Prophet Financials.

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FRS Chart of Accounts versus Prophet Chart of Accounts. Outline of Oracle ... The Oracle Chart of Accounts offers more
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Oracle Financials Kansas State University

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Agenda FRS Chart of Accounts FRS Chart of Accounts versus Prophet Chart of Accounts Overview of Oracle 11i Chart of Accounts and Project Accounting Kansas State University

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Department 30010 FRS Chart of Accounts Users key 10 digit account The initial 6 digits are the record number The record number tracks movement The record number relates 4 extra credits to FRS Kansas State University

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FRS Chart of Accounts The last 4 digits are the subcode Subcodes are utilized for ordering and aggregating incomes and uses The FRS subcode supplies the STARS subcode Kansas State University

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FRS Chart of Accounts Kansas State University

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Oracle Chart of Accounts The Oracle Chart of Accounts offers more "portions" for characterizing account information Allows more adaptability There are two levels to the Oracle Chart of Accounts The Oracle General Ledger Contains rundown monetary information Oracle Project Accounting Contains nitty gritty use exchange information Defines information utilizing an alternate arrangement of point of interest sections Kansas State University

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FRS → Oracle P roject, O rganization, E xpenditure sort, T ask, and S ource/A ward Kansas State University

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Oracle Chart of Accounts: POETS/POETA Project Similar to Account today A Project might be a gift or a working action A Project will convey the PCA required for STARS subsidizing Organization Equivalent to Department Expenditure Type Equivalent to today\'s subcode Tracks what cash was spent on Kansas State University

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Oracle Chart of Accounts: (cont.) Task Every Project must have no less than one Task appointed to it, yet may have different Tasks Using Tasks takes into consideration more prominent accuracy in characterizing how cash is spent or apportioned Source The four-character state list code to which the exchange will be posted The list code maps to the state reserve Kansas State University

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Oracle Chart of Accounts : (cont.) Award Grants are the main Projects that will have recompenses Projects and Tasks might be financed by more than one Award Each honor has a related Index (Source) Kansas State University

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Joint Checking Savings Linda Savings Ted Aunt Gertie\'s Trust Restrictions : - after 18 - just spend wage Unrestricted Clarifying Concepts: Projects, Tasks and Source/Awards (proceeded with) College For Kids House Construction Household P 2 Other 1 Household 1 Arch Fees 2 Electrical 3 Plumbing 1 Tuition T 2.1 lighting 2.2 security 2.3 HVAC Loan S/A Restrictions: - just educational cost Kansas State University

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State Appropriations Restricted Fees General Fees SRO Clarifying Concepts: Projects, Tasks and Source/Awards (proceeded with) Controller\'s Office P T Voucher/Audit Cashiers/Loans Main Spon Proj S/A Kansas State University

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Questions Kansas State University

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