Prologue to Transnational Legal Research .

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What is transnational legitimate exploration?. Remote and Comparative LawLaw of wards outside the USCivil versus normal lawPrivate International LawDomestic law rehearsed crosswise over global outskirts
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Prologue to Transnational Legal Research Jennifer L. Selby University of Michigan Law Library March 12, 2009

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What is transnational legitimate research? Remote and Comparative Law of wards outside the US Civil versus custom-based law Private International Law Domestic law rehearsed crosswise over global outskirts "Struggle of Laws" Public International "Law of Nations" Supranational Law of the European Union

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How would I approach a transnational research issue? Utilize an indistinguishable approach from with any lawful research issue Preparation Secondary sources Legislation Case Law Update inquire about

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But I\'m not multi-lingual! Shouldn\'t something be said about outside dialects? Discover it in English. Search for authority interpretations. Utilize a bilingual law lexicon. Be watchful about interpreting ideas.

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Foreign Law Library\'s Electronic Resources List/Foreign & Comparative Law-

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Foreign Law of wards outside of the U.S. 200+ non-US locales General sources: Foreign Law Guide (Reynolds & Flores) Best beginning spot for outside law Online at E-Resources list

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Foreign Law Country-particular optional assets Periodical Sources Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Online at E-Resources list

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Foreign Law Foreign legitimate references can look weird 1995 (1) SACR 45 (CC) South African Criminal Reports, Constitutional Court §191 Nr. 5 ZPO Zivilprozeßordnung (common system code of Germany) Clunet 122 no. 3:585-597 \'95 Journal du Droit International (France) 13 Gr.B. 408 (1901) The Green Bag

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Foreign Law Sources to help you recognize peculiar refers to World Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations Noble\'s International Guide to the Law Reports Bieber\'s Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Online at Electronic Resources List) BlueBook

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Foreign Law Locating wellsprings of outside essential law: Reynolds & Flores Paper [Ref Coll Bibliog Reynolds] – never again being upgraded Online – E-Resources( Foreign Law Guide ) UM Law Library Catalog Online sources Compiled Foreign Law joins – E-Resources, Categories: Foreign & Comparative Law

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Foreign Law Foreign Primary Law on the Web (U. of Houston) Compilation of Foreign Laws by Country (Harvard) into/aides/global/web_resources/foreignA.php

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Private International Law: What is it? It\'s not by any stretch of the imagination "global law"! May include outside and American lawful research "Struggle of Laws" Arises in "private" setting, commonly suit or business exchanges

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Private International Law: Where do I begin? Counsel essential sources on strife of laws Dicey and Morris on the Conflict of Laws International Encyclopedia of Laws. Private worldwide law If your issue concerns a transnational business exchange… Consult a " Doing Business In… " source If your issue concerns a transnational question… Consult essential sources on global case Germain\'s Transnational Law Research

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Public International Law Resources Law Library\'s Electronic Resources List/International Law Resources- International Law Subjects/Categories: Int\'l Courts & tribunals ICJ International Criminal Court

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Public International Law Resources Human Rights OAS United Nations ODS – UN Official Document System Clout – UNCITRAL Case Law Treaties Access UN Treaty Collection (UNTS) Treaties &Agreements Library/HeinOnline (UST, TIAS, KAV) US Dept of State International Agreements Collection

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PublicInternational Law Resources International Trade WTO Others

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Public International Law: Where do I begin? Wellsprings of global law: settlements, custom, general standards, legal choices, academic compositions Consult general optional sources Guide to International Legal Research Germain Accidental Tourist on the New Frontier Consult periodical sources/diary files Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) Index to Legal Periodicals (ILP) Legal Trac

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Public International Law: Where do I discover essential sources? Bargains (or traditions or conventions or announcements or acts or… ) Treaty research can dismay, yet truly NOT too hard (truly!) Treaty examine by and large falls into 3 classes: Locating the settlement Determining the status of an arrangement Interpreting its content

