Prosperous Town Program.

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Government. of the peopleby the peoplefor the general population Abraham Lincoln. Thailand Experience. 1960s - Initiation of group cooperation in wellbeing improvement program through town volunteers1975 - Creation of an across the nation town volunteers framework to shape the foundation of the National Primary Health Care Programme1982 - town self-guided Primary Health Care Program 1983
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Prosperous Village Program Jathika Saviya & Gama Neguma Program

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Government of the general population by the general population for the general population - Abraham Lincoln

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Thailand Experience 1960s - Initiation of group investment in health advancement program through town volunteers 1975 - Creation of an across the country town volunteers framework to shape the backbone of the National Primary Health Care Program 1982 - village self-guided Primary Health Care Program 1983 "Basic Minimum Needs" program to improve the personal satisfaction of individuals

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"Fundamental Minimum Needs" Program Slogan " Health is a piece of financial improvement" Village is the key improvement unit Eight essential least needs with 32 markers Management of miniaturized scale improvement ventures by the general population Inter-sectoral activity Health Agriculture Education Interior

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Pillars of Self-Reliance in BMN

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Experiences of Other Countries China Community drove administration India Kerala Tamilnadu Indonesia Women\'s association

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Sri Lanka Change operator programs Participatory provincial advancement programs Family wellbeing activity program - HEB Mahaweli volunteer system Model wellbeing town program - Anuradhapura Mother\'s general public project – Hambantota Sabaragamuwa Suwasetha – Ratnapura ECCD people group activity arranges Etc.

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Delivery of Health Services Equity Right based methodology Responsiveness Community activation & strengthening

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What is new Political authority Holistic methodology Spiritual advancement Infra structure improvement Social and financial improvement Participation of the group Janasaba idea Cost decrease by utilizing nearby labor, different assets and innovation

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"GAMA NEGUMA" Development Program An undertaking of fundamental significance as imagined in Mahinda Chinthana. Service of Rural Livelihood Development co-ordinates with line Ministries, state foundations, commonplace chambers, neighborhood government bodies and group based associations with the dynamic investment of the provincial group Planning and execution started on 24 th March 2006

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Vision To build up the town as the focal point of national advancement

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Mission To make thorough improvement in the towns through a system of group based associations shaped in the rustic group with dynamic cooperation of its individuals and to actualize them with legitimate coordination and straightforwardly

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Objectives To guarantee group interest by inspiration, association, and group strengthening for aggregate advancement of the country group in light of independence To present a formal component for participatory basic leadership and task arranging at town level To get ideal advantages from the improvement program by executing incorporated town advancement arrangements to keep away from duplication

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Objectives Co-appointment of HR which is critical for provincial improvement, other country, and outer assets, through a proficient instrument of asset portion To present an outcomes based participatory advancement audit and assessment instrument at town level To guarantee change of expectations for everyday comforts of the town groups through advancement of the physical, monetary, social and social environment To make all out advancement of the town under a group based, arranged advancement program

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Development Strategy To get ready incorporated town improvement arranges with group support focusing on all improvement endeavors to accomplish a typical goal To make open doors for the provincial group to take an interest effectively in their financial, social, social and otherworldly improvement endeavors To sort out and enable provincial group to guarantee their aggregate responsibility and commitment in the advancement procedure To pool all assets used in town advancement, and execute profitable straightforward coordinated town advancement gets ready for appropriate co-appointment at town and divisional level

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Development Strategy (contd.) To change the provincial group to a gathering of activists with ideological and similar speculation capacities and upgrade self assurance by building up their capacities and aptitudes interest for practical improvement dependant on self improvement, while changing the subsistent mindset with an introduction towards accomplishing targets. Concurrent provincial occupation improvement, with framework advancement for monetary resurgence and social advancement

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GAMA NEGUMA Community Activities To teach all state officers at town level and the rustic group on GAMA NEGUMA Development technique To recognize town level issues, variations, nearby assets, business advancement, open doors utilizing studies of assets and data, the strategy of participatory country examination To build up an information base of Rural needs Rural assets/shortcomings Identification of required outside help Preparation of rustic advancement arranges

