Property Protection.

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Dangers of Property Ownership. Loss of property because of flame, wind, water, vandalism, and so on ... Property Loss Insurance. Direct Losses: repairing property. Circuitous ...
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Property Insurance Dr. Jim Burton Marketing & Real Estate Richards College of Business

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Overview Risks of Property Ownership Property Loss Insurance Earthquake Insurance Liability Insurance Flood Insurance Mortgage Life Insurance Business Owner\'s Policy

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Risks of Property Ownership Loss of property because of flame, wind, water, vandalism, and so on. Loss of property utilize Additional costs from no utilization Liability misfortunes: property harm, damage, medicinal, and so on

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Property Loss Insurance Direct Losses: repairing property Indirect Losses: everyday costs, business pay, and so on. Obligation Insurance: claims & claims

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Homeowner\'s Policy Fire & different risks Personal risk Medical installments Theft Personal property Other structures

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Other Homeowner\'s Terms Replacement cost - money esteem Personal articles floater Credit card misfortunes Factors influencing rates Coinsurance - 80% Renter\'s protection Urban more established homes - repair

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Earthquake Insurance Not secured in mortgage holder\'s Can be taken care of by support Expense is high 10% deductible

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Liability Insurance Protects against claims Typically $100,000 Relatively modest Should increment to $1 million Umbrella risk arrangement - home, auto, pontoon, and so forth

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Flood Insurance National Flood Insurance FEMA Maps 100 year surge regions Floodways Relatively modest

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Mortgage Life Insurance Pays off home loan at death of guaranteed Relatively costly Term life as alternative

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Business Owner\'s Policy Buildings substitution costs Personal property Additional inclusions - pay misfortune, and so forth. Discretionary inclusions - signs, burglary, glass, and so forth. Business risk protection

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