Promising early years home going by projects in the Netherlands.

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Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare. Things * Netherlands * Policy and administrations ... Vagrants from Morocco, Surinam, Turkey and Netherlands Antilles ...
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Promising early years home going by projects in the Netherlands Bert Prinsen Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare

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Items * Netherlands * Policy and administrations * Promising projects * Home going to -VoorZorg -Mothers Inform Mothers -Stevig Ouderschap

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The Netherlands Monarchy, part of the European Union 16.1 million occupants 24.3% between 0-19 year i.c. 3.7 million kids

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Age conveyance of 0 - 19 year olds

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Families The lion\'s share of kids are raised inside a family with more than one kid and two carers

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Families and kids Age of the moms at first birth - 29 year 33% of relational unions closes in separation 15% of kids lives in poor family units 4% of kids occupied with reports on kid misuse 9% of the kids live in single guardian families and 3% live in stepfamilies

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Migrant kids Migrants from Morocco, Surinam, Turkey and Netherlands Antilles More adolescents than the local Dutch: 38% is more youthful than 25 year Higher birth rate and family get-together By the year 2015 2/3 of populace increment brought about by development of the quantity of individuals from ethnic foundations

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The parity of child rearing 70% of guardians need support in child rearing 20% of guardians experiences issues in bringing up youngsters 5% absence of control 2% multiproblem

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Parent Support Policy Policy archive Family Policy (2006) Upbringing is the responsiblity of guardians, Pluriformity in ways of life and parenthood Regulations on tyke benifit, pregnancy, maternity leave, kid day care, child rearing bolster Stimulating strategy on administrations of tyke general social insurance and youth care

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Child medicinal services kid wellbeing focus or well infant facility family specialists and nearby wellbeing focuses doctor\'s facility Youth care child rearing bolster neighborhood youth care private youth care Parent Support Services

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Parenting backing and kid improvement Effective Professional quality Good times

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Triple P VoorZorg Parent Mangement Training (PMTO) Incredible Years STEP Programs -Opstap -Overstap Kaleidoscoop Effective early years aversion programs

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Mothers Inform Mothers Home Start Stevig Ouderschap Opvoeden Zo guardian preparing Thuis operation straat STEP Programs -Instapje -Opstapje Boekenpret Parenting Course Peuter-in-zicht Piramide Promising early years anticipation programs

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Home going by in the early years VoorZorg Mothers Inform Mothers Stevig Ouderschap Home Start and normal home visits of the kid general wellbeing attendants

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