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GAMA NEGUMA Community Activities (contd.) Preparation/upgrading of profiles of families and town assets Co-appointment of money related assignments for undertaking recommendations Establishment of appropriate systems for usage, assessment and survey of advancement ventures Co-appointment of organizations required in task execution with Divisional and District Secretariats. 9. Establishment of \'JANA SABHA\'

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JANA SABHA The important association in charge of execution of \'GAMA NEGUMA\' A JANA SABHA will be set up in each town with the investment of - religious leadership - community based associations - political initiative - state authorities - rural group Drafting of statutory laws for foundation of JANA SABHA is in advancement

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Community Action Planning Model " Janasaba " Training of Community Health laborers ( Praja Saukkya Sevika ) Assessment of the necessities Decide on the targets Assessment of the accessible assets Identify the exercises & obligations Identification of assets & time period Develop an activity arrangement for all encompassing improvement Implementation & coordination Directing & logistics Monitoring and assessment

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Five Precepts of Sanitation Ensure access to supply of safe water and the utilization of bubbled cooled water to drink for all Ensure home planting of the families Ensure sterile transfer and reusing of waste Ensure the utilization of clean toilets by all including youngsters Ensure a perfect, smoke free house with satisfactory light & ventilation

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Maternal and Child Health Ensure sufficient consideration is gotten by moms and kids Ensure appropriate nourishment including bosom bolstering and integral sustaining of kids Assist in leading Growth Promotion focuses and MCH centers Follow-up of exhortation given by wellbeing specialists to guarantee soundness of moms and kids Assist the wellbeing instruction programs led in the group

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Maternal and Child Health Ensure satisfactory baby blues consideration is gotten by the baby blues moms Ensure every one of the kids are getting sufficient early Childhood Care for their ideal development and advancement Assist in giving/reinforcing of framework, gear and consumables Promote kid cordial environment inside the family and the group Prevent kid misuse Ensure sufficient support of male in MCH care

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Environmental wellbeing Assist wellbeing laborers in teaching the group Monitor the ampleness of the measures taken by the group to forestall transmittable sicknesses in the group Assist counteractive action of transmittable illnesses including diarrhoeal ailments and dengue Inform wellbeing laborers on the spread of transmittable maladies immediately Develop the word related settings in the group to be wellbeing promotive Create a creature agreeable environment by rousing individuals to look after the creatures, for example, pooches and felines by encouraging inoculation of the mutts, family arranging & empowering minding rehearses and so on

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Food Hygiene Assist wellbeing specialists to teach laborers working in sustenance preparing foundations and individuals about legitimate sustenance cleanliness Monitor nourishment cleanliness of the sustenance handling foundations Promote locally accessible home based sustenance

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Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases Assist wellbeing specialists in teaching open on non-transferable infections Ensure aversion of harsh substances, for example, liquor and tobacco in the group Ensure diminishment of home and different mischances Promote psychological wellness and avoid suicides in the group Assist wellbeing specialists in screening the group for non-transmittable ailments and referral of the patients Follow-up of patients with non transmittable ailments to avert entanglements

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Promoting Health of the Youth Promote strength of youth by shaping youth clubs and game clubs Facilitate strengthening of youth to enhance their own wellbeing Create steady environment for improvement of youth in the group

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Care of the Elderly Promote wellbeing of the senior citizens by encouraging day care centres Facilitate strengthening of the older folks to enhance their own particular wellbeing Create strong environment for the consideration of older folks in the family and the group

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Rehabilitation of the Differently Abled Persons Assist wellbeing specialists in restoration of the contrastingly abled people Facilitate administrations gave by the Department of Social Services, different divisions and NGOs to enhance the soundness of distinctively abled people Facilitate pay producing exercises by diversely abled people to enhance their status of living

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Other Social Development Facilitate other social and monetary improvement of the group to enhance their healt

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