Propelled Windows 7 Deployment with MDT 2010 .

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Plan. Comprehension and Using the Configuration DatabaseUnderstanding Linked Deployment SharesUnderstanding Selection ProfilesMDT 2010 CustomizationLab. What is the Configuration Database?. Expansion of Deployment WorkbenchExtended foundation not requiredManually initiatedZero Touch Installation (ZTI) as a strategy Automatically design sending targetsDraw from arrangement assets as ava
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Propelled Windows 7 Deployment with MDT 2010 Name Title Microsoft Corporation

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Agenda Understanding and Using the Configuration Database Understanding Linked Deployment Shares Understanding Selection Profiles MDT 2010 Customization Lab

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Extension of Deployment Workbench Extended framework not required Manually started Zero Touch Installation (ZTI) as a technique Automatically design arrangement targets Draw from organization assets as accessible Enhance LTI usefulness What is the Configuration Database?

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Abstraction through database strategies Logical expansion of the CustomSettings.ini record Centralized stockpiling of design settings in a social database Automates and develops the Microsoft Deployment Wizard All data is gotten together front "Draw" handle Automation Bootstrap.ini CustomSettings.ini How Does the Configuration Database Work?

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The objective: Dynamically decide the arrangement qualities for every objective PC The procedure: Gather data from the PC and its area Use that data to choose what should be done, either statically or utilizing database inquiries Results control activities performed by the undertaking succession motor Methods-B ased Deployment

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Properties Settings Applications Packages Administrator-level records Roles Configuration Database - Supported Target Information

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Database Methods Roles Computers Locations Make and Model Configuration Database - Supported Methods

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Fully configurable to take definition from client errands Assignable to other database techniques Associate the accompanying: Properties Settings Applications Packages Administrator-level Accounts Configuration Database Methods - Roles

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Locations of target gatherings of PCs Uses default door on which the demand comes into recognize gatherings of PCs Make and Model targets gatherings of PCs Based on the WMI values for Manufacturer and Model Associate Properties Settings, Applications, Packages, Administrator-level Accounts, and Roles Configuration Database Methods – Grouping Computers

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Grouping Computers for Deployment

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Computers target particular PCs Uses Asset Tag, UUID, Serial Number, or MAC Address Associate Properties Settings, Applications, Packages, Administrator-level Accounts, and Roles Targeting Individual Computers

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After populating the design database, overhaul CustomSettings.ini to play out the suitable database questions Run the Configure DB Wizard for every organization point The discretionary segments are utilized to dole out setup settings to individual or gatherings of PCs Configuring CustomSettings.ini for Database Queries

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Priority saved property The Priority held property decides the succession and segment of where to discover design values Each segment is looked in the request indicated When a property estimation is found, the rest of the segments are not utilized for that property Values are the arrangement settings doled out to the properties Preceded by an equivalent sign ("="). The scripts examine the CustomSettings.ini record to find the qualities CustomSettings.ini

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Understanding Linked Deployment Shares Allow you to reproduce content between Deployment Shares Can recreate all substance or a subset of substance characterized by a Selection Profile Useful in a circulated situation or moving from a Lab to Production Replication can be planned utilizing Task Scheduler and a Powershell script

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Understanding Selection Profiles Selection Profiles can be utilized to: Control what Packages and Drivers are incorporated into Boot Images Control drivers infused in the Operating System Control what is incorporated into media Control what is duplicated to other Deployment Shares To channel what errand arrangements and applications are shown in the Deployment Wizard

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Wizards Modify the wizards we give Add extra sheets r MDT 2010 Opportunities for customization Scripts Create your own particular scripts that use the structure Modify the scripts we give Rules Edit CustomSettings.ini and Bootstrap.ini Query databases, web administrations Task groupings Add extra strides Modify existing strides, conditions

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Lab – MDT Advanced Scenarios In this lab, you will: Create the Configuration Database Create Role strategies in the database Configure Location, Make and Model and Computer techniques in the database Associate an organization point with the Configuration Database Review how the properties alloted in the database strategies are connected in a Refresh Scenario Create a connected sending point and move arrangement resources Customize the Deployment Wizard with another sheet Create a custom script to add a client to the nearby chairmen bunch on the objective PC Create an application to add a client to the neighborhood heads amass on the objective PC

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Virtual Environment Overview Virtual Machines: ADV_SEA-DC-01 ADV_SEA-XP-01 Estimated Time: a hour

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