Propelling an Effective Online Business and EC Venture.

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Dispatching an Effective Online Business and EC Venture. Building or Obtaining a Site. Building a Site Step 1—Select a Web host Step 2—Enlist an area name Step 3—Make and oversee content Step 4—Outline the Site Step 5—Develop the Site and test
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Dispatching a Successful Online Business and EC Project

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Building or Acquiring a Web Site Building a Web Site Step 1—Select a Web host Step 2—Register an area name Step 3—Create and oversee substance Step 4—Design the Web webpage Step 5—Construct the Web website and test Step 6—Market and advance the Web website

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A Simple Hierarchical Web Site Structure

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Web Site Design Site Map and Navigation frame An HTML component that partitions the program window into two or more separate windows A Generic Navigation Bar

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Web Site Design Consistency look and feel The components, including format, typeface, hues, illustrations, and route helps, that outwardly recognize a website from whatever other

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A Web Page Layout Grid

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Web Site Design Performance Speed positions at or close to the highest priority on each rundown of fundamental outline contemplations, in light of current circumstances Visitors who need to hold up more than a few moments for a Web page to load are liable to hit the “stop” or “back” catch and go elsewhere Colors and Graphics The way to powerful utilization of shading and representation is to plan the website to coordinate the objective\'s desires crowd Quality Assurance Quality confirmation speaks the truth verifying the Web website configuration is appropriately tried before it is propelled and guaranteeing that it keeps on performing up to desires after dispatch A lesson most Web fashioners can gain from aggregate quality administration (TQM) standards is to plan the website for simple upkeep

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Providing EC Support Services Who Builds the Web Site? Do It Without anyone\'s help internal Web website improvement The procedure of building and/or keeping up the Web webpage with organization staff Outsource external Web website advancement When the business employs another firm to assemble and/or keep up the Web webpage Hybrid joining forces Web website advancement When a blend of inward and outside advancement is utilized to fabricate and/or keep up a Web website

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Providing EC Support Services Web website development The beginning substance creation, outline, programming, and establishment periods of a Web site’s improvement Web webpage upkeep The on-going procedure of keeping the Web website open for business, overseeing substance, altering issues, and making incremental options to the webpage

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Providing EC Support Services Managing Web Site Construction Start with an arrangement Set objectives early and stick to them Use a settled value contract Justify design and elements Payments: Accepting Credit Cards

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Providing EC Support Services Web Site Promotion Internal Web Site Promotion signature record A basic instant message an email program consequently adds to friendly messages search motor streamlining (SEO) The utilization of systems planned to position a Web webpage at the highest point of web indexes

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Providing EC Support Services Customer Relationship Management Listening to Customers e-mail examination list A gathering of individuals who offer a typical interest and who speak with one another by means of email messages oversaw by email list programming electronic discourse (e-discussion) A bit of the Web website where guests can post inquiries, remarks, and answers chat bunch A part of the Web website where guests can convey synchron

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