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Propelled Google AdWords Frederick Vallaeys – AdWords Item Evangelist Plan - Keys to Better Results Promoting with Google AdWords Focus on your gathering of people Pay the right value Enhance your site's capacity to change over Deal with your record all the more successfully Extend your achieve
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Progressed Google AdWords Frederick Vallaeys – AdWords Product Evangelist

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Agenda - Keys to Better Results Advertising with Google AdWords Target your group of onlookers Pay the right value Improve your site’s capacity to change over Manage your record all the more viably Expand your span

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Reaching Customers Online Reach clients by means of three promoting touch focuses: Connect with Consumers When They Pursue Interests with Google’s Site Targeting Connect with Consumers When They Search with Google’s Search Solutions Connect with Consumers When They Research with Google’s Content Network

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AdWords Ads Reach Users When They Search

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Google Content Network Google Content Network Google Advertising Network* Reaches 548 million overall Internet clients, more than whatever other property or system Tens of a great many publicizing barters happen consistently to choose and serve important promotions Hundreds of a huge number of overall sponsors and distributers Google Content Network Hundreds of a huge number of overall substance accomplices *Google Advertising Network = Google properties + syndicated pursuit + Google substance system Sources: comScore Media Metrix (August 2007); Google inside examination

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Advantages of the Google Content Network Precision & Scale Reaches 548 million overall Internet clients, more than some other property or system Target by classes, magic words, demographics, intrigues, geology, and time Measurement Site by website arrangement execution report, transformation following, and Google Analytics Measure achieve, advertisement viability, and recurrence Broad Range of Environments Various Creative Options Reach each possible crowd in a wide scope of online situations – from mothers perusing formulas to business experts perusing exchange articles Text advertisements, show promotions, intelligent contraption promotions, in-feature promotions, and snap to-play feature promotions Sources: comScore Media Metrix (August 2007)

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Contextually Relevant Ads Google’s adaptable, substance focused on promoting project Reach & Precision: Place promotions on the biggest worldwide notice system (Google Content Network) close by pertinent substance progressively to achieve an intrigued and drew in gathering of people Effective Pricing: Set your most extreme CPCs or leave the offering to Google. Least offers begin at $0.01, offering full control of ROI Creative: Easily test and re-test innovative resources. Use content, picture, Flash, or feature advertisements to achieve your gathering of people

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Advertise on Sites Where Your Target Users Are Run advertisements on particular destinations in view of psychographic & demographic crowd criteria Select particular locales , class, partiality, or demographic to publicize inside of the Google Content Network Choose CPC or CPM-based valuing; least CPM offer is $0.25 Promote your image and message to wide or specialty gatherings of people Run content, picture, Flash, and feature advertisements

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Agenda - Keys to Better Results Advertising with Google AdWords Target your crowd Keywords Sites Pay the right value Improve your site’s capacity to change over Manage your record all the more successfully Expand your scope

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Keyword Tool Generates potential catchphrases for sponsor crusades and reports their AdWords measurements – including pursuit execution and hunt volume patterns – to assist you with selecting magic words well on the way to return quality leads inside of your financial plan View evaluated promoter rivalry, look volume, cost, commercial position, and inquiry volume inclines Easy to produce, select, and include watchwords, magic word match sort and magic word negatives specifically into your notice gathering Generate magic words in light of related pursuit terms, most elevated active visitor clicking percentage, page substance, and content from your site

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Keyword Match Types Ads are persistently coordinated to Internet users’ hobbies taking into account your essential words Use pivotal word match sorts further bolstering your good fortune Broad Match Phrase Match Exact Match Negative magic word Ads are put as purchasing choices are made The Result: Businesses achieve their group of onlookers at the perfect time , with the right message

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Broad Match Keywords Broad match Keyword: purchase blossoms May appear for these questions: purchase bloom purchase red blossoms blooms purchase new york purchase blooms purchase tulips

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Phrase Match Keywords Phrase match Keyword: “ purchase blooms ” May appear for these inquiries: where would I be able to purchase blooms purchase blossoms in new york But not for these questions: purchase red blooms (there is an additional word in the middle of) blooms purchase (the words are turned around) purchase blossom (this is the solitary) Buy tulips (the words are distinctive)

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Exact Match Exact match Keyword: [buy flowers] May appear for the question: purchase blooms Buy Flowers (upper casing doesn’t matter)

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Negative Keywords Negative match Keyword: - modest Your notice will never appear for these inquiries: Buy modest blossoms Cheap blossoms in New York

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Advanced Match Types Single word expression coordinate Only demonstrate my notice when the question contains my decisive word E.g. “ blooms ” may appear for “buy blossoms ” yet NOT “ flower arrangements” or “ tulips ” Negative precise match + Broad match Only demonstrate the commercial for varieties of my pivotal word E.g. “ blossoms ” and –[ blooms ] may appear for “ blooms delivered” however not “ blooms ”

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Dynamic Keyword Insertion Improve the CTR of your advertisements by making the commercial content more applicable to the decisive word Keyword: ‘flower conveyance new york’ Ad Text: {keyword:flowers} - > blossom conveyance new york { K eyword:flowers} - > F lower conveyance new york { K ey W ord:flowers} - > F lower D elivery N ew Y ork Flowers is the default embedded pivotal word Keyword is embedded yet NOT the inquiry Can likewise be utilized as a part of the destination URL

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Search Query Performance Report

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Search Query Performance Report Example The Search Query section demonstrates the inquiries that set off your promotions.

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Agenda - Keys to Better Results Advertising with Google AdWords Target your gathering of people Keywords Sites Pay the right value Improve your site’s capacity to change over Manage your record all the more adequately Expand your span

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Site Targeting Use the site instrument to discover destinations where your objective clients are.

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Placement Performance Reports The Placement Performance report gives expanded straightforwardness and control to assist you with meeting your ROI destinations on the Google substance system. Space and URL level reporting See the locales where your promotions showed up, at the area or URL level Site-by-site* execution measurements Understand how your advertisements are performing on every site through snap, impression, expense and change measurements Special class reporting See execution measurements broken out by classifications, for example, Domain advertisements or Error page advertisements *At this time, site-by-site measurements are accessible for substance pages. Locales taking an interest in the AdSense for areas (AFD) and AdSense for mistake pages (AFE) projects are accounted for in total until site-level reporting is accessible later on.

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Sample Report: New Columns The ‘Domain’ segment demonstrates to you the site\'s space where your promotion showed up.

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Placement Performance Report Best Practices Optimize for achievement 1. Re-assess decisive word records and advertisement content Are your promotions showing up on superfluous pages? Step to streamline essential word records and advertisements. Consider making substance just crusades to tailor promotion bunches particularly for substance. 2. Use the site focusing on highlight Site focusing on may be utilized to straightforwardly target well-performing locales Please take note of that site focusing on uses CPM offering 3. Consider the site prohibition highlight Use the site rejection apparatus to bar locales which are not changing over well Avoid barring destinations in view of subjective judgments on substance or site quality Page substance is dynamic and may transform from the time clients saw it to the time you saw the report Sites or pages you don’t observe to be important, clients may observe to be helpful

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Agenda - Keys to Better Results Advertising with Google AdWords Target your gathering of people Pay the right value Improve your site’s capacity to change over Manage your record all the more adequately Expand your scope

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How much would it be a good idea for you to offer If you need your AdWords advertisements to be productive, you ought to go for a ROI of more than 100%

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Conversion Tracking Track ROI and settle on more astute choices, with the expectation of complimentary Correlate commercial snaps to custom transformation measurements Easily set up following for deals, sign-ups, leads, and online visits Measure change estimation of battles, promotion bunches, and/or essential words and streamline offers in like manner Track Google and non-Google advertisements

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1.0% 0.5% 1.5% 2.0% 2.5% Average Conversion Rate 00.00 06.00 12.00 18.00 24.00 Ad Scheduling : What is Dayparting? Dayparting is a television term used to depict the act of running distinctive advertisements at diverse rates amid diverse times of day. Web dayparting more often than not includes expanding your offers amid times when change rates are commonly above normal, and diminishing them when rates are ordinarily underneath normal AdWords sponsors can take part in leveraging so as to daypart Ad Scheduling “Bid Multipliers” Increase offers amid above normal periods Decrease offers amid beneath normal periods Historical Conversion Rates by Time of Day

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Ad Scheduling : Using Bid Multipliers

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Pay Per Action Publisher picks your PPA advertisement and spots it on his webpage Set expense per-activity (CPA) esteem for a particular activity on your website Ad appears on publisher’s webpage Pay for finished action(s) User finishes activity User taps on promotion

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Conversion Optimizer

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Conversion Optimizer The Conversion Optimizer permits yo

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