Prologue to the Key Subjects "Hustling for Change" IFHA Yearly Gathering Paris, October 2009.

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More than 6 million affirmations for every annum; 4 of main 8 games occasion ... Conventional hustling observations (betting not vacillating) different games are developing quick ...
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Prologue to the Key Themes "Hustling for Change" IFHA Annual Conference Paris, October 2009

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British Racing now Racing is the second biggest game in the UK More than 6 million confirmations for each annum; 4 of main 8 sports occasion 2 million individual dashing fans £12bn wagering turnover (1% return) 40,000 proprietors (net commitment of £275m Regular TV groups of onlookers of c.1 million (BBC, C4) Maximum gatherings of people of 6 million (Grand National, Epsom) are equivalent to England football matches

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So what\'s the issue? Offer of betting/wagering stagnating other item offerings Traditional dashing discernments (betting not shuddering) different games are developing quick in light of the fact that; more grounded purchaser engagement Terrestrial telecom losing group of onlookers Aging demographic, social moves Highly aggressive recreation, stimulation and extravagance markets

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Consumer Research Horseracing is by and large very much respected – awesome resources Free of real picture issues. Not front of brain – "best kept mystery" Highly agreeable day out yet fringe action Lacks the snares important to catch and keep up engagement Scope for changing over easygoing race goers and flutterers into enthusiasts of the game is constrained by the perplexing way of the item Current easygoing members are inadequately in either the game itself or in genuine wagering to make the required interest in comprehension it

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Racing for Change Racing as a premium marked game Broaden horseracing\'s national media bid & advance the fervor of horseracing - telecasters and patrons Increase recurrence of visit Promote possession Betting procedure

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What is to be finished? The Racing for Change Board Racecourses, Horsemen, BHA, Levy Board Strategy for new wagering industry Cross advancement; Co-promoting effort New types of wager for "flutterers" Central showcasing and PR Signpost the key stories; Less language Raceday encounter More appealing; simpler to return Telling the Story Branded Nationally conveyed account for the game Clearer signposts: Differentiation, Premier hustling

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