Prologue to Tourism.

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History of Tourism PowerPoint Lecture
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Prologue to Tourism

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Definitions Tourism Travel for the reasons for relaxation or amusement Tourist Someone who goes to a spot outside their standard surroundings and stays there for short of what one year

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What Does It Take to Be a Tourist? Discretionary cashflow Time Infrastructure

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Where might you go and why?

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History of Tourism "Occasion" Derived from the words "heavenly" and "day" "Journey" Travel to a holy place Mecca Required in the Muslim confidence Graceland Home of Elvis Presley

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History Cont\'d Why did individuals begin voyaging? See things Buildings, craftsmanship, and so on. Learn new dialects Taste new nourishment

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Grand Tour Rich English men voyaged Europe England – France – Switzerland – Italy – Germany – Holland What is the cutting edge identical?

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Backpacking! It\'s a transitional experience! Source: Wikipedia (

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Activity Pick a period outside of the most recent 100 years and make a vacationer leaflet that tries to motivate individuals to visit, for example, Rome (amid realm) Greece (amid old times) Europe (amid dark sickness) Scotland (amid Braveheart days) The more arbitrary the better Get innovative

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