Systems ICD-9-CM National Center for Health Statistics Inpatient and Outpatient Diagnoses Inpatient Procedures CPT American Medical Association Outpatient Procedures

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Patient Specific—Combined Coding Standards Compliance Issues Fraud & Abuse Issues

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Aggregate—Clinical Disease and Procedure Indexes Specialized Registers Emergency Room Operating Room Trauma Tumor Other Ad hoc Reports

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Aggregate—Administrative Limitless Ad hoc Reports Specific Examples Medicare Cost Reports Health Care Statistics Census Discharge

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Aggregate—Combined Ad hoc Reports Trend investigation Statistical reports Quality change

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Comparative Outcome Measures Benchmarking Balanced Scorecards Clinical Value Compass

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Sources for Comparative Data Kelly, 2003

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Comparative Health Care Data Sets HEDIS NCQA ORYNX JCAHO CMS Leapfrog Group

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Expert of Knowledge-based Clinical, experimental and administration print writing On-line assets

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Summary Types of Health Care Information Internal Patient Specific Information Clinical Administrative Combined Aggregate Information Clinical Administrative Combined

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Summary (cont.) External Comp

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