Prologue to Virtualization.

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Prologue to Virtualization Michael Otey Specialized Chief Windows IT Star Magazine What this session covers Sorts of Virtualization Equipment Virtualization Virtual Machine Virtualization Application Virtualization Future bearings in Virtualization Equipment Dividing
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Prologue to Virtualization Michael Otey Technical Director Windows IT Pro Magazine

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What this session spreads Types of Virtualization Hardware Virtualization Virtual Machine Virtualization Application Virtualization Future bearings in Virtualization

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Hardware Partitioning

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Scenarios for Hardware Partitioning Server Consolidation Reduced TCO Increased server use Separate generation and test situations Application Isolation

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Hardware Partitioning Physical framework is isolated into numerous allotments One or more CPUs per segment Full electrical seclusion between segments Redundant equipment segments

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Hardware Partitioning High-end Servers HP Itanium Unisys ES7000 Fujitsu PrimeQuest Multiple equipment segments Up to 8 Assignment of physical asset per segment CPUs Memory I/O Cluster “in-a-box” support

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Hardware Partitioning Summary Can Consolidate various servers Reduced organization Requires top of the line servers Usually Itanium based Can be lavish Limited number of segments

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Virtual Machine Virtualization

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Virtualization Scenarios Server union Multiple OS & Application bolster Lab and Deployment Testing Training Disaster Recovery Application Isolation

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Virtual Machine Virtualization V i r t u a l Applications Guest OS (Windows NT) Guest OS (Windows 2000) Guest OS (Windows 2003) Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Virtual Machine P h y s i c a l Virtual Machine Manager Host Operating System Hardware

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Virtualization Overview Virtual Machine Guest Environment

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VM Hard Disk Options Virtual Hard Disks Fixed Dynamic Virtual Hard Disk Features Snapshots Undo circles Differencing Disks

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VM Networking Options Virtual Networking None Internal External (Bridged)

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Virtual Machine Additions Installed after the visitor OS Typically from introduced IS picture Improves VM execution Enhanced SVGA feature drivers Improved mouse bolster Drag-and-drop with the host Time synchronization

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64-bit Support 64-bit host bolster Windows Server SE and EE x64 dispenses with physical memory confinements 64-bit Virtual Machine Manager Larger piece location space

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Virtual Machine Types and Uses Desktop Products Development Testing Training Server Products Server combination Disaster Recovery High Availability Testing and arrangement

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Virtual Machine Products Desktop VMware Workstation 5.5 Virtual PC 2004

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VMware Workstation 5.5 First VM Product 64-bit host & visitors 2-way virtual SMP SCSI VHDs Multiple depictions Compatible VM pictures w/Virtual Server Can Import MS VM Images USB & Audio support $189

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VMware Workstation 5.5 Supported Hosts

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VMware Workstation 5.5 Supported Guests

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Virtual PC 2004 Technology from Connectix 32-bit just Compatible VM Images w/MS Virtual Server VPC 2007 w/Vista Audio – no USD Now Free

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Supported Hosts Supported Guests Virtual PC 2004

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Virtual Desktop Products Summary Microsoft Virtual PC Free Less has & visitors bolster Less VM elements and abilities Soon to be supplanted by Virtual PC 2007 VMware Workstation Costs all the More host & visitors bolster Better components (Snapshots, USB) 64-bit hosts and visitors

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Virtual Server Products Server Products VMware Virtual Server 1.01 Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 VMware ESX Server 3.0 Others: XEN 3.0 & Virtuozzo

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VMware Virtual Server Features 64-bit host & visitor support Virtual SMP Support USB Support VM Snapshots Import MS VM Images Windows and Web Management Central Management with VirtualCenter Limitations No backing for host bunching

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VMware Virtual Server Supported Hosts

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VMware Virtual Server Supported Guests

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Virtual Server 2005 R2 Features 64-bit host bolster Web-based administration New backing for Linux disseminations Support for MSCS Limitations No 64-bit visitor bolster No visitor sound No visitor USB

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VS2005 R2 MSCS Host Support for Microsoft Clustering Services Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition or Datacenter Edition VS is MSCS group mindful Eliminates single purpose of disappointment Automatic VM startup

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Windows Server 2003 R2 Applies to any virtualization item running on Windows Server 2003 R2 VM authorizing changes Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition R2 Base OS Four extra VM OS Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition Unlimited VMs

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VMware ESX Server 3.0 Leader in the venture virtualization items Bare metal establishment No host OS Best execution

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ESX Server Overview V i r t u a l Applications Guest OS (Linux) Guest OS (Windows 2000) Guest OS (Windows 2003) Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Virtual Machine P h y s i c a l Virtual Machine Manager (ESX Server) System Hardware

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VMware ESX Server 3.0 Features CPU virtualization – 4-way Virtual SMP Direct SAN LUN mapping, boot from SAN Up to 16GB RAM for every VM Can import MS VM Images Can bunch VMs crosswise over physical hosts Centralized administration utilizing VirtualCenter Not free: $1000 Standard Edition $5750 Enterprise Edition

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VMware ESX Server 3.0 Limitations Unfamiliar administration for Windows overseers No official backing for MSCS have No USB support in the visitors

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VMware ESX Server 3.0 Supported 32-bit Guests

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VMware ESX Server 3.0 64-bit Guests Windows 2003 64-bit SP1 (Standard, Enterprise) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 64-bit (UP6, UP7) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 64-bit (UP2, UP3) SuSE Linux Server (SLES) 9 64-bit (SP3) Solaris 10 1/062

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Other Virtualization stages XEN 3.0 - Open source Limited visitor backing Requires OS Source code changes XEN Enterprise – business Windows and Linux support Virtuozzo Linux roots Virtualizes the OS as opposed to the equipment

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Virtual Servers Summary VMware Virtual Server Free, amazing host and visitor bolster 64-bit host and visitor bolster No bunching backing Microsoft Virtual Server 2002 R2 Free, Microsoft-just has, great visitor bolster 64-bit host bolster, no 64-bit visitor bolster Support Microsoft Clustering for hosts (Both advantage for Windows Server 2003 R2 permitting)

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Virtual Servers Summary ESX Server Highest expenses, exposed metal execution Virtual SMP, most astounding visitor limits No bunching for hosts, grouping for visitors XEN Free, open source, obliges OS source code changes Virtuozzo Not free, virtualizes OS not equipment

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Application Virtualization

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Application Virtualization Scenarios Legacy applications Incompatible applications End of DLL Hell No OS changes Can be coupled w/AD or other administration structures for customer administration and sending

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Application Virtualization Runs as an application Virtualizes OS settings Registry File System

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Application Virtualization Products Softricity SoftGrid Application virtualization Deployment Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Application virtualization

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Softricity SoftGrid $5000 base cost w/20 CALs Purchased by Microsoft Requires AD Requires a backend applications server On-interest arrangement Streams programming to customers Policy-based administration

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SoftGrid Overview Install SoftGrip Application Server Deploy SoftGrid Clients Add SoftGrid Application Groups to AD Sequence target applications Assign applications to SoftGrid AD bunches

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Softricity Overview

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Altiris SVS Free No unpredictable base necessities Implemented as a record framework channel driver Redirects registry and document framework calls

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Altiris SVS Overview Install SVS on the customer Create an application layer Install the objective application into the application layer Activate the application layer

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Future Directions in Virtualization

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Windows Server 2007 Hypervisor Hardware helped virtualization Intel Virtualization Technology AMD Virtualization Technology Windows Server 2007 Hypervisor Compatible with MS VM Images

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Virtualization Management VMware Infrastructure No AD prerequisite Manages Virtaul Server, GSX Server and ESX Server VMs Microsoft System Center for Virtual Requires AD Manages Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 VMs Currently in beta

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Additional Resources Hardware Partitioning HP Integrity Unisys ES7000 Fujistu PrimeQuest

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Additional Resources Desktop Virtualization Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 VMware Workstation 5.5

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Additional Resources Server Virtualization Microsoft Virtual Server VMware Virtual Server ESX Server

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Additional Resources Application Virtualization Softricity SoftGrid Altiris SVS

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