Prologue to .NET.

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Prologue to .NET Themes to be secured MSDN Scholarly Union What is .NET? Tulane Client Bunch Envision Glass MSDNAA a yearly enrollment program for specialized offices All Microsoft programming is accessible for use aside from Office How to acquire the product?
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Prologue to .NET

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Topics to be secured MSDN Academic Alliance What is .NET? Tulane User Group Imagine Cup Lim

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MSDNAA a yearly enrollment program for specialized divisions All Microsoft programming is accessible for utilization aside from Office Lim

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How to get the product? See Mike Fletcher at ST 2 nd floor Check posted flyers Lim

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What is .NET? PCs and shrewd gadgets to use webservices. Applications that perform assignments, for example, approving Visa buys and checking carrier flights Visual Studio .NET and .NET Framework to make/broaden webservices. For sending and overseeing web administrations Lim

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Web administrations Console applications Windows applications Web applications Data and XML Framework Class Library Common Language Runtime OS/Hardware/Simulator Lim

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Why utilize the .NET Framework? Without a moment to spare compiler C# compiler C++ compiler JIT AND CLR Simulator or Hardware C compiler IL Scheme compiler Prolog compiler Prolog X compiler Common Language Runtime X Intermediate Language dialects compilers Lim

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Why utilize the .NET Framework? Multi-dialect advancement C#, C/C++, VB.NET, Eiffel, Fortran, Java, Pascal, Perl, Python, Scheme, SmallTalk, and some more. Permits you to utilize whatever dialect fits your needs/needs Harness the force of Visual Studio Highly gainful environment MSDN library of specialized information Lim

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Imagine Cup a worldwide occasion testing the world\'s most innovative and tech-astute understudies to plan the best new Web administrations arrangement. Going after universal acknowledgment and money prizes totaling U.S. $50,000, Imagine Lim

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Imagine Cup Team Tulane Game advancement for Smart Devices Lim

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An Example Quake.Net the QUAKE II 3-D motor accessible to the general population under the GNU General Public License ("GPL"). July 2003, Vertigo Software, Inc. is discharging Quake II .NET, a C\'s port dialect based motor to Visual C++ with a .NET oversaw heads-up presentation. delineate a point: one can undoubtedly port a lot of C code to C++, and afterward run the entire application as an oversaw .NET application utilizing the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) without discernible execution delays Lim

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Links of Interest Lim

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Sources Defining Basic Elements of .NET to Programming Languages by Dr. Yinong Chen of ASU Microsoft .Net Presentation by Microsoft Programming Microsoft .NET by Jeff Prosise Big on account of Andy Lim

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