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Treaty Law Resources Law Library\'s E-Resources, Categories: Trreaties- Treaties &Agreements Library/HeinOnline (UST, TIAS, KAV) UN Treaty Collection (UNTS) US Dept of State International Agreements Collection

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Treaties To find the content of a settlement… Use a discovering help … To discover a reference to the content… Which is distributed in at least one correspondents in paper, microfiche, as well as online Use diverse sources relying upon nature of the universal understanding Many distinctive ways and spots to locate a similar thing

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Treaties Key inquiries to finding an arrangement: Is it reciprocal or multilateral? Is the U.S. a gathering? What is the date? See: Accidental Tourist table, Ch. 6; pgs. 133-134. [Online in UM Law Library Catalog (title inquiry) and paper in Ref Coll Bibliog Accident]

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Treaties US a gathering? Begin with US Treaties in Force Affairs of US State Dept) or (HeinOnline/Treaties Library) UST TIAS UNTS

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Treaties United States Treaties (UST) Online: Treaties and Agreements Library/HeinOnline , 1950-1984, PDF archives Paper: 1950 – [JX8 9 U58.3 A] ~20+ time slack in distribution

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Treaties TIAS – Like a slip supposition Online/PDF 1996 : (HeinOnline/Treaties) Paper through 1996 [JX8 9 U58.3 A] – Click on connection to "Most recent Received" to see ebb and flow TIAS receipts ~10 yr time slack in production

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Treaties Kavass (KAV): United States Treaty Index & Hein Microfiche Series [Ref Coll Indexes US treat] Master Guide (Numerical) & different records Subject Country Geographical Subject Chronological Current Treaty Index Service - overhauling

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Treaties Online: Treaties and Agreements Library/HeinOnline , PDF reports KAV 0001-7503 (1987-2007)

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Treaties UN Treaties – UNTS Multilateral and two-sided, to which US might possibly be a gathering Paper: United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS), 1946-[JX9 UN.8 V.1] League of Nations Treaty Series (LNTS), 1929-1946 [Micro-10 LLMC 79-454]

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Treaties UN Treaty Collection - Electronic Resource List (Mostly PDF reports) ( ) Categories: Treaties Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General (paper (Ref Coll Indexes Multilat) & Online). UNTS 1946-[JX9 UN.8 V.1] & Online

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Treaties United Nations Law Collection – HeinOnline ( ) Categories: Treaties OR Subjects: United Nations Collection of United Nations archives and serials, including the United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS), International Court of Justice Reports, UN yearbooks, and authentic gathering and authoritative arrangement records.

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Public International Law: How would I discover cases? Legal choices from worldwide tribunals, national tribunals, arbitral boards No gaze decisis National tribunals: For US, look into sentiments of government courts For outside locales, utilize remote legitimate research procedures Reynolds & Flores

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Public International Law: How would I discover cases? Worldwide tribunals ICJ - Key universal tribunal International Criminal Court International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Etc.

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Finding Cases from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ICJ site – page/index.php?lang=en Electronic Resource List ( ) : Subjects: International Courts Browse or pursuit cases – html & not PDF

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Finding Cases from the International Court of Justice (ICJ United Nations Law Collection (ICJ) – HeinOnline ( ) Subjects: Courts & Judiciary OR Subjects: United Nations Full-content PDF cases, 1947-show

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Finding Cases from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Official correspondent for the ICJ is Report of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders , 1947 - , JX6 4.4 R3 Another valuable columnist is Pleadings, Oral Arguments and Documents , 1947-, JX6 4.4 P7, which is like records & briefs of the American redrafting courts

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Public International Law: How would I discover cases? Arbitral boards or individual referees No distribution prerequisite Permanent Court of Arbitration site Reports of International Arbitral Awards

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International Arbitral Agreements Permanent Court of Arbitration PCA controls intervention, appeasement and certainty finding in question including different blends of states, private gatherings and intergovernmental associations. PCA utilizes its own particular present day standards of system, which are based upon the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